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Locking eyes across a crowded room might make for a lovely song lyric, but when it comes to romantic potential, nothing rivals technology, according to Helen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist, senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, and chief scientific adviser to Match.. “It’s more possible to find someone now than at probably any other time in history, particularly if you ... People pass by a poster thanking medical workers at a bus station in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020. About 5.2 million people in Spain, including nearly 4.8 million residents in or around ... The service also prohibits people from sending photos, links, payments or videos in messages. Once a user opts into Facebook Dating and creates a Dating profile, they will be suggested to others who have also opted in. “People are suggested based on your preferences, interests and other things you do on Facebook,” wrote Sharp. Shot Down: Secret Service Nixes Proposal To Let Angry GOP Delegates Bring Guns To Convention - Cleveland, OH - A petition asking for guns to be allowed inside the nomination convention hall had ... CBS Nixes Gay Online Dating Ad for Superbowl, Accepts Pro-Life Spot By Esther Kustanowitz When you think of the Superbowl, you probably think of epic battles and epically bizarre TV commercials. The company continued to revamp its image and position itself as a mobile-first dating service. Five months ago, Neil Warren -- the company's 82-year-old founder -- stepped down as CEO. The company continued to revamp its image and position itself as a mobile-first dating service. Five months ago, Neil Warren — the company’s 82-year-old founder — stepped down as CEO. DEAR ABBY: Since the coronavirus lockdown began, my wife and I have been cooped up together all day, every day.Though we have lived together for 35 years, she’s now discovering that I “don’t ... KinkD, a BDSM Dating App, Launches AI to Remove Nude Photos in Chats in Response to Texas Law The world has never been fair for women, this is particularly true in the context of online dating.

Big ol' post. How I went about researching top surgery (and to some degree, my identity), therapy, experience with parents, early life and signs, etc. I found personal accounts to be helpful when I was starting to look into things, so here's my contribution.

2020.10.16 18:39 CrimmsonWind Big ol' post. How I went about researching top surgery (and to some degree, my identity), therapy, experience with parents, early life and signs, etc. I found personal accounts to be helpful when I was starting to look into things, so here's my contribution.

My therapist keeps telling me that it's good for people to know what's possible, both bad and good. I've been lucky in a lot of areas and I didn't want to post about it because I don't want people to feel bad. But she keeps telling me that hope is an important tool for people so, if this is upsetting, blame her lol.
First some context and personal info about me. I'm nonbinary, but I lean and present masculine. I'm not on hormones. After wanting it for roughly 15 years, I got top surgery this year at the ripe old age of 29 (kidding about being old--sort of. I think this sub tends to skew pretty young, so I feel old compared to a lot of you lol).
I am so sorry about the length of this. I tried to break it down into chunks so if you want to skip headers you can.
Quick TL;DR Timeline:

Early Stuff

Until ~puberty~ and the dreaded body changes, gender was largely not something I thought about. I knew people tended to fit someone into either male or female, and I knew people viewed me as female and treated me as such, but it's not something I felt strongly about for myself at all. Puberty wound up sending me into a bit of an existential crisis. I hated my breasts. I hated how they made my shirts fit weird, I hated how people treated me differently if they were sort of on display, I constantly felt like I was smuggling a pair of grapefruits around.
My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 50, and had a mastectomy. I was like, holy shit? I WISH I WOULD GET BREAST CANCER SO THEY'D HAVE TO CUT OFF MY BOOBS! Yes, in retrospect, holy fuck that is an awful way to go about it. At the time I didn't know you could just like... get surgery. My only experiences with surgery were emergency situations, so I thought something had to be immediately, grievously, life-threateningly wrong in order to get surgery.
So I carried that ungodly wish around for a good several years. Yikes.
At the time I also hadn't heard of the term "nonbinary" and it was also really eating at me. "Woman" absolutely felt wrong, but "Man" didn't quite feel right either. I used to joke about feeling like a shapeless amoeba and being happy like that. But there was no way that was valid... right?? Obviously I was wrong, I found out about different gender identities and was much happier in that regard.
It may sound weird or look the same on the outside, but a lot of my masculine traits and tendencies are less about actually being masculine but really more about being less feminine. I know it looks the same from the outside but internally, it was an important distinction for me.
Still hated having boobs, tho.


This is one of the areas I really lucked out on, and the biggest thing I didn't want people to feel bad about. When it comes to my identity (and unrelated to this but my sexuality as well) my parents have been, well, remarkably chill.
My dad has always been tuned into my social media, so he already knew everything and ultimately was the one who was like "what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment already!" I had to bring him to a therapy appointment once to talk about surgery strategy, and he basically said "parents who can't support their kids unconditionally shouldn't be parents" without missing a beat so that was nice. Otherwise he basically just lets me take the lead. Let him know what I need from him, and he'll do it.
My mom I was definitely more worried about, though it turned out to be pretty unfounded. My mom and I haven't had the greatest history. It basically boils down to a clash in personalities. I was a pretty shy kid, she was always pushy about it, and neither of us handled my Moody Teenager-ness well. Things have improved a lot since I became an adult and since I started antidepressant/antianxiety meds. I also had to bring her to a therapy appointment to talk about surgery recovery strategy, where it turns out she always knew about my identity in some way, she was just waiting for me to tell her myself. And then she was all hands on deck. She checked in with me after every pre-op and post-op appointment, she asked if there was anything she needed to do or buy, she dug up a bunch of her current husband's old button-ups for me to wear post-op, she stayed with me at the hospital and took me home, etc.
There was never any weirdness or questioning from either of them. I knew my dad would be chill, I was always worried about my mom though, but it was all a pleasant surprise.

Researching Top Surgery (and Therapy)

Thanks to the internet and places like Tumblr, I was introduced to the concept of gender affirming surgeries. I was initially skeptical that I qualified (the good ol' "am I trans enough??" question) but the more I read personal accounts and stories from people, the more I realized that I did indeed fit the bill.
But I was working at CVS at the time, had no health insurance, was (and still am) paying off student loans... it just wasn't going to happen at that time. So for 5 years I did nothing. Just plucked away at life.
Then I got a new job with actual health insurance. Interest renewed. It would still be a couple of years before I even called to make a consultation but, I started looking into everything again.
So I came up with a list of questions and goals that needed to be answered and researched:
I would like to emphasize, I knew NOTHING about insurance going into this. But honestly, it's not that difficult. Go through it slowly, google any terms you don't know or understand, and don't be afraid to call or email your insurance to ask even the stupidest of questions. It's their job to answer your questions.
First, I found my insurance's policy for "Gender Affirming Services (Transgender Services)" which is its official title within my insurance. I read it several times, and in my case I was glad that the language avoided sticking strictly to the binary, because I was worried I wouldn't qualify. They used phrases like "gender identity other than that assigned at birth." I actually just looked at it now and it's been updated even further to be even more inclusive, which is nice. It has a list of services and surgeries that are covered, along with any requirements. I saved the pdf, as well as printed it and stuck it in a big 3-ring binder that would become my go-to resource.
Next I started looking at surgeons that accepted my insurance, and whose results and reviews seemed good enough for me. Transbucket was still working at the time, so I went through the images and wrote a list of surgeons down. I live in NY, which has a few good but long-waitlisted surgeons, so to keep things a little less complicated I decided to narrow the list down to NY surgeons. I read some sketchy things about Mt. Sinai's surgeons at the time, so I decided to nix them from the list. Ultimately I decided to go with Dr. Bluebond-Langner with NYU Langone. Knowing there was going to be a long wait to deal with the rest of my prep, I called to schedule a consult pretty much immediately after I made my choice. The consult wound up being a year later, so that gave me time and a concrete deadline to work toward.
Call date: January 2018
Consult date: January 2019
NYU Langone sent me a pretty comprehensive packet of info, including some requirements for getting surgery. Mainly it was a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and letter from a therapist, which would also cover my insurance requirements.
So my next step was finding a suitable therapist. I had already read about the long wait times between consults and surgery, so I didn't immediately jump into therapy. There was a long stretch of just doing nothing.
Initially I started out by using the "find a provider" tool on my insurance website to try and find a therapist, but it wasn't really getting me anywhere. BCBS's various websites suck ass. After having some initial talks with a few therapists, I found out it's kind of annoying for them to work with insurance in NY, so they work out of network but provide the receipts and codes for you to submit a claim on your own.
So instead I started by searching "WPATH therapist [location]" and scoped out the results. They weren't necessarily registered with WPATH, but they were at least familiar with it and that was the important factor, for me. I reached out to them explaining who I was, what my identity was, and that I was seeking a diagnosis and letter so that I could get top surgery. I told them that I was absolutely okay if they were uncomfortable with this and did not want to continue.
Everyone responded kindly and was down for it, but I was put off by the short responses from some of them or the informal abbreviations. In any other normal everyday situation I absolutely would not care, but I had taken the time to write this formal email where I basically bared my deepest secrets to them, and getting back a "k" was like... nah man. This ain't it.
Except one woman who responded with the kind of thoughtfulness and care I was expecting, and seemed like a perfect fit. I love her to death and I'm still having sessions with her on a regular basis.
Therapy start: May 2019
It was my first time being in therapy at all. Some of it was about my identity, some of it was just general life stuff, but she's great at guiding things along and she's not afraid to ask me if that's what I really think or if I'm just saying what I think she wants me to say, stuff like that. Also I've slipped out a few curses in front of her (I curse a LOT in casual conversation) so it's pretty funny when your therapist isn't afraid to say "fuck" in front of you now.
In November 2019 we worked on and finalized my letter. She had me read it a dozen times before I signed off on it, and we made sure all the pertinent info and requirements were in, including the diagnosis code for gender dysphoria. She faxed it over to the hospital and also gave me a copy. Ultimately the letter was good for one year but she made it clear that she would absolutely change the date and resubmit it if my surgery date wound up falling past that point.
A big source of my info on surgery, recovery, and good stuff to have around has come from blog posts and from this sub. You have been invaluable. It was good to see the gamut of recoveries from "ridiculously smooth" to "absolute hell" and help me plan for the worst case (which thankfully wasn't necessary).

The World's Longest Home Stretch AKA Approaching Surgery

Consult in January 2020 finally arrived. I was in the waiting room longer than I was actually in any part of the consult lmao. Dr. Bluebond-Langner is nice and great, let me be clear. But for her it was just another Tuesday, so she was basically just blasting right along and asking me questions while taking measurements of my chest. I had some questions and she was happy to answer but I was also just kind of nervous and caught up in the expediency of the whole process, so it was all done in like, 3 minutes.
Then the photographer team took photos of me shirtless in several positions and angles. Super, duper weird and awkward but they were extremely nice and professional, and pretty made it as un-weird as possible.
The good news is that they have a stellar patient portal where you can ask questions pretty much whenever you want, and they also sent me another email and another physical packet of information which largely covered anything I forgot to ask in my stupor.
About 3 days later I got my surgery date.
Surgery date: August 2020
Obviously COVID has been a hell of a thing. Appointments were pushed back, masks were worn, hand sanitizer was applied judiciously, temperatures were taken at doorways. I waited with bated breath to see if my appointment would be rescheduled. Thankfully I lucked out big time and hospitals started doing non-emergency surgeries again before my date came up, so they called and told me I was still on for August.
I had to have an appointment with my Primary Care Physician (PCP) and explain that I was having surgery and I was going to need a bunch of tests done, and the results sent to the hospital. My doctor's office is a teaching office, so I basically had to come out to my PCP and the student shadowing her, but it was all chill. My doctor told me that she has several trans patients now and they're seeing an increase in people who are more comfortable to come out, which is nice. So she was 100% down to do whatever tests the hospital needed.
In practice, getting the results in and to the hospital on time was a bit of a pain in the ass. I think technically several of my results were late but it didn't screw me over. The tests had to be done within a certain window before surgery (not too early, basically) but the processing took forever on a couple of them, and I had to ask and triple check with the doctor's office a few times because the hospital was still missing a couple of them. It was a bit of unnecessary stress leading up to surgery lol.
PTO scheduled, bag packed, took a train into the city for surgery.

Surgery Experience

First off, everyone at the hospital was super nice the entire time I was there.
You're not allowed to eat or drink after midnight the night before. That night I woke up every hour from a nightmare that I had accidentally eaten something.
I showed up in sweats and a hoodie, got my patient wrist band (with my preferred name!) and then waited for what felt like an eternity while my mom and I chatted.
Someone came and got me, I had to brush my teeth and use mouthwash (something about cutting down on possible infection), had me pee in a cup one last time, and gave me a gown. My mom was allowed to join me in the "staging area" where other people were stationed and waiting for their surgeries to start. It was just a lot of taking vitals, starting the IV, people introducing themselves to you and what their role was going to be in your surgery, Dr. Bluebond-Langner marking up my chest and asking me how I was feeling.
It was the most chill hospital experience I have ever had. Granted all of my other experiences were like, emergency room visits where things were much more hectic. This was all planned out, everyone was relaxed, everything was fine.
After that, one big nap. The last thing I remember was getting up on the table and apologizing for being in the way while someone said "don't be sorry, you're the star of the show, we're all here for you" and then I was out like a light.
Next time I woke up I was in the recovery wing, where they stash you before they bring you to your permanent room. Initially, I was pretty dizzy and out of it, but I was definitely waking up. They were getting ready to move me, so I had to stand up, but I somehow managed to pull one of the drain bulbs out (NOT the tube that was in my body, thank god) so I looked like I was in a horror movie with a big puddle of blood on my side lol. They had me swap gowns.
While this was going on and I was standing up, it was the only time I felt bad. I felt sick and I told someone I think I needed to sit down. As soon as I sat down in the wheelchair I immediately felt better, and they were ready to wheel me to my room.

Post-Op in the Hospital

Dr. Bluebond-Langner keeps people overnight, so I stayed the night in the hospital.
This is another area where I feel a little bad, but my recovery has been pretty stellar and apparently I'm part Wolverine from X-Men because doctors and nurses keep telling me that I'm healing really well. Almost immediately, I was fairly mobile. The anesthesia hasn't really hung around. I was walking city blocks upon city blocks to my post-op appointments, and I'd say maybe about 1 month post-op I really started getting my range of motion back in my arms. I'm a little over 2 months now post op and can fully raise my arms over my head, etc. My pain management was also basically nonexistent. I used some extra strength tylenol for a few days until I forgot to take it, realized I didn't really seem to need it, and just stopped from thereon out.
STILL NO LIFTING THOUGH! Everyone is adamant about that.
After my initial hiccup with the anesthesia, it wore off pretty fast. I was up and able to walk laps around the hospital without issue. The nurse taking care of me had to keep telling me to slow down. I was wide awake, chatting and eating full meals (side note: the hospital food there was REALLY GOOD). I was able to get in an out of bed on my own, I started stripping my own drains (scared the crap out of the nurse who just saw someone moving behind my door and didn't realize I was able to do it on my own).
A few times throughout my stay, either Dr. Bluebond-Langner herself or someone on her team would come by and undo my compression vest to check things out and make sure there were no issues.
If I had one complaint, it's the IV fluids. I had to pee CONSTANTLY.
My mom stayed with me until the end of visiting hours, chatting and doing her own work, occasionally helping me reach things, flagging down a nurse when I had to pee for the hundreth time, etc.
Otherwise, I was discharged the next morning. The Uber ride and subsequent train ride home were pretty smooth. I was worried that every little bump would kill me, but the tightness of the compression vest kept everything pretty secure.

Recovery at Home

I was pretty self-sufficient. We had already moved a bunch of water glasses onto the counter for easy access, and I had a bunch of reasonably healthy easy-cook food ready to go. I had an adjustable incline pillow for sleeping on my back and keeping me somewhat elevated, coupled with a neck pillow and a total blackout sleep mask. My dog kept me company.
Sleeping is honestly probably the worst part. I am very much a side and stomach sleeper. And although my recovery was pretty smooth, surgery is still surgery and I found it difficult to get a good, restful sleep through the general uncomfortableness.
Showering and bathing was probably the second worst part. Taking a shallow bath was definitely easier but I basically couldn't get really clean because I was constantly worried about accidentally pulling the drains, or getting something wet.
Part of my dismissal included a packet with a calendar for measuring and recording my drains. I tried to do that at about 9am and 9pm every day to keep an even 12 hour spread. I'm not a particularly squeamish person, but even I initially was a bit grossed out by the contents of the drains. I got used to it after a couple of days, though.
My drains were, mercifully, not painful or irritated at the drain sites. The only issue I had was a VERY small hematoma on my right side, down where the drain actually starts in your body. Emptying my drains on that side started to produce a slightly painful pinching feeling in that spot, and putting pressure on it would hurt a bit. I contacted the surgeon's office about it, and they gave me the option to come in, or just ride it out and let it reabsorb itself. I chose to leave it alone, and it started feeling better after a few days.
I had several post-op appointments, 1 each week after surgery for 3 weeks. First week was just a checkup, nothing super notable to be honest. Basically just a "holy crap you're only one week out? I would not have guessed, you're walking around just fine."
At 2 weeks, we took the drains out. Thank god, because I went back to work the next day and really needed a proper shower. I still had to keep the compression vest on, but I was at least allowed to take it off and wash it. That thing was rank. And I was allowed to wear deodorant.
At 3 weeks, I was officially allowed to take the vest off. They showed me how to do scar massaging, they did a quick draining of some fluid in both of my sides (in Dr. Bluebond-Langner's own words, she was being "nitpicky" about it because it was a minor amount, but figured she might as well just do it while I was there), made me promise I'd keep moisturizing my nipple scabs, and said they'll see me in a month.
The scabs fell off eventually by the way. I think one fell off at like 3 weeks, the other at 4. Yes, it looks terrifying. No, they didn't die. Yes, it's normal. It is weird to see the very pink, fresh skin underneath but that's normal.
Now I just oil up my scars with bio-oil every day and massage as part of my morning routine. I already made a previous post about my scars being hypertrophic and how I'm fine with that, and it might be hard to believe when you see hypertrophic scars, but they look and feel much better now than they did, and they're only going to keep getting better.
I was using the silicone strips, but my scars kinda go up near my arm pits and when I get sweaty at work, it makes them come loose. I was taping those parts but the tape irritates my skin, so I just stopped trying to make that work for now.


So that's where I'm at now. I feel much, much better. I stand taller instead of hunching over to try and hide my chest. I'm probably a lot older than a lot of folks in here who probably can't even imagine waiting until nearly 30 to get to some of these points. I guess if there's a takeaway it's 1) sometimes surgery goes pretty smoothly and 2) your life doesn't end if you don't transition before 18.
I THINK it's pretty comprehensive in here but, if there's a particular question you have about something feel free to ask.
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2020.10.09 06:13 Tonny5935 The security and future of Windows 7.

I made the survival guide. It is time to talk about the security of Windows 7, a very controversial topic but what I believe needs to be said.
Lets start.

Program Entry Points

The way that most malware and ransomware enters the computer is via a program. This can range from your web browser (most commonly), a social media app, a media player, or the SMB Windows functions. This is where your highest level of security remains. This is the front door of your computer and the programs need to have the security guards. Most programs still are updated on 7, with Chrome promising up to July 2021 of updates. Firefox, based on their 2 years extra of support for XP, along with ESR releases, will probably remain for the next 4 years. The front gate of your OS is protected even after end of life, until Chrome, Firefox, etc. Goes out of support. That is when it becomes unsafe.

OS Level Entry Points

Another way that malware and ransomware enters the computer is via built in functions of Windows. This can range from homegroup, RSAT, SMB, RDP, and many other Windows functions. Since these are no longer being updated for free by Microsoft, these functions are unsafe. I reccommend turning as many of these off, since they are now insecure protocols.

Kernel Level Entry Points

A rare way that malware and ransomware enters the computer is via a kernel exploit. These rarely happen and so far iirc have not happened before since the kernel is usually left protected by the Windows Firewall, Program security, and others.

Does Microsoft still update 7?

No, but actually yes. When wannacry was the largest ransomware, regardless of XP being end of life for 3 years, they released a security patch for the 16 year old operating system at the time. Same with Vista which had recently ended support at the time. Vista. An operating system barely anyone used in 2017. So, if any new ransomware or extremely large virus comes around, you will most likely get a security patch for Windows 7.

The programs kill it, not safety

Many people at this point that use Windows 7 are businesses still working on moving their older systems to Windows 10 or users who don't upgrade because of end of life. The reason people don't use XP anymore is because programs can barely run on it anymore. After End of Life, many programs still ran on it for a few years. After those few years of programs dropping support, the XP marketshare collapsed and now is on only 1% of computers. Windows 7 program support is still relatively widespread, meaning most consumer users will remain on it until most of their programs or a program they need drop support, and they are more willing to use Windows 10 or a *nix based alternative. Or they will just keep an older version of that program, which brings us into...

After program end of life

After your programs end support for Windows 7, that is most likely around the time that the ESU service ends and this means that Windows 7 is fully not updated often, only every few years when a big malware is out. This, is not safe. With your main entry point now insecure, this means that there is basically nothing blocking your PC from ransomware and malware. None of this is expected to happen in the next year or two.

Future of Windows 7

As the Windows 7 era has ended the official support, many of us wonder, how much time is left until I have to move to something else? The truth is, a few years. I give it 2 - 3 years left. ESU updates are largely a commercial update service to allow companies using ancient software to keep getting kernel and Windows Updates. This means that consumer programs will most likely almost fully drop 7 by 2023. When this happens, it will be a really sad day for the diehard Windows 7 users out there. As the Windows 7 era comes to a close around that time, we can all look back on the great times had with the revolutionary and groundbreaking operating system.

Nothing else than 7!!

If you still want to keep Windows 7 even after program support has ended and it is now a malware field, I say that you should keep it on a seperate computer or virtual machine, fully offline from the internet and many security settings put to the maximum. Offline computers have a 0% risk of catching internet based malware.
Until this happens, keep your software and games up to date if you use Windows 7 and stay safe on the internet.
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2020.09.23 21:59 legendofthemidwest Shoehorned Hiring and Positions

I'm a FES at a Rev A store and this whole op model change, to now having a hiring fair dropped on me a week before the date, on top of still filling positions for part time roles that we need filled is just insane. We don't get the hours we need to fulfill the needs of the customers on the sales floor. We don't get the hours to staff customer service how we used to, so usually it's just 1 person and God forbid they have to use the bathroom. We definitely don't have the staff for the impending 2 trucks a week for holiday in the back. If we have a callout (which we have 1 every other day or so) it puts a lot more strain on all of us, especially our leadership because we are among the few that can flex between nearly any role. Also super not feeling how I also am now over AP, so its my responsibility to ensure the front end team is now Big Joe certified and has all the Front Door coverage learnings done, on top of 2 of them being my cash office people since they nixed BOL from my store a year and a half ago. This whole thing is a giant slap in the face for us small stores especially and I'm so fucking burnt out. I just want to crawl in a dark hole and lay there until the next cataclysmic meteor hits the planet. Corporate, why do you hate your employees so damn much?
Thank you for attending my Ted Talk. I'm now going to quarantine in the admin office making more phone calls for botched 3rd party installs and hiring...
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2020.09.09 02:40 Bakounin Private by design decentralized p2p marketplace

Hi fellas, this is my first ever post on privacy.
I recently wrote about the existence of an open source DLT-based decentralized marketplace with a mission to enable free and private trade of goods and services. The marketplace description was posted on another subreddit but I think it's worth posting the description here too. Tbh I cant think of anything that qualifies more as "The intersection of technology, privacy, and freedom in a digital world"
I hope my own description of the marketplace and its technology bellow will fuel your interest to read more about it. My even bigger hope is that some of you will decide to become first-hand beta testers as soon as the upcoming v3.0 of the marketplace hits the testnet (eta: a few weeks).
You can also use the existing version (currently 2.3.5) of the marketplace to buy or sell products on the publicly accessible single community market there (or just play with it).
The marketplace:
It is called the Particl Marketplace and its ground breaking V3.0 is set to be released after 3 years of hard development work. The V3.0 will be the first version aimed at a wider public (normies and not only tech geeks). It will allow anyone to create easily decentralized personal storefronts or community markets or simply buy/sell goods on existing markets. The user-created markets/storefronts on the marketplace can be public if the access key is publicly announced on the Particl network or absolutely invisible to anyone that doesn’t know the access key (held by the creator). This is an intentional privacy feature and simply put, if you dont have the market access key (essentially a decryption key) there is absolutely no way to see/detect that some market exists.
The marketplace is private by design and decentralized, with no middlemen or intermediaries whatsoever. The trades are protected by a two-way automated escrow via smart-contracts that de-incentivize and penalize dishonest behavior on both sides. In particular, the buy-flow forces the buyer to deposit 1x item value + payment and the seller 1x item value (+ sends item) into a common smart contract. If the buyer receives the product/service and its all good, then he unlocks the escrow so both can get their 1x item value deposits back and the seller receive his payment.
The marketplace takes no sales commissions from the storefronts/markets and charges only a tiny listing fee (<0.01$) to prevent product listings spamming. All the marketplace generated fees go to the staking nodes that provide the hardware infrastructure for the p2p network to operate. The network nodes can be public or you can run them as Tor hidden services.
The technology:
The Particl Marketplace is crypto-agnostic and currently supports payments in BTC, PART, ZCoin (XMR, DAI, NIX, USDC, USDT are next in the pipeline and many more to come). It uses as a settlement layer its native coin PART and own blockchain, which is an up-to-date Bitcoin codebase with added privacy features like CT, RingCT (up to 32 mixins), Stealth addresses, etc. These privacy features are used in combination to keep the financial data, like escrows and transactions, private and most importantly un-linkable to the actual market buys/sells.
For the users and markets related data exchange like posted listings, buy/sell flows, encrypted user communication, built-in cryptocurrency exchange, etc, the marketplace uses a DSN, currently its a custom Bitmessage variant called SMSG, which allows metadata stripped encrypted p2p data exchange (no sender, no receiver)
Last but not least the marketplace desktop app (Particl Desktop) has a built-in option for using the Tor network via proxy.
The important people:
The cypherpunks behind Particl Marketplace have been OGs freedom advocates and pioneers in the privacy DLT field. For example, they were the first ever to implement features like RingCT, Bulletproofs, PoS, cold staking, etc on a Bitcoin codebase. Their privacy features implementations have been audited successfully by several respectable academics and security R&D providers, like QuarksLab.
The team behind the project has been so far focused on building without any marketing/awareness efforts and thus have remained intentionally in the shadows. The latter is planned to change with the v3.0 release. One of the steps towards that will be the initiation of several long-planned awareness campaigns, like the Vendor Onboarding and Outreach Program, the Particl Academy (an easy to understand and learn about the technology portal) and many more.
I am a passionate freedom and privacy advocate that discovered the project 1.5 year ago and since then has become a member of their small but like-minded community ([email protected]/discord).
My personal belief is that the Particl Marketplace provides a game-changing/breaking usecase to the world. At the minimum, due to the open source nature of the project, it will be a proof of concept that is bound to shift the global eCommerce paradigm.
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2020.08.27 20:15 scandalous-canoodle The Red Karen: and the multiple shit storms leading up to the wedding.

Before we begin I would like to state that all events written about in this post followed our areas Covid regulations and expectations. We took every precaution, and safety was our top priority.
TL;DR: Karen invites me out to pedis, we “forget”, they start calling DH all the time, we don’t ignore them but maintain our boundaries, they pester him for wedding deets knowing he won’t have the answers, get mad when he takes longer than an hour to respond, decide they won’t plan the rehearsal dinner anymore less than a month before said event and want to give us money instead so we can plan it. You know cause obviously we aren’t busy with wedding planning or bridal shower planning or nothing. We decline their money, they send petty gifts to the bridal shower, and then Karen plans her “rehearsal dinner” with just her family, DH doesn’t attend, she’s mad, they gift us a passive aggressive generator for the wedding. And that’s it lol
Okay y’all, strap in for the final wedding events update and man is it a doozy and a LONG one. I crammed everything into one giant post rather than making small posts about each individual thing.
You guys are so good at predicting behavior, we were able to guess everything and it played out just like y’all said it would. Thank you so much for all the advice and predictions, y’all kept our heads above water with this. If you haven’t read my other posts, you might want to catch yourself up in case I forget any pertinent info here.
So we left off with the red sauce sickness for FIL’s 50th birthday. After that lovely event, we decided to go extremely low contact. I was almost at no contact and DH was maintaining as little contact as possible. So about a week later I got a text from The Red Karen(MIL) about how she misses me and she wants us to go get pedicures together and she wants us to be close like we used to be cause she just wants a good relationship. I let DH respond from my phone later that evening saying that BOTH he and I would like that so we would let her know when we were available after things opened up again. (We did not, in fact, let her know when we were available. We ignored it after that and “forgot about it”)
DH started getting phone calls from her every day or two, while he was driving to work at 6am, or on his way home from work, or while he was at work, etc. y’all know the drill. He would let them ring out and then text her later in the day when he was available just asking what she needed. Her responses for awhile were basically just “I miss you, let’s talk”. Asking him how he was doing and then saying “thank you, I really needed to hear that,” stuff like that. Nothing too bad but I just had this gut feeling.
They started bombarding DH with long texts full of questions about the wedding. Previously, all the wedding related questions were in a group text with the four of us(MIL, FIL, DH, and me) that I would answer or update them on. Now they were both texting just him paragraphs worth of questions. He didn’t have the answers to most as I was the one doing most of the planning so he would send me the questions and then I would send back the answers and then he’d send them the answers. Or he would just wait until we both were home from work and ask me and then send them the answers. Obviously it took awhile to get answers since they were purposely asking the wrong person, but never more than by evening time on the same day. That’s reasonable, right?
We went through a few weeks of this same thing over and over again and then they pulled out all the stops and went full JustNo. Karen called DH at 5pm. She knows DH is driving home from work at 5pm. He obviously doesn’t answer so she texts him another long paragraph of wedding questions about the rehearsal dinner(LOL) and the men’s suits, which he again obviously didn’t answer as he was driving. And then 20 minutes later(5:20pm) she sent him another text. “can we talk? I really want to overcome this, I love you” which he again doesn’t read or respond to- since he is driving. At 5:50pm, FIL texts DH as well. He says “why are you ignoring your mother? If your intent is to hurt her deeply, you have greatly succeeded.” DH pulls into the driveway at about 6:30-40pm, checks his phone, sees what’s going on, is confused over said chain of events, and comes on inside the house to show me. I LOL’ed at it, and ask DH how he wanted to respond? Did he want to ignore them? Did he want to answer them? Did he want to answer only the rehearsal dinner(LOL) questions in a separate group chat? Whatchu wanna do boo? He was pretty upset at his dad specifically for his choice of words, all because DH didn’t respond in what they deemed a reasonable amount of time? So he texted FIL back and basically said that: he wasn’t trying to hurt her, she had hurt his feelings and disrespected him and his future wife and he hasn’t felt up to talking to her since. He wasn’t ignoring her, but he was taking his time to feel better about things and come around to wanting to talk to her again. How his feelings in this mattered as well and he’s taking his time to work through them and he’s sorry if he(FIL) hadn’t considered any of that.
FIL predictably never responded back. So, DH responded to his mother next by answering her rehearsal dinner related questions(please see previous posts for the background on this). DH was blunt and to the point. Basically “the rehearsal dinner is up to you guys within the parameters we have set, do whatever you think is best within that. I will come talk when I am ready.” MIL answered with “can you at least tell me why you are so upset with me?” So he told her that the previous conversation we had she had bulldozed over everything, rug-swept, never actually apologized for anything, and only made excuses for everything. She never acknowledged his feelings and she made the entire situation all about her. In return, she sent a long, fake, rug sweeping, passive aggressive apology and then added at the bottom that she will respect and honor his decision for space, and that she is there and ready to talk whenever he is. He never responded as he was just astounded that she thought that was an actual apology, but glad that she said she’d honor his wish for space. Baby steps?
And they were so respectful to us after that and never caused anymore drama, NOT. We got about two days worth of peace and quiet. And then FIL sent us a group text about the rehearsal dinner. Oh my bad I didn’t realize we were still using that group text? How with all the restaurants closed we were gonna do it in BIL and SIL’s backyard. So and so could cater it. They’d buy some picnic tables so we could all enjoy ourselves and socially distance. Basically just updating us on their plans which were within our parameters and everything going on with Covid so I responded with “it’s your event, whatever you guys want is fine” and you’d think that would be the end of it right? A respectful response? FIL sent a thumbs up emoji back to us? All is well with the world. BUT WAIT THERES MORE.
The next day we got another text from FIL. “Actually, the more that I think about it, I'm just going to hand it over to you two to host it. That way you can have exactly what you want and deserve. Mom can contribute whatever dollar amount she mentioned. A win win scenario, right?” So after allllll this drama, this is how they want to play things? This is how they want to pass the baton? A “win-win scenario”? I see this, and roll my eyes so far back they went for their own little walk. I sent back the thumbs up emoji that he had sent us yesterday. Like seriously FIL, go screw your self I’m so over all of this. DH is PISSED when he gets home. After all the shit they put us through and now this? Whatever, not worth our time, we already had the pizza party backup plan so all is well with the world.
Bear with me here guys, this part can be very confusing. There’s three conversations going on down below at the same time that I’ll do my best to walk us through. So we hear nothing for two days. And then, while we are both at work, DH receives a phone call from FIL at the same time that I receive one from MIL. Both of us send the calls to voicemail as we looked at our phones and thought good lord what could they be wanting right now? We knew the calls were at the same time because we checked the call logs when we got home(lol). And then DH and I both text each other asking what was going on. Lol again. So I text The Red Karen: “I’m at work right now, what’s up.” And FIL texts DH: “Can you stop by on your way home from work to talk and fix this shit?” DH and I are obviously texting each other too and are like oh great. Here we go. FIL sends another text to DH. “No?” Karen texts me back about how(paraphrasing) ‘FIL made that decision on his own about you guys planning the rehearsal dinner and i wasn’t there when that decisions was made, but that’s okay right, i can just send you guys the money? And by the way, if DH and you would be willing to sit down and talk about things that would be great.’ DH texts FIL back, saying he isn’t going to be able to make it over tonight as he’s busy and there isn’t much to say right now. FIL responds with “sure there is, what would it take to change your mind?” DH ignores the bribery, so FIL texts again about how he’s ‘concerned about long term relationship damage here if we can’t talk things through and fully understand everyone’s feelings, so if DH won’t stop by, can they come over to our house?’ DH then texts me what he wants me to say to Karen, so I text her back telling her that I’m actually not okay with them giving us their money for the rehearsal dinner, and we are not willing to discuss things at this point as DH asked for his space less than a week ago and they couldn’t even give him that. And then we got silence.
DH and I compare notes when we get home, and chat about what our game plan is with this whole situation they got going on. We get on the same page again and things are quiet for a few weeks.
DH decides he would like to spend time with them since he hasn’t seen them in awhile and they’ve backed off, so he sends them a text saying that he isn’t ready to talk yet but would they like to have dinner together soon? They respond they would love that so what day were we thinking and where at? DH responds with a local restaurant with outdoor seating and asks them what time they will be available. They respond with a statement that does not say what time they will be available, so he ignores the text. And then the next day they respond again, this time with the time they are available(catching on, are they?). So we solidify things and plan on that. DH and I talk and are in agreement that if they bring up anything rehearsal dinner or wedding related we will give them one warning and then leave, as well as with the whole previous talking situation, we will just flat out leave since we already warned them on that. We also planned on giving them the deposit back for the wedding cakes since their money isn’t worth their trouble. It was a $50 deposit, no big deal.
LOL y’all I almost forgot about this part. I called our bakery after that text exchange about us not accepting their money and locked down our account so no one could pay or change our wedding order except literally me calling from my phone. So the next day, guess who calls me? You guessed right if you guessed, MY BAKERY!! “Someone” had emailed and called them multiple times trying to make the payment over the phone(obviously trying to make it before we all had dinner, them sly dogs😉) and the bakery basically told them that due to client confidentiality, and the date of the wedding, they couldn’t accept payment from anyone except the bride or groom at this time. I thanked my bakery profusely and finalized all the deets with them, and arranged the payment for two weeks before the wedding from my phone number only. My bakery has excellent customer service, highly recommend. Anyways, back to the story.
We all meet up for dinner a few days later, on like a Thursday? At the agreed upon location and everything goes fine. It was very awkward. Karen asked for hugs when we left. I hate hugs. She knows I hate hugs and am not a touchy person so thanks for that. We have some awkward chit chat and then it comes time to leave. DH tries to give them the deposit back once we get to the cars and are all standing around. They refuse it. They say he needs to seriously think about it. They won’t accept it back. Etc. So he looks at me, and when they weren’t looking he leaned in their car window and put it on their center console. Not our problem anymore. Then once we left he sent them another very clear text about how we will not be accepting any money from them at this time as we are not comfortable with that with how things currently are. They said they understood.
So fast forward a few more weeks, we haven’t heard from them. It comes time for my bridal shower. The venue is chaos. The server we have hired is nowhere to be found and we cannot get in touch with her. We have exhausted all other routes and are left with one option. My dear, dear husband, offers to serve the food and refill the tea pots for my women’s only tea bridal shower to keep things running smoothly. I cried a bit cause I love him so much and he is just so sweet. And then back to work we go. The shower is about to start, DH is in the kitchen slaving away at the tiny fruit cups to make sure they are perfect. Chopping up the fruit and arranging them exactly right. Preparing the tiny tea sandwiches with his big man hands and he is doing AWESOME. He is setting up the buffet, taking out tea pots, finishing the desserts, y’all get the picture, he is working his ass off.
The Red Karen arrives with GMIL(Karen’s mom, lovely woman) and they go find a seat and Karen starts complaining to DH’s cousin(her niece and one of my bridesmaids) about how DH never properly greeted them when they arrived and he just waved at them real quick from the kitchen. So said cousin, who snuck beer in and was chugging it in the bathroom(I know, so classy😂) and probably a bit drunk took it upon herself to go scold DH for his lack of manners towards his mother. DH who wasn’t even supposed to be there, waved at them and smiled when they got there but was swamped trying to get things perfect for me because he loves me so much and now Karen is already causing drama and the bridal shower literally just started. So when I get around to her and greet her, she starts going on and on about how everything is just lovely and she wasn’t even sure she should come since she wasn’t sure she was wanted(ummm, you were invited?) and how she wasn’t sure if she was still invited(biggest eye roll ever here) so I just ask her, since she’s making a scene in front of all these people, “oh Karen, why wouldn’t you have been invited?” Y’all should’ve seen her face, she froze, and then I left lol. And moved on the GMIL and everyone else.
Now I don’t mean to sound ungrateful here but you all need to know how The Red Karen is with gifts. Every year, she has us make amazon lists of things we want for birthdays or Christmas and she literally gets things right off the lists and that’s it. She doesn’t go out shopping to look for stuff, nothing. That’s fine with me, to each their own, at least she likes getting people things she KNOWS for a fact they want, and she gets expensive things. So if you don’t have a list you don’t get nothing from her. Now, obviously we have a wedding registry that everyone has access to, and guess what?! It’s on amazon. Right up her alley. So what did she get me for my bridal shower? She went to one of the local stores, went to their clearance section, and got the cheapest, flimsiest, ugliest kitchen items she could find, and only items she knew for a fact I already had better versions of. How do I know this? She has been in my kitchen. She knows I like nice, preferably glass kitchen items. She has complimented my quality kitchen items. She’s seen me cook, she knows what I have. She left the tags on everything. The red clearance tags. And the basket she put everything in? An old, used, discolored, cloth square basket with a bit of tissue paper in the bottom. Lovely. I see you Karen, I see you. 😏
DH and I laugh about it when he sees it and he can’t believe his mother tried to pull that crap in front of other people and probably only did it to try and make me look bad. Lol. Whatever. We move on to the wedding.
It’s the week of. We are excited. Nothing can bring us down. The wedding is on Saturday, the bachelorette is on Friday night, the groomsmen have breakfast planned Saturday morning and lantern making on Friday after work. The rehearsal dinner is Thursday night after the rehearsal. Everyone knows these things. With Covid going on and how busy everyone was, we decided to nix the larger BBQ with family and only host one family we haven’t seen in years the week after the wedding for a small dinner. Everything looks perfect and is going good. Karen, lovely Karen, in the midst of all this, plans her own “rehearsal dinner” for Friday night, for her family. Just like we all thought she would. On Wednesday, she texts DH, knowing I will be occupied with bachelorette stuff on Friday, that she has planned a family BBQ at her house on Friday night before the wedding. DH tells her he will obviously be busy and won’t be attending. She’s pissed. When DH tells me about her plans, I realize this has been her plan all along. She got her rehearsal dinner without my family attending just like she wanted all along. What a slap in the face. What a Karen. Disgusting behavior. So rude. DH didn’t even realize why she wanted to do the big family BBQ and that it was her do-over until I pointed it out. Oops, I try to let him connect his own dots first. He’s still figuring things out. Thursday, at the rehearsal, she again invites him to attend on Friday. He again declines and says he’s busy. My own mother ventured into JustNo territory and told him multiple times that he should go spend time with his family even after she knew all the deets and games Karen played. I laid into her to mind her own business and get off DH’s back, he can make his own decisions. Friday rolls around and FIL texts us asking if we want help with anything. Major eye roll. You’re asking us the day before the wedding? Please don’t. Please don’t help. Just go away. We politely decline. They text again the morning of the wedding and again we decline. Their help always comes with trouble.
The morning of the wedding, Karen texts me and “welcomes” me to the family. I respond with oh yes I feel oh so welcomed, in slightly more polite words than that. Insert another eye roll. During the wedding we forgot to do a mother-son dance so I’m sure we will be hearing about that one forever. We got to put up with lots of awkward conversation and Karen always trying to pull DH away from pictures and stuff to get pictures with her on her phone. Ugh. I’m debating whether to give her any of the wedding photos or just let her keep her ones she got on her phone. Idk if I can be that petty yet though? What do you guys think?
And now on to their wedding gift. Early on in the summertime we got a nice generator for camping. We go camping a lot so we needed one, so we saved and got one. They knew that we had got one even though they hadn’t seen it. For the wedding, they, again, didn’t get us anything off of the registry. They got us the same generator we had, in a better brand, and only slightly upgraded. Talking like going from a 2000 to a 2200 I believe. To negate the generator that we already had since they knew DH would want the other generator since it’s a better brand. They always play this passive aggressive game with things. And I know they did it on purpose, because, BIL asked us what MIL and FIL got us for the wedding, so we told him the generator, and he was like, “what? Why? You just got a generator. They know you already got a generator? What?” And I just looked a DH and smiled. Again, I’m extremely blessed and don’t mean to sound ungrateful at all, I’m not. I’m extremely grateful. Just not for all the manipulative and passive aggressive bullshit.
So the wedding was over and we went on our honeymoon. We did not meet up with them at all for the second “family vacation” part of the honeymoon, thank goodness. I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. And now we are post wedding and haven’t heard from them in awhile. I feel so relaxed. Can’t wait to see how they do when we throw grand babies into the mix🙄
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2020.08.25 23:12 Bakounin Open Marketplace by Particl

Hi fellas, this is my first post on the darknet. I read today about the Empire Market and decided to post here about a tech that might help to end this charade of constant exit scams.
My post is about a DLT-based open source decentralized marketplace that will hopefully initiate a paradigm shift in the free and private trade between individuals and ends the exit-scams and leaky databases problem once and for all.
It is called the Open Marketplace V3.0 and is set to be released after 3 years of hard development work by Particl Project, including one year of public beta testing.
My personal belief is that they are releasing to the world a game-changing/breaking product. At minimum, due to the open source nature of the project, this is a proof of concept that is bound to shift the global eCommerce paradigm into DeCommerce.
I hope my own description below of the marketplace and its technology will fuel your interest to read more about it. My even bigger hope is that some of you will decide to become first-hand beta testers as soon as the Open Marketplace v3.0 hits the testnet (eta: a few weeks).

The marketplace:
The Open Marketplace is designed to be private by default and decentralized with no middlemen/intermediaries whatsoever. The trades are protected by two-way automated escrow via smart-contracts that de-incentivize and penalize dishonest behavior on both sides.
The Open Marketplace takes no sales commissions and charges only a tiny listing fee (<0.01$) to prevent listing spamming. All the marketplace generated fees go to the nodes that provide the hardware infrastructure for the p2p network to operate. The nodes can be public or you can run them as Tor hidden services.
The V3.0 that is set to be released will be the first version open to the wider public. It will allow anyone to create easily a decentralized personal storefront or a community market or simply buy and sell goods on the already existing markets. The user-created markets/storefronts can be visible on the marketplace if the access key is publicly announced or absolutely invisible to anyone that doesn't know the access key (held by the creator). This is an intentional privacy feature and simply put without going into many technical details, if you dont have market access key there is absolutely no way to see/detect that some market exists.
The technology:
The Open Marketplace is crypto-agnostic and currently supports payments in BTC, PART, ZCoin (DAI, NIX are next in the pipeline and many more to come). It uses as a settlement layer its native blockchain, which is an up-to-date Bitcoin codebase with added privacy features like CT, RingCT (up to 32 mixins), Stealth addresses, etc. These privacy features are used in combination to keep the financial data like escrows, transactions, etc private and most importantly un-linkable to the actual market buys/sells.
For the actual user or markets related data exchange like posted listings, buy/sell flows, encrypted user communication, built-in cryptocurrency exchange, etc, the Open Marketplace uses a custom Bitmessage variant called SMSG, which allows metadata stripped encrypted data exchange. Last but not least the Open Marketplace client has a built-in option for using Tor network via proxy.

The important people:
The cypherpunks behind Particl's Open Marketplace have been passionate pioneers and OGs in the privacy DLT field. For example, they were the first ever to implement features like RingCT, Bulletproofs, PoS, cold staking, etc on a Bitcoin codebase. Their privacy features implementations have been audited successfully by several respectable academics and security R&D providers, like QuarksLab.
The team has been so far focused on building without any marketing and thus have remained intentionally in the shadows but the latter is planned to change with the v3.0 release. One of the steps towards that will be the initiation of the long-planned Vendor On-boarding and Outreach Program and the release of the Particl Academy, an easy to understand and learn about the project portal.

I am a passionate freedom and privacy advocate that discovered the project 1.5 year ago and since then has become a member of their small but like-minded community ([email protected]/discord).
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2020.08.01 22:35 bitkarcoin [WTS] STERLING Reed and Barton silverware (1.9kg) with box for 3% UNDER MELT

Hey Everyone! First time seller here
EDIT (forgot date in above gallery):
I have a set of Antique Point Reed and Barton Sterling silverware. All items in the set are 92.5% silver or have 92.5% handles (will get to price adjustment for this in a second). All of the items are being sold as a lot, and will be shipped with the wooden storage box and cleaning cloth. Included is the original packaging that the flatware was sold in.
There are 10 dinner forks, 10 salad forks, 5 gumbo spoons, 10 teaspoons, 9 dinner knives, 12 butter knives, 1 serving fork, 2 serving spoons, and 1 strange shaped spoon (relish spoon?).
spot price of silver is currently $ 0.79/gram ($ 24.53/toz).
sterling melt = 0.79 * 0.925 = $ 0.73/gram

~It is worth noting that this set may be worth more than melt, I don't have time to try and sell it individually, so I will be selling it for 3% under melt value.~

There is 940 grams of sterling in fork utensils, and 705 grams in spoon utensils.
I took apart one of the dinner knives to see how much silver was in them: 17.5 grams/knife.
I am assuming a similar weight:silver ratio for the butter knives: 10 grams/butter knife.

Then there is 9 * 17.5 grams = 157.5 grams in dinner knives
And 12 * 10 = 120 grams in butter knives.

The grand total is 1,922.5 grams ->
1,922.5 grams * $0.73/gram * 0.97 = $1361.32

Preferred payment methods are PayPal Goods and Services, Venmo, or CashApp.
PayPal Goods and Services may be optimal because I am a new seller; there will be ensured trust. I will pick up the additional 3% transaction fee.
PM me if you are interested, I would prefer a single buyer but if there is enough interest I can piece it out.
Shipping to be paid by buyer is ~$30 if in continental US.
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2020.07.23 04:14 EtherealHire It's A Twofer Kinda Night

Guess who's back. Back again.
Yeah, it's me. I felt like fucking with something again, so here goes. What follows is a short primer and a slightly modified version of the existing netsec page. I'd like to think about folding it into a general persec page, including netsec, though of course this isn't necessary. There are tools that I, not a sysadmin nor particular expert, view to be outdated here, and I have proposed cuts and swaps.
I am also by no means an expert on computer security, so have left most of the tools on the page intact and changed very little on that front. I know what works for me, but without sitting around paying a pentester to try to wreck my shit I don't actually know how effective it is. If you are an expert, I could certainly use some help here. Note also that this is a start, a work in progress, and ideally I'd like to expand into a general security section, perhaps splitting off to various pages in their own right.
Let's get after it, comrades.

What is Persec?

Persec is short for personal security. In communities that practice security or do intelligence, or both, most things are shortened into such portmanteaus, and it's useful to learn them. Persec regards guarding your personal information (ie, who you are, where you're from, what you did...) from anyone who doesn't need to know. To what degree you do this is entirely your prerogative.

Why should I care about security at all?

Well, you are presumably a leftist, and may or may not be aware, but the US Government as well as other groups and orgs do not have a good history with regard to treatment of leftists or marginalized people. See Fred Hampton, or the FBI smear campaign against MLK, for two immediate examples. In addition to that, you don't send your bank info to the Nigerian Prince emailing you, do you? Same thing; you're just consciously aware of that threat.

So What Kind of Information Should I Guard?

All of it. If it is not intrinsically necessary for what you are doing, do not give the information. This is nuanced. Perhaps your date is asking about the neighborhood you live in. This isn't necessary, but you will weigh the risks vs the benefits of talking about it and/or seeming rude or overly paranoid for not talking about it.
In addition, you should be aware that you give away a lot automatically on a regular basis. Facial recognition software nails you everywhere you walk around, and a constant stream of selfies into any social media will be sold to people who will use them to help augment the success rate of that software. See Facebook auto finding faces and auto tagging your friends for you? Maybe it seems innocuous there, but who are they selling it to?
Unlock your phone with your face or fingerprint? Law enforcement has that data, almost guaranteed.
Fill out a fun survey? Dope, thanks for the street you grew up on in that nostalgia question. Nice, Greenwood Elementary as a school, and oh wow Ms. Applebaum was your favorite teacher? No way, my first pet was a Jack Russel named Roger too! Boy oh boy do I love that song by 3OH!3 too, just like it's your favorite! Maybe not all of those were there, but you may be throwing common security question answers all over the place. You are also giving this stuff to innumerable third parties via cookies and other other means, allowing them to store and sell that data in turn. You do it when you give your email for that retail store rewards program too. Every purchase, logged, used to target you with ads or services.

What Do I Do?

Well, you could move into the Alaskan wilderness, grow a long beard, and rough it in a primitive frontier cabin. That'd minimize your profile and data footprint for sure.
You could also ignore this. Give up anything and everything.
But likely you will pick something between those two points. There are two ways to do it while still being online: hiding and obfuscating.
Hiding would be using anonymizing services like Tor or a VPN, blocking Javascript using NoScript, giving up Facebook, etc.
Obfuscating would be pretending to be that which you are not, hiding in plain sight. Changing everything to appear that you're on a Thinkpad running Linux instead of a Chromebook by shown software/hardware signatures and MAC address, choosing an IP address in a techie Bay Area district, and using a fake photo from to complete the persona. There are more steps necessary there but that will help with non state-level data collection and analysis.
Regardless which method or methods you choose, you must also remain who you actually are, and publicly so. Maybe you got rid of Facebook because that's just the smart thing to do, but if you've got a Twitter habit, keep it and don't cross the streams. Never log into your Twitter from the spoofed persona, nor should your fake persona ever inhabit the same session (or even hardware) to your real persona. This is easiest done with a live boot disc like TAILS on a hunk-a-junk craigslist laptop you buy in cash.

This seems complicated.

It is. Security culture, in the world and online, is a constantly evolving thing, and takes keeping tabs on and learning about, and a lot of dry reading and head pounding.
There are a few overall resources that can help.
The Free Software Foundation
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Richard Stallman
The GNU Project


This is a list of tools and tips to keep data secure. The information presented is currently aimed at Windows users but includes information relating to data security for Linux, Mac, and mobile users. As you spend time learning about privacy, privacy tools, and security, you will start learning what works and why, but this is a general jump-off point. Also, note that Windows 10 contains a frankly ridiculous amount of phone-home capability, and is selling you out every second you use it. Make the switch to a user-friendly Linux distro and your privacy will thank you. linux4noobs
For other opsec information, please see our Communications section on this page. To discuss the information here or make suggestions, please see the talk page.
A brief note on these tools: Comodo Security Solutions is a private firm offering some of these products. In the digital world, a for-profit enterprise exists to make money on a product. If you are not paying for a product from a for-profit venture, then you are the product. Additionally, a Wikipedia skim shows how full of shit they are. I've left them in this post because they previously existed there but strongly disagree with continuing to leave them up, so am striking all of them.



  • PGP - Usually used to encrypt e-mails, but also encrypts physical data on your hard drive.
  • OpenVPN - VPN software using SSL/TLS for key exchanges.
  • Bitvise - An SSH client for Windows users.
  • TCPcrypt - A protocol that attempts to encrypt (almost) all of your network traffic.
  • VeraCrypt - Comprehensive, on-the-fly disk encryption.
  • Protected Folder - Not encryption software, but allows you to password protect folders and files. Protected folders are invisible unless PF is opened and they are unlocked with the password.



Browser extensions, Add-ons, etc.

  • HTTPS Everywhere - Forces all website connections to be HTTPS. Developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • AdBlock
  • Adblock for YouTube
  • Ublock Origin
  • NoScript - "Pre-emptively blocks malicious scripts and allows JavaScript, Java and other potentially dangerous content only from sites you trust."
  • Safescript - The Chrome equivalent of NoScript
  • Ghostery
  • DuckDuckGo - "The search engine that doesn't track you. A superior search experience with smarter answers, less clutter and real privacy."

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Virtual Machines



See this page on our wiki for information specific to iPhone users.

Other Resources

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2020.06.22 11:42 TracingWoodgrains Mormons and Voluntary Organization: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

By my estimate, throughout my life before leaving Mormonism, I spent somewhere around 15,000 hours on activities directly related to the religion. That translates to something around two hours of time daily on religious activity. Granted, this includes a two-year mission, but the estimate still only includes the time directly spent working during that time, not eating or sleeping. Take that out of the equation, and you're still left with around an hour a day through the rest of my life.
For something around 3% of that time, 500 hours of religious courses I got the dubious honor of attending in lieu of a regular elective high school course, I was around someone who was being paid for their work. Every other moment, it was volunteers all the way down.
That's my normal, the water I swam in. It occurs to me, though, that the intricacies of Mormon organizational structure might not be quite so legible to people who didn't swim through them for their entire life.
It's fascinating stuff, though, or at least it's been clattering around my mind enough that I need to inflict it on someone else. Either way, it's yours to enjoy now.


Think of a famous Mormon.
Yeah, Mitt Romney will do just fine. Well done if you picked out some random like Clayton Christensen or Stephen Covey instead, though. I'll get to them too as I roll through a list of Mormon leadership roles. No women, I'm afraid: Mormon women, as a song an army of six-year-olds sang to me once reminds us, are to care and nurture, not to preside1, except over women and children. Explaining their role will have to wait.
1 (This isn't the time and place for this discussion, but some Mormon children's songs are something else. Take this one. Instructed young, indeed. Brainwashed, my fellow exmos would grumble, not really inaccurately. Catchy tune, though.)
The fascinating thing about being a visible, high-achieving, capable Mormon man is that you're really just playing Russian Roulette with your free time. No matter what you're doing or how busy you are, there's always a good chance that one day you'll pick up the phone and be saddled with an extra twenty to thirty hours of unpaid labor a week for half a decade or so. Going back to Romney, his experience is about typical for a successful Mormon businessman. Most notably, he spent five years as a bishop and another eight as a stake president.
A bishop is something akin to a pastor: leader of a local church group (ward) of some 100-500 people. He doesn't preach directly much more than anyone else, but he organizes weekly church meetings, assigns local members to a dizzying array of positions and responsibilities, and regularly counsels members who are struggling or interviews the ones who are due for their intermittent checkups. Still paying your 10%? Still not smoking, drinking, or sexing? Still believe in all this? That sort of thing.
Stake presidents are the middle managers of Mormonism, keeping tabs on a dozen or so wards, assigning new bishops and similar positions, making a bunch of sometimes-inspirational speeches, and handling problems that escalate beyond the level of bishops.
Neither position requires advance training. Well, a correction: Almost no unpaid positions in Mormonism require or provide advance training. They're just loaded up onto busy professionals with full-time work and usually a squad of kids2, who can sink or swim at their leisure from there. In Romney's case, it meant managing Bain Capital during worktime and a bunch of Mormons during his personal time. And so, you know, he just shrugged and did it. Why not, right?
2 (Think you can get out of marrying by snagging a leadership position like in Catholicism? Not a chance. Pretty much every position at the level of bishop or above is only open to married men.)
Clayton Christensen, while teaching at Harvard and presenting his case for disruptive innovation, got thrown into more-or-less the next level of Mormon leadership as an 'Area Seventy', in charge of administrative work and preaching over a large region, like Asia or Utah. In his case, it was northeast North America. He also spent a few years as a bishop, of course.
That's still a bit less demanding than one of Stephen Covey's roles, though. Before sliding into the public eye as a self-help writer, he was assigned as a mission president. In other words, he was asked to move to Ireland to spend three years babysitting some 150 young missionaries, inspiring, instructing, directing them around, and generally keeping the whole project from falling apart. I'm not sure the standard at the time he went, but at least recently, mission presidents do get a four-day seminar before being sent out to keep things running.
Finally, we get to global leadership, the general authorities of the church, and the first full-time, compensated positions. With a few exceptions, these have historically been too wrapped up in their Mormon-specific roles to be particularly visible to the world at large. You've got the seventies, who do the same thing as the area seventies discussed above but on a global scale. There are currently around 105 of them, as you'd expect from the name. At the very top, you've got the quorum of the twelve apostles, a group comprised of fifteen men if you include the first presidency and the president (or prophet) of the church.
Probably the most historically relevant apostle from a non-Mormon angle was Ezra Taft Benson, who served as Eisenhower's secretary of agriculture while leading the church. If you're looking for some light reading on obscure Mormon political drama (and who isn't!), I recommend this treatise describing the quiet wrestling match over the apostolic narrative throughout his tenure thanks to his increasingly extreme right-wing views and eagerness to use his platform to raise political topics in church meetings. He even almost made it onto a presidential ticket, first with Strom Thurmond and then with George Wallace, but the prophet at the time nixed it.
Anyway, most of the seventies and all the apostles hold their positions full-time until the day they die, traveling around the world, holding mandatory biannual ten-hour meetings (General Conference) for all church members, speaking for God, and so forth. When one president dies, the longest-serving apostle takes his place. For their trouble, they get an annual stipend of around $120000 each and the reverent awe of Mormons everywhere.
The great majority of the global leaders are men, with the exception of the Relief Society presidency (leaders of the women's organization) and the Primary presidency (in charge of kids 0-12). In 2013, a woman prayed in General Conference for the first time, so that's something.
To summarize: The prophet and apostles appoint new apostles and seventies, the general seventies and apostles appoint area seventies and mission presidents, the area seventies appoint stake presidents, the stake presidents appoint bishops, and the bishops appoint every local member to all the roles needed to keep everything running. Nobody can volunteer for any position, and while technically they can say no if asked, it's considered bad form. Nobody gets paid except the mostly very old men who are in charge of the whole affair.
Aside from restrictions like being a man and having a wife, there aren't many limits on who can be appointed to which position when. Often someone will spend a while as a bishop or something, then be placed into a quietly useful minor role somewhere in the ward. In practice, getting noticed tends to breed more getting noticed, and someone successful at one level will drift upwards for a while and then rotate through assorted high-level administrative roles.


Most of all that is quite distant from your everyday member, of course. You see your bishop weekly, your stake president a couple times a year, and watch the general authorities on TV while forlornly playing bingo and trying not to fall asleep too obviously. What does life look like if you're not a member of Mormon royalty?
Much the same, really. There's always stuff to do. You're assigned to a ward strictly geographically. No choice in the matter. You're with whoever you're around. Sometimes, the boundaries will be redrawn, and people you saw every week for years disappear from your life without ever physically moving. Growing up, I knew almost everyone in my ward, and almost nobody outside of it. During my time in the church, I spent time as a councillor in the various Mormon youth groups, a pianist and organist, (briefly) a teacher, an assistant clerk (in charge of the ever-thrilling task of keeping membership records up to date and processing some payments), and of course a full-time missionary. Missionairies do a little of almost everything in the church and have their own involved internal leadership structure, with more experienced missionairies getting put in as 'district leaders', 'zone leaders', and the universally adored Assistants to the President.
Back in my day, church meetings were three hours long, which have since been shortened to two hours for active members and zero hours for me. The first hour or so involves a few group songs, a bunch of the youth passing sacrament (communion) around, and speeches (always 'talks' in Mormon parlance) prepared by whichever lay members were unlucky enough to get a call from the bishop that week, usually starting with the dictionary definition of whatever they were supposed to talk about and an anecdote about how they hardly had time to prepare after getting a call from the bishop that week. The second hour (and third, he mutters) sees everyone divide up into small groups and alternates between a lesson on whichever of the Old Testament, New Testament, Mormon Testament Book of Mormon, and modern scripture is being covered that year and sex-divided meetings where they talk about whatever.
Oh, and it's the exact same format everywhere in the world, but sometimes meetings get out of sync by a week or so. It was always funny to go on vacation and sit there slowly realizing you'd studiously avoided hearing the same lesson a week before.
Don't think Mormons get out of it with just the Sunday meetings, either. Teenage boys and girls meet in sex-segregated groups one evening a week for whatever activities or instruction their leadership has come up with. Sometimes you get lucky and go on cool campouts or run around in the woods throwing flour bombs at each other. Other times, you get what's basically a fourth hour of church. Every Monday night, meanwhile, families are expected to meet together and have a church-focused activity night. Again, hit or miss depending on how much initiative everyone's feeling. Daily family scripture study and prayer is standard, and feeling guilty because you can never quite get in the habit of individual scripture study or prayer is its accompanying long-time tradition.
Nope, still not the end. I already mentioned religion classes for high school students. Utah students (that is, me) get them carved into their school days, and typically have a 'seminary building' just off school property so they can go study while maintaining official separation of church and state. Every other poor sap gets to wake up early every day to yawn through a bunch of church instruction before school. Thankfully, it's since been changed, but back in my day Mormons also had "home (or visiting, if you're a woman) teaching", where they were assigned a few local families to visit, chat with, and share a short spiritual message with. Much of the time, this just meant feeling guilty because you didn't actually get it done.
Members are also in charge of building upkeep and cleaning on a rotating schedule. They get very, very good at setting up chairs and coming up with excuses to avoid Saturday morning church cleaning. Finally, on no set schedule beyond "as often as possible", they're encouraged to go to the temple to perform tasks like the much-maligned baptism for the dead, or watching the same video again and again on behalf of those same dead people. ...It's complicated.
There's more. There's always more. I didn't even cover things like helping out the missionaries, ward activities, or reaching out to your less-active brothers and sisters to bring them back into the fold. But that's the overview of what you can expect the structure of life for an average Mormon to look like. Everyone has an assignment (sorry, 'calling'), or is supposed to have one. Everyone has a bunch of extra-assignment tasks. There is always, always something more a good, obedient Mormon can do in the church.


Right, so now I've dragged you through more detail on the bureaucracy of Mormonism than you were ever planning to know. Congratulations. But why am I bothering to lay it all out like this? What am I hoping to prove?
Well, I'm not aiming specifically either to praise or condemn it in broad strokes. A lot of it is weird from an outside view, and a lot feels dated, to say the least. Plenty of important and true criticisms can be levied. What I'll say is that this was my childhood. It had a lot of good, a lot of bad, and a lot that was simply mundane. It felt perfectly normal at the time, for better or worse, and now that I'm out I'm mostly just fascinated that the whole thing exists and functions just about as well as any other organization. And I think other people should be, too.
There are a few things to highlight here:
1. The active, training-oriented structure.
A great deal of time in Mormonism is spent listening to untrained and often unskilled volunteers deliver messages straight from a manual. That's the downside. The upside is that, even though there's only a limited formal training structure, members are constantly put in positions to practice and perhaps even improve at various group-focused skills. I miss opportunities to give speeches, honestly. It was a lot of fun to practice public speaking in a low-threat venue of a few hundred people. Everything, more or less, is like that. It all ends up building on itself one way or another. Kids get sent out on missions, maybe convert a few people, maybe stay converted themselves, and return with solid doctrinal understanding, leadership experience, and exposure to thousands of randoms to train their social skills and persuasion on. Leaders get a chance to demonstrate their efficacy and get siphoned wherever they're needed. At every level, Mormons have a startlingly extensive pool of reasonably experienced talent ready to handle whatever the religion needs.
2. The sheer absurdity of it all.
I'm not talking about the origin story or anything like that here. I'm talking about the extent to which people are willing to spend their spare time and energy on all this stuff. I met a professional athlete during my mission. Know what he was doing at church? Helping out with the youth program he'd been assigned to. Another time, my bishop was a construction worker. Since the whole thing exists as a parallel structure only loosely connected to the rest of life, you just get tossed in with a group of randoms and make do with whatever you have. Sometimes it works great, other times it feels like it's constantly being held together by shoestrings and if you blink the whole thing will fly apart, but everywhere you go, it all comes together into something functional.
3. Some uses and limitations.
One of the features of a structure like this is that, when something needs to get done in the community, disaster response or helping a member in rough times, you know exactly who can get things done, how to organize, where to find a bunch of sometimes-eager, sometimes-grudging voluntolds to take care of things. When you already have a group used to coming together all the time for any reason or no reason at all, things that actively require that sort of community become a lot smoother. The extensive repetition of the same messages and constant contact with the same people is the structure culture is built of. Everyone gets enmeshed in it, everyone finds a role and a responsibility,
Of course, the church also has a tendency to be inward-focused, getting members to spend so much time working on church-related things that their time for outward-directed, non-church activities is sharply reduced. Not only that, by nature of its religious mission and origins, a lot of the activities tend to be a bit quixotic, where even as members feel or convince themselves of benefits and positive impacts, from a secular perspective they're mostly just spinning their wheels. Temple activities like baptism for the dead are an obvious example here. So much time and energy, spent on basically nothing from a secular standpoint.
That it works is remarkable. That it even excels in some areas, more remarkable still. But I'm convinced it's far from optimal. There's so much more that could be done.


Can another organization emulate this sort of structure exactly? Should it? In particular, is it possible to encourage that sheer level of commitment without the infinite carrot and stick of commands from an omnipotent deity? Should that level of commitment be encouraged?
I don't know that I can really answer yes to all, or any, of those questions. Stepping out of Mormonism into the rest of US culture, though, it feels like two different but quietly parallel worlds. I think people underestimate just how different things are for Mormons. It's night and day. And right now, while we avoid many of the problems that creep into the structure of Mormonism, my own feeling is that we develop an opposite and parallel set of problems: too little organization, too little structure, too few people willing to call for involved activities outside of settings where we're buying and selling our time. In a world full of Mormons, I'd say—hey, might be worth loosening up a little. In the world we have? There are worse things to notice than the Mormons.
The structure of Mormonism isn't a panacea for the world's problems, but I'm convinced that there are lessons to draw from it nonetheless.
Thanks for reading.
Until next time.
submitted by TracingWoodgrains to TheMotte [link] [comments]

2020.04.30 20:33 SL13PNIR Q+A you may have missed from the April 30th Cardano Development update, including the unanswered questions

What's the estimated delta between the release of Shelly and Goguen?
Kevin Hammond We are moving to a process where we rollout features much more regularly rather than a "big bang". We are already working hard on Goguen in the background, and will publish a product roadmap that will it clear which features will be released when.

Why is a graphical user interface (majority users) not prioritised over commandline interface (minority users) for ITN and in the next stage?
Kevin Hammond We are prioritising Daedalus for delegators. Technically, it's easier to produce command-line interfaces and we need to do that anyway for e.g. pool operators etc

Our company has a website where we sell baby gear. How could we implment cardano payment method or we should use some third party service like B2BinPay, COTI, etc?
Kevin Hammond Talk to us. We're very interested in how we can set up secure payment systems, exploit smart contracts etc.

If I lock an amount X as a pledge to my pool. Will It be possible for me to change this value later?
Aleksei it will still be possible for a stake pool operator to decrease the amount of stake that they pledge to the pool, but this will require them to post a new certificate, which will notify the stakeholders that delegated to the pool (if it reduces the desirability of the pool), possibly triggering a re-delegation

When will Ledger support for Daedalus be released?
Here's a time stamped update on that from Charles:

When will the new documentation be made available?
Kevin Hammond We are working on it right now. We will release it in stages

When will balance check on ITN occur?
Kevin Hammond The exact date is not set yet. We will announce it as we move through the testnet phases and up to the hard fork

I'd like to know more about Plutus and Marlove, as well as the other smart contract language environments - is there a central place of documentation with examples and playground? Thank you
IOHK Try this to start you off
IOHK A couple of videos too

Is there a plan in place for the ADA held by IOHK Emurgo and CF? Are they going to be used for staking for the foreseeable future? Could they be sold to help financing the teams beyond 1/1/2021 if needed?
Kevin Hammond Yes. They will be used for staking. We probably want to hold onto our Ada - it's going to be even more valuable going forwards...

Will there be an option for stake pools to limit their size voluntarily (ex: I want my pool to be max. 40 million ADA)? This is important for decentralization.
Umed Good to see you here Matthieu :) This will not be possible because delegators are free to join or leave any pool
Umed the idea is that delegators will actively monitor their pools and leave saturated pools dynamically
Kevin Hammond Yes, delegators will be encouraged to move to other pools by the saturation limit

Could a stake pool prevent a delegator from re delegating or fiddle with the rewards. If the mathematical reward did not work out correctly. Is it possible to have this reviewed and acted upon or checked. Or is this an impossible situation.
Rewards are distributed automatically at the protocol level and therefore stake pools have no control over this.
Questions that weren't answered - Some talking points for Charles or The Cardano Effect?
Any idea on what the ADA Pledge amount will be for a stake pool operator when Shelly goes live?
What happens if stakepool gets hacked?
Are there any challenges Exchanges have with making updates for Shelley Mainnet?
How much time is needed for an exchange to make all necessary updates?
What are the main improvements Adrestia brings to exchanges for ADA integration?
Is McCann only working on the website? I haven't heard any other promotional plans and would be interested to know if there are any.
Will there be a guide for new stake pool operators on the Shelley mainnet?
Will a Haskell Mainnet NIX install guide for stakepool set-up and monitoring be provided?
Any news about Prism?
StakePool slot battles on the ITN have caused a good amount of centralization into Europe. What will be done to resolve this issue?
Will there be a gouvernance mechanism to transfer my ADA to my inheritor in case i die ? Without compromising private keys and security.
If IOHK is not voted to continue the work post 2020, on what next project such a talented group of people are going to work ?
How can we propose ideas for use-cases of the Cardano ecosystem?
Is the yoroi wallet app in the Apple AppStore safe to use? How do we know it’s not a scam-version?
About the MoUs with african countries, georgia and mongolia, are there any news that you can disclose about Dapps being developed for the governments of these countries?
Can you share anything about the brand update with McCann? i.e New logo? Colours scheme?
Is there a lineup of projects waiting for the launch of shelly/goguen?
Will there be a dedicated onboarding process for existing projects to switch/ new projects to onboard to cardano?
Can you give an exact number of Ada for what pledge will be?
What market is maintarget for the upcomming Mccann marketing campagne?
What will keep ADA delegators keep delegating on Stake Pools in the long run when the rewards will be substantially reduced and only come from transaction fees ?
Will the stakepools have to attract delegators from the start or will they be taken over from the mainnet?
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2020.04.15 00:03 AlbertanSundog Thinking about switching to TekSavvy? Here's how my experience went

I'd just like to share this exceptional experience as a new customer with TekSavvy for those who are thinking of switching or what kind of service you can expect if problems arise
TLDR: TekSavvy Manager laughs in my face on the phone and refuses to offer any sort of compensation above $5/mo for 6 months after TekSavvy admitted to multiple mistakes over the last week that saw my internet start, stop, start again, and finally stopped by Telus. Involves wrongly configured modems, incompetent tech support (aside from one miraculous individual) including teir one and a supervisor, before finally ending with a manager that didn't care about customer satisfaction or retention.
Full Story:
Scheduled move on April 1st ends with Shaw not being able to provide the services at the new location (no res. visits during isolation, only phone support) and we end up having to cancel because we require internet to work from home. Fine, no problem.
Enter TekSavvy - I chose them for two reasons, 1. Previous condo unit owner was using Telus so I know 100% their connections have been made and work, 2. No long term contract, my ideal connection was 150 down and that wasn't available so I wanted to upgrade to the equivalent cable package through TekSavvy when Shaw resumed house visits.
I explain all this to the sales guy who is reluctant to put a note on my file so I'm not charged a $50 connection fee twice down the road. I order a DSL package: 75mbps, Telus, Calgary AB
TekSavvy ships me the modem and schedules the house visit for today (this was on April 1st). The modem arrived early as planned (on the 8th) and this was key - the intent was for it to work when I plugged it in and thus it was so. It connected right away - this is the way it should be or so I thought
Wired connections are working just fine but wireless does not, which is strange. Muck around in the modem for awhile adjusting wireless settings and nothing.
1st Service Tech: gives me instructions for the ideal setup. Turns out after the fact these instructions are for Ontario and I'm in Alberta (We literally verified my address first so he should know..). He leaves me with the instructions and my server authentication email address and password
I try some more and after a couple hours I call back tech support and explain to this new guy what I've tried and why it's not working. At this point the modem is not getting assigned a DNS server. It authenticates but gets no server addresses because the region codes are sending it to Telus severs in Ontario instead of here in Alberta. This Tech is on the phone with me for 2hrs with no additional resources as it's past midnight in Ontario and he's working the night shift. He figured the region lock out on his own, we corrected the problem and my internet worked PERFECTLY. He is the only competent teksavvy employee in this whole story.
Naturally this should be the end of the story, I email the sales guy the next morning and inform him that my internet is up and running and a service call is not required. No response, fine whatever, it's not really required.
Telus tech calls me this morning to confirm the time for the service call and I explain to him it's not necessary. He's exstatic, one less place to visit. This around 9am Calgary time. At 1130am Calgary time our internet goes down, wait 45 minutes to see if its a glitch, heavy traffic, etc.. I call them justs before 1pm because now I have a very strong suspicion it's related to me turning away the Telus employee (supervisor later confirmed it was).
Tech Support call number three, go through the same routine as he last two, turn the modem off, let it clear the cache, etc.. we get to the part where he asks me to find another cable to verify that it's not the cable going from the modem to the wall. I explain it's the brand new one from the box they literally shipped me two weeks ago and has been working for over a week. He insists, I re-explain I turned away a house visit this morning and that the internet not working is directly related to that. I'm on hold, he chats with someone else, comes back and says he cannot schedule a new visit from Telus without ensuring the cable works because the visit will cost TekSavvy money.
I explain this can be fixed remotely, no visit required. I elevate this to a supervisor which he cordially sets up. Enter the supervisor, we go through the basic troubleshooting again. She then informs me we have to setup a new scheduled visit (2+ weeks). I explain the entire situation again and how that is not good enough, I also explain that this can be fixed remotely. "That's not possible as they need to ensure the connection is done right", BS but whatevt, I explain they can digitally monitor my throughput and see that it was/is acceptable for the package I purchased. I get put on hold.
After conferring with colleagues she admits that yes, they can request Telus to restore the connection remotely which she will do and that she will push my activation date back to the 17th as that's the earliest Telus can probably get around to the remote install. She then informs me that they have made yet another mistake, the 75mbps DSL package is not available in my area (literally downtown Calgary) and that's why the connection was killed by Telus. They apparently only offer 50mbps DSL packages and because I was getting 60, They nixed it. (Side note, you can't push 75mbps down a telephony pair which is what connects your modem to the wall, the best is around 60mbps). Yet another mistake, she has to downgrade me to the 50mbps package.
At this point it's almost 2pm here, my gf has missed an important work meeting and I've got no closer to internet being restored. I've switched service providers and nothing has gone to plan, infact I've had to drive all the solutions so far and rely on my prior industry experience to get any sort of headway on the troubleshooting side. The Sales team failed to provide any service or correct information, the supervisor while having more knowledge has uncovered even more mistakes, and tier one tech support is basically a giant miss unless you land a competent individual.
I explain my incredible frustration at this point and ask her what can be done as compensation. Her answer: $5/mo for 6 months off the bill, which is normally only given to loyal customers who have been with them for over one year. That's $30, $30!? At this point I'm having a tough time staying calm and cordial, it's a supervisor after all. I say that's not good enough, please elevate this to a manager. She insists he'll say the same thing.
Mark gets on the phone, we do the hand off, and he asks me what he can do for me. I ask him if he is up to speed on my situation, he says yes (bold face lie), and I tell him has to do better than 5bucks month. He asks what I was thinking and I say, you should cover the next two months ($100 bucks), I think that's reasonable given the giant headache to date. HE LAUGHED over the phone before regaining composure at how proposturous it could be that $100 is fair when they have made multiple mistakes and not provided services rendered. He says no, I ask what's the best you can do: $5/mo for 6 months. I reiterate the mistakes they have admitted to and confirm if they would like to keep my loyalty going forward: $5/mo for six months. I ask him if he understands that the offer is incredibly insulting and he replies, its the best I can do. The tone the entire time was borderline humourous.
I was actually silent long enough he had to check if I was still there after he asked me a question because I was fuming at this point and trying to remain professional and cordial. I could feel my face flush with anger over this experience with a god damn manager of all people. He then goes on to try and explain that they have not charged me yet because he can see where I'm going with a mastercard charge back. He wasn't willing to extend his email or number so we could discuss further, if I wanted to cancel I would have to do it through another call to what I now presume are incompetent tier one employees.
So that's where I am at, TekSavvy admitted to multiple mistakes and was not willing to actually compensate me even though I was saving them money. And the icing on the cake was the gross lack of respect or business acumen displayed by the manager to even try to retain a new customer. I think the best part is even at $5/mo for 6 months, the fact they don't have to pay Telus an activation fee still nets them ahead in this situation as the site visit cost is passed on to the customer in the form of the $50 fee which I still have to pay.
Pardon any mistakes, this entire thing was typed up on my phone
I now have to find a time to port over to Telus and sign a contract, the exact thing I was trying to avoid. I wish all of you a pleasant experience with TekSavvy - I wouldn't wish this frustration on anyone, it's been an utter nightmare.
submitted by AlbertanSundog to teksavvy [link] [comments]

2020.03.28 22:01 MasterGoku23 Rebooking Wednesday Night Wars: AEW (Part 1)

AEW Full Gear November 9, 2019
Unsanctioned Lights Out Match: Jon Moxley def. Kenny Omega
AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho © w/ Jake Hager def. Cody w/ MJF (Chris Jericho won via technical submission after MJF threw the towel in on Cody’s behalf. Per the match stipulations, Cody can no longer challenge for the AEW World Championship. Change from Real Life: MJF did not attack Cody after the match, but instead was distraught and apologised)
AEW Women’s Championship: Riho © def. Emi Sakura
AEW World Tag Team Championships: SCU © def. The Lucha Brothers and Private Party
Singles Match: Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard def. Joey JANELA (Change from Real Life: Spears hit Janela in the head with a steel chair after the match.)
Singles Match: ‘Hangman’ Adam Page def. Pac
Tag Team Match: Proud and Powerful def. The Young Bucks
Buy In: Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. def. Bea Priestley
The general feeling following Full Gear, the first Pay-Per-View following the commencement of AEW Dynamite weekly on TNT, is that the show was a success. The company is happy that the main storyline of The Elite vs The Inner Circle has been well received thus far, and it is expected that the story will continue until at least Double or Nothing II in May. A misstep that has been realised is freezing Cody out of the AEW World Championship picture for the foreseeable future. Whilst it has quashed any suspicion that Cody would use the company as a vanity project for his own personal success, it is an undeniable fact that Cody is the company’s #1 babyface and him being frozen out of the title scene means that stars such as ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley will need to step up and fill that void and one of these men is expected to be Chris Jericho’s next challenger.
Where Cody goes next is up in the air currently. It was initially planned that MJF would turn on Cody following the loss to Jericho, but it was decided that Full Gear would be too soon for such a thing to happen, so it can be expected that the mentoprotégé dynamic will be played up more and more over the coming weeks and months, as the endgame is undoubtedly for one to turn on the other.
The ‘wins and losses’ records that have been in existence since the creation of AEW appear to be in the early stages of being phased out, as top contenders appear to have still been arbitrarily decided, even though others have had better win/loss records.
Another angle that has been nixed is a faction that was going to be led by Brandi Rhodes, involving Awesome Kong. It was decided by the creative minds that this is not the direction that the AEW Women’s division should go, given that the underrepresentation of the women is already a large criticism that has been directed at AEW and the planned angle would only serve to give more TV time to Brandi. Brandi has decided that she would like to take a reduced on-screen role, and from now on when she appears on TV, it will be as Cody’s wife and not the previously unconnected character she has portrayed up to this point. Following the cancellation of the storyline, Awesome Kong (real name Kia Stevens) was asked to take on a training role in the company, but she declined the offer and is going to focus more on her film and TV work. It is understood that the door will always be open for her to return to the company as a trainer, or make one-off special appearances.
AEW and NXT have performed at similar levels in the ratings war up to this point, but AEW have taken steps to try to get ahead of their closest rival, these include:
A concern of AEW management is the frequency that WWE/NXT has large scale shows and it was originally planned that AEW’s next PPV would be at the end of February; however the PPV calendar has been revised so that AEW will be producing PPVs every six to eight weeks.
Aside from Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes, there have been a couple of other roster changes made by AEW. Jimmy Havoc has been released with immediate effect, following an expletive-filled rant at ringside being picked up by cameras during a live airing of Dynamite. Havoc refused to apologise for his actions, trying to argue that he should be allowed to use offensive language as part of his character and eventually physically threatening Matt Jackson when he was told he had a warning for his actions, and was then let go from the company. Emi Sakura is also rumoured to be leaving AEW in the coming weeks, with a lack of connection to the fans being cited as a reason why she is not happy with her position. Allie is also apparently displeased by the cancellation of the Brandi storyline but management do have other plans for her.
AEW announced following Full Gear that Ace Romero has been signed by the company and is now ‘All Elite’. Romero took part in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing and has recent worked a few dates for AEW’s newest competition on Wednesday nights, Impact Wrestling. It is thought that the Romero signing is a warning shot from AEW to Impact, making it clear that they are not looking to buddy up with anyone in their war against NXT and WWE, and see Impact’s move to Wednesday nights as disrespectful. AEW feel they are at a disadvantage to Impact, due to a lack of a streaming service, as Impact have a huge back catalogue to include on Impact Plus, whereas AEW lack the history to merit having such a service at this stage.
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2020.03.03 17:32 xmr123 Problem running php on nginx ubuntu (files get downloaded)

Hi everyone,
I'm very new to php and ran into some issue that I have been trying to fix for a couple of hours.
I have setup Nginx on ubuntu 19.10, and installed php7.4-fpm. But whenever I try to open a file like index.php, located in my root folder /vawww/html (so localhost/index.php) it will download the file instead of running it.
Nginx is not communicating with php7.4-fpm, is my guess, but I can not find the mistake in my configuration files..

Could anyone take a look and spot what would be wrong.
Below I've put the files, in order
  1. /etc/nginx/fastcgi.conf:
  2. /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params:
  3. /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/server.conf
  4. /etc/nginx/mime.types
  5. /etc/php/7.4/fpm/php-fpm.conf
  6. /etc/php/7.4/fpm/pool.d/www.conf
  7. selection of /etc/php/7.4/fpm/php.ini since posting it all is too long
  8. output service nginx status & service php7.4-fpm status

If I'm looking at the wrong files or something and the error could be located elsewhere please guide me in the right direction.
And if you already read this far, I would like to thank you for your time!


fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name; fastcgi_param QUERY_STRING $query_string; fastcgi_param REQUEST_METHOD $request_method; fastcgi_param CONTENT_TYPE $content_type; fastcgi_param CONTENT_LENGTH $content_length; fastcgi_param SCRIPT_NAME $fastcgi_script_name; fastcgi_param REQUEST_URI $request_uri; fastcgi_param DOCUMENT_URI $document_uri; fastcgi_param DOCUMENT_ROOT $document_root; fastcgi_param SERVER_PROTOCOL $server_protocol; fastcgi_param REQUEST_SCHEME $scheme; fastcgi_param HTTPS $https if_not_empty; fastcgi_param GATEWAY_INTERFACE CGI/1.1; fastcgi_param SERVER_SOFTWARE nginx/$nginx_version; fastcgi_param REMOTE_ADDR $remote_addr; fastcgi_param REMOTE_PORT $remote_port; fastcgi_param SERVER_ADDR $server_addr; fastcgi_param SERVER_PORT $server_port; fastcgi_param SERVER_NAME $server_name; # PHP only, required if PHP was built with --enable-force-cgi-redirect fastcgi_param REDIRECT_STATUS 200; 

2. /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params:

fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name; fastcgi_param QUERY_STRING $query_string; fastcgi_param REQUEST_METHOD $request_method; fastcgi_param CONTENT_TYPE $content_type; fastcgi_param CONTENT_LENGTH $content_length; fastcgi_param SCRIPT_NAME $fastcgi_script_name; fastcgi_param REQUEST_URI $request_uri; fastcgi_param DOCUMENT_URI $document_uri; fastcgi_param DOCUMENT_ROOT $document_root; fastcgi_param SERVER_PROTOCOL $server_protocol; fastcgi_param REQUEST_SCHEME $scheme; fastcgi_param HTTPS $https if_not_empty; fastcgi_param GATEWAY_INTERFACE CGI/1.1; fastcgi_param SERVER_SOFTWARE nginx/$nginx_version; fastcgi_param REMOTE_ADDR $remote_addr; fastcgi_param REMOTE_PORT $remote_port; fastcgi_param SERVER_ADDR $server_addr; fastcgi_param SERVER_PORT $server_port; fastcgi_param SERVER_NAME $server_name; # PHP only, required if PHP was built with --enable-force-cgi-redirect fastcgi_param REDIRECT_STATUS 200; 

3. /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/server.conf

# Version=2.1 server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; listen 443 ssl http2; listen [::]:443 ssl http2; # # This file will be managed by ATK, and overwitten without warning. # # To enable external access please consider installing DuckDNS using ATK. # # For external access using a custom domain: # # 1) Make a copy of this file and rename it to match your domain # # ex: /etc/nginx/sites-available/ # # 2) Edit your file and replace the entire `server_name` line with `server_name;` # # (do not include IP addresses) # # 3) Run `sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/ /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/` # # 4) Run `sudo systemctl reload nginx` # # You can then use ATK to run Certbot on your custom domain for HTTPS # # You can also modify your new file to enabling some of the extra features below by uncommenting the lines # # If you modify your file you will need to rerun the command in step 4 above server_name localhost; access_log /valog/nginx/server.atomic.access.log; error_log /valog/nginx/server.atomic.error.log; index index.html index.php; root /vawww/html/; client_body_buffer_size 128k; client_max_body_size 100M; send_timeout 5m; server_tokens off; location ~ \.php$ { fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$; fastcgi_pass unix:/varun/php7.4-fpm.sock; fastcgi_index index.php; include fastcgi.conf;} location ~ /\.ht { deny all; } ## # Snippet Config ## include /etc/nginx/snippets/gzip.atomic.conf; # include /etc/nginx/snippets/headers-hsts.atomic.conf; # WARNING: Only enable Strict Transport after confirming HTTPS is working include /etc/nginx/snippets/headers.atomic.conf; # include /etc/nginx/snippets/https-redirect.atomic.conf; # WARNING: Only enable HTTPS Redirect after confirming HTTPS is working include /etc/nginx/snippets/letsencrypt.atomic.conf; include /etc/nginx/snippets/proxy.atomic.conf; # include /etc/nginx/snippets/ssl-dhparam.atomic.conf; # WARNING: Only enable dhparam after running `openssl dhparam -out /etc/nginx/dhparam.pem 4096` include /etc/nginx/snippets/ssl.atomic.conf; ## # App Location Config ## include /etc/nginx/locations-enabled/*.atomic.conf; ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/****/fullchain.pem; # managed by Certbot ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/****/privkey.pem; # managed by Certbot } 

4. /etc/nginx/mime.types

types { text/html html htm shtml; text/css css; text/xml xml; image/gif gif; image/jpeg jpeg jpg; application/javascript js; application/atom+xml atom; application/rss+xml rss; text/mathml mml; text/plain txt; text/ jad; text/vnd.wap.wml wml; text/x-component htc; image/png png; image/tiff tif tiff; image/vnd.wap.wbmp wbmp; image/x-icon ico; image/x-jng jng; image/x-ms-bmp bmp; image/svg+xml svg svgz; image/webp webp; application/font-woff woff; application/java-archive jar war ear; application/json json; application/mac-binhex40 hqx; application/msword doc; application/pdf pdf; application/postscript ps eps ai; application/rtf rtf; application/ m3u8; application/ xls; application/ eot; application/ ppt; application/vnd.wap.wmlc wmlc; application/ kml; application/ kmz; application/x-7z-compressed 7z; application/x-cocoa cco; application/x-java-archive-diff jardiff; application/x-java-jnlp-file jnlp; application/x-makeself run; application/x-perl pl pm; application/x-pilot prc pdb; application/x-rar-compressed rar; application/x-redhat-package-manager rpm; application/x-sea sea; application/x-shockwave-flash swf; application/x-stuffit sit; application/x-tcl tcl tk; application/x-x509-ca-cert der pem crt; application/x-xpinstall xpi; application/xhtml+xml xhtml; application/xspf+xml xspf; application/zip zip; application/octet-stream bin exe dll; application/octet-stream deb; application/octet-stream dmg; application/octet-stream iso img; application/octet-stream msi msp msm; application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document docx; application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet xlsx; application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation pptx; audio/midi mid midi kar; audio/mpeg mp3; audio/ogg ogg; audio/x-m4a m4a; audio/x-realaudio ra; video/3gpp 3gpp 3gp; video/mp2t ts; video/mp4 mp4; video/mpeg mpeg mpg; video/quicktime mov; video/webm webm; video/x-flv flv; video/x-m4v m4v; video/x-mng mng; video/x-ms-asf asx asf; video/x-ms-wmv wmv; video/x-msvideo avi; } 

5. /etc/php/7.4/fpm/php-fpm.conf

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; FPM Configuration ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; All relative paths in this configuration file are relative to PHP's install ; prefix (/usr). This prefix can be dynamically changed by using the ; '-p' argument from the command line. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Global Options ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [global] ; Pid file ; Note: the default prefix is /var ; Default Value: none ; Warning: if you change the value here, you need to modify systemd ; service PIDFile= setting to match the value here. pid = /run/php/ ; Error log file ; If it's set to "syslog", log is sent to syslogd instead of being written ; into a local file. ; Note: the default prefix is /var ; Default Value: log/php-fpm.log error_log = /valog/php7.4-fpm.log ;syslog.facility = daemon ;syslog.ident = php-fpm ;log_level = notice ;log_limit = 4096 ;log_buffering = no ;emergency_restart_threshold = 0 ;emergency_restart_interval = 0 ;process_control_timeout = 0 ; process.max = 128 ; process.priority = -19 ; Send FPM to background. Set to 'no' to keep FPM in foreground for debugging. ; Default Value: yes ;daemonize = yes ;rlimit_files = 1024 ;rlimit_core = 0 ;events.mechanism = epoll ; When FPM is built with systemd integration, specify the interval, ; in seconds, between health report notification to systemd. ; Set to 0 to disable. ; Available Units: s(econds), m(inutes), h(ours) ; Default Unit: seconds ; Default value: 10 ;systemd_interval = 10 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Pool Definitions ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Multiple pools of child processes may be started with different listening ; ports and different management options. The name of the pool will be ; used in logs and stats. There is no limitation on the number of pools which ; FPM can handle. Your system will tell you anyway :) ; Include one or more files. If glob(3) exists, it is used to include a bunch of ; files from a glob(3) pattern. This directive can be used everywhere in the ; file. ; Relative path can also be used. They will be prefixed by: ; - the global prefix if it's been set (-p argument) ; - /usr otherwise include=/etc/php/7.4/fpm/pool.d/*.conf 

6. /etc/php/7.4/fpm/pool.d/www.conf

; Start a new pool named 'www'. [www] ;prefix = /path/to/pools/$pool user = user group = user listen = /varun/php/php7.4-fpm.sock listen.owner = user = user ;listen.mode = 0660 pm = dynamic pm.max_children = 5 pm.start_servers = 2 pm.min_spare_servers = 1 pm.max_spare_servers = 3 ;chroot = ;chdir = /vawww ;catch_workers_output = yes ;decorate_workers_output = no ;clear_env = no 7. /etc/php/7.4/fpm/php.ini [PHP] engine = On short_open_tag = Off precision = 14 output_buffering = 4096 zlib.output_compression = Off implicit_flush = Off unserialize_callback_func = serialize_precision = -1 ;open_basedir = disable_functions = pcntl_alarm,pcntl_fork,pcntl_waitpid,pcntl_wait,pcntl_wifexited,pcntl_wifstopped,pcntl_wifsignaled,pcntl_wifcontinued,pcntl_wexitstatus,pcntl_wtermsig,pcntl_wstopsig,pcntl_signal,pcntl_signal_get_handler,pcntl_signal_dispatch,pcntl_get_last_error,pcntl_strerror,pcntl_sigprocmask,pcntl_sigwaitinfo,pcntl_sigtimedwait,pcntl_exec,pcntl_getpriority,pcntl_setpriority,pcntl_async_signals,pcntl_unshare, disable_classes = zend.enable_gc = On zend.exception_ignore_args = On ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Miscellaneous ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; expose_php = Off ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Resource Limits ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; max_execution_time = 360 max_input_time = 360 ;max_input_nesting_level = 64 ; How many GET/POST/COOKIE input variables may be accepted ;max_input_vars = 1000 ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB) ; memory_limit = 512M ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Error handling and logging ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT display_errors = Off display_startup_errors = Off log_errors = On log_errors_max_len = 1024 ignore_repeated_errors = Off ignore_repeated_source = Off report_memleaks = On ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Data Handling ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; variables_order = "GPCS" request_order = "GP" register_argc_argv = Off auto_globals_jit = On post_max_size = 8M auto_prepend_file = auto_append_file = default_mimetype = "text/html" default_charset = "UTF-8" ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Paths and Directories ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; doc_root = user_dir = enable_dl = Off ;cgi.force_redirect = 1 ;cgi.nph = 1 ;cgi.redirect_status_env = ;cgi.fix_pathinfo=1 ;cgi.discard_path=1 ;fastcgi.impersonate = 1 ;fastcgi.logging = 0 ;cgi.rfc2616_headers = 0 ;cgi.check_shebang_line=1 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; File Uploads ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; file_uploads = On upload_max_filesize = 250M max_file_uploads = 20 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Fopen wrappers ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; allow_url_fopen = On allow_url_include = Off ;user_agent="PHP" default_socket_timeout = 320 ;auto_detect_line_endings = Off ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Dynamic Extensions ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;extension=bz2 ;extension=curl ;extension=ffi ;extension=ftp ;extension=fileinfo ;extension=gd2 ;extension=gettext ;extension=gmp ;extension=intl ;extension=imap ;extension=ldap ;extension=mbstring ;extension=exif ; Must be after mbstring as it depends on it ;extension=mysqli ;extension=oci8_12c ; Use with Oracle Database 12c Instant Client ;extension=odbc ;extension=openssl ;extension=pdo_firebird ;extension=pdo_mysql ;extension=pdo_oci ;extension=pdo_odbc ;extension=pdo_pgsql ;extension=pdo_sqlite ;extension=pgsql ;extension=shmop ;extension=snmp ;extension=soap ;extension=sockets ;extension=sodium ;extension=sqlite3 ;extension=tidy ;extension=xmlrpc ;extension=xsl ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Module Settings ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [CLI Server] cli_server.color = On [Date] ;date.timezone = [filter] ; ;filter.default = unsafe_raw ; ;filter.default_flags = [iconv] ;iconv.input_encoding = ;iconv.internal_encoding = ;iconv.output_encoding = [imap] ;imap.enable_insecure_rsh=0 [intl] ;intl.error_level = E_WARNING ;intl.use_exceptions = 0 [sqlite3] ;sqlite3.extension_dir = ;sqlite3.defensive = 1 [Pcre] ;pcre.backtrack_limit=10000 ;pcre.recursion_limit=100000 ;pcre.jit=1 [Pdo] ;pdo_odbc.connection_pooling=strict ;pdo_odbc.db2_instance_name [Pdo_mysql] ; Default socket name for local MySQL connects. If empty, uses the built-in ; MySQL defaults. pdo_mysql.default_socket= [Phar] ; ;phar.readonly = On ; ;phar.require_hash = On ;phar.cache_list = [mail function] ; For Win32 only. ; SMTP = localhost ; smtp_port = 25 ; For Win32 only. ; ;sendmail_from = [email protected] ; For Unix only. You may supply arguments as well (default: "sendmail -t -i"). ; ;sendmail_path = ;mail.force_extra_parameters = ; Add X-PHP-Originating-Script: that will include uid of the script followed by the filename mail.add_x_header = Off ; The path to a log file that will log all mail() calls. Log entries include ; the full path of the script, line number, To address and headers. ;mail.log = ; Log mail to syslog (Event Log on Windows). ;mail.log = syslog [ODBC] ; ;odbc.default_db = Not yet implemented ; ;odbc.default_user = Not yet implemented ; ;odbc.default_pw = Not yet implemented ; Controls the ODBC cursor model. ; Default: SQL_CURSOR_STATIC (default). ;odbc.default_cursortype ; Allow or prevent persistent links. ; odbc.allow_persistent = On ; Check that a connection is still valid before reuse. ; odbc.check_persistent = On ; Maximum number of persistent links. -1 means no limit. ; odbc.max_persistent = -1 ; Maximum number of links (persistent + non-persistent). -1 means no limit. ; odbc.max_links = -1 ; Handling of LONG fields. Returns number of bytes to variables. 0 means ; passthru. ; odbc.defaultlrl = 4096 ; Handling of binary data. 0 means passthru, 1 return as is, 2 convert to char. ; See the documentation on odbc_binmode and odbc_longreadlen for an explanation ; of odbc.defaultlrl and odbc.defaultbinmode ; odbc.defaultbinmode = 1 [MySQLi] ; Maximum number of persistent links. -1 means no limit. ; mysqli.max_persistent = -1 ; Allow accessing, from PHP's perspective, local files with LOAD DATA statements ; ;mysqli.allow_local_infile = On ; Allow or prevent persistent links. ; mysqli.allow_persistent = On ; Maximum number of links. -1 means no limit. ; mysqli.max_links = -1 ; Default port number for mysqli_connect(). If unset, mysqli_connect() will use ; the $MYSQL_TCP_PORT or the mysql-tcp entry in /etc/services or the ; compile-time value defined MYSQL_PORT (in that order). Win32 will only look ; at MYSQL_PORT. ; mysqli.default_port = 3306 ; Default socket name for local MySQL connects. If empty, uses the built-in ; MySQL defaults. ; mysqli.default_socket = ; Default host for mysqli_connect() (doesn't apply in safe mode). ; mysqli.default_host = ; Default user for mysqli_connect() (doesn't apply in safe mode). ; mysqli.default_user = ; Default password for mysqli_connect() (doesn't apply in safe mode). ; Note that this is generally a *bad* idea to store passwords in this file. ; *Any* user with PHP access can run 'echo get_cfg_var("mysqli.default_pw") ; and reveal this password! And of course, any users with read access to this ; file will be able to reveal the password as well. ; mysqli.default_pw = ; Allow or prevent reconnect mysqli.reconnect = Off [mysqlnd] ; Enable / Disable collection of general statistics by mysqlnd which can be ; used to tune and monitor MySQL operations. mysqlnd.collect_statistics = On ; Enable / Disable collection of memory usage statistics by mysqlnd which can be ; used to tune and monitor MySQL operations. mysqlnd.collect_memory_statistics = Off ; Records communication from all extensions using mysqlnd to the specified log ; file. ; ;mysqlnd.debug = ; Defines which queries will be logged. ;mysqlnd.log_mask = 0 ; Default size of the mysqlnd memory pool, which is used by result sets. ;mysqlnd.mempool_default_size = 16000 ; Size of a pre-allocated buffer used when sending commands to MySQL in bytes. ;mysqlnd.net_cmd_buffer_size = 2048 ; Size of a pre-allocated buffer used for reading data sent by the server in ; bytes. ;mysqlnd.net_read_buffer_size = 32768 ; Timeout for network requests in seconds. ;mysqlnd.net_read_timeout = 31536000 ; SHA-256 Authentication Plugin related. File with the MySQL server public RSA ; key. ;mysqlnd.sha256_server_public_key = [OCI8] ;oci8.privileged_connect = Off ;oci8.max_persistent = -1 ;oci8.persistent_timeout = -1 ;oci8.ping_interval = 60 ;oci8.connection_class = ; = Off ;oci8.statement_cache_size = 20 ;oci8.default_prefetch = 100 ;oci8.old_oci_close_semantics = Off [PostgreSQL] pgsql.allow_persistent = On pgsql.auto_reset_persistent = Off ; Maximum number of persistent links. -1 means no limit. ; pgsql.max_persistent = -1 ; Maximum number of links (persistent+non persistent). -1 means no limit. ; pgsql.max_links = -1 pgsql.ignore_notice = 0 pgsql.log_notice = 0 [bcmath] ; Number of decimal digits for all bcmath functions. ; bcmath.scale = 0 [browscap] ; ;browscap = extra/browscap.ini [Session] session.save_handler = files ;session.save_path = "/valib/php/sessions" session.use_strict_mode = 0 ; Whether to use cookies. ; session.use_cookies = 1 ; ;session.cookie_secure = session.use_only_cookies = 1 = PHPSESSID session.auto_start = 0 session.cookie_lifetime = 0 session.cookie_path = / session.cookie_domain = session.cookie_httponly = session.cookie_samesite = ; Handler used to serialize data. php is the standard serializer of PHP. ; session.serialize_handler = php session.gc_probability = 0 session.gc_divisor = 1000 ; After this number of seconds, stored data will be seen as 'garbage' and ; cleaned up by the garbage collection process. ; session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440 session.referer_check = ; Set to {nocache,private,public,} to determine HTTP caching aspects ; or leave this empty to avoid sending anti-caching headers. ; session.cache_limiter = nocache ; Document expires after n minutes. ; session.cache_expire = 180 session.use_trans_sid = 0 ; Default Value: 32 ; Development Value: 26 ; Production Value: 26 session.sid_length = 26 session.trans_sid_tags = "a=href,area=href,frame=src,form=" ; Default Value: "" ; Development Value: "" ; Production Value: "" ;session.trans_sid_hosts="" session.sid_bits_per_character = 5 ;session.upload_progress.enabled = On ;session.upload_progress.cleanup = On ;session.upload_progress.prefix = "upload_progress_" ; = "PHP_SESSION_UPLOAD_PROGRESS" ;session.upload_progress.freq = "1%" ;session.upload_progress.min_freq = "1" ; Only write session data when session data is changed. Enabled by default. ; ;session.lazy_write = On [Assertion] ; Switch whether to compile assertions at all (to have no overhead at run-time) ; -1: Do not compile at all ; 0: Jump over assertion at run-time ; 1: Execute assertions ; Changing from or to a negative value is only possible in php.ini! (For turning assertions on and off at run-time, see, when zend.assertions = 1) ; Default Value: 1 ; Development Value: 1 ; Production Value: -1 ; zend.assertions = -1 ; = On ;assert.exception = On ;assert.warning = On ;assert.bail = Off ;assert.callback = 0 ;assert.quiet_eval = 0 [COM] ;com.typelib_file = ;com.allow_dcom = true ;com.autoregister_typelib = true ;com.autoregister_casesensitive = false ;com.autoregister_verbose = true ;com.code_page= [mbstring] ;mbstring.language = Japanese ;mbstring.internal_encoding = ;mbstring.http_input = ;mbstring.http_output = ;mbstring.encoding_translation = Off ;mbstring.detect_order = auto ;mbstring.substitute_character = none ;mbstring.func_overload = 0 ;mbstring.strict_detection = On ;mbstring.http_output_conv_mimetype= ;mbstring.regex_stack_limit=100000 ;mbstring.regex_retry_limit=1000000 [gd] ;gd.jpeg_ignore_warning = 1 [exif] ;exif.encode_unicode = ISO-8859-15 ;exif.decode_unicode_motorola = UCS-2BE ;exif.decode_unicode_intel = UCS-2LE ;exif.encode_jis = ;exif.decode_jis_motorola = JIS ;exif.decode_jis_intel = JIS [Tidy] tidy.clean_output = Off [soap] soap.wsdl_cache_enabled=1 soap.wsdl_cache_dir="/tmp" soap.wsdl_cache_ttl=86400 soap.wsdl_cache_limit = 5 [sysvshm] ;sysvshm.init_mem = 10000 [ldap] ; Sets the maximum number of open links or -1 for unlimited. ldap.max_links = -1 [dba] ;dba.default_handler= [opcache] ; Determines if Zend OPCache is enabled ;opcache.enable=1 ; Determines if Zend OPCache is enabled for the CLI version of PHP ;opcache.enable_cli=0 ; The OPcache shared memory storage size. ;opcache.memory_consumption=128 ; The amount of memory for interned strings in Mbytes. ;opcache.interned_strings_buffer=8 ; The maximum number of keys (scripts) in the OPcache hash table. ; Only numbers between 200 and 1000000 are allowed. ;opcache.max_accelerated_files=10000 ; The maximum percentage of "wasted" memory until a restart is scheduled. ;opcache.max_wasted_percentage=5 ;opcache.use_cwd=1 ;opcache.validate_timestamps=1 ;opcache.revalidate_freq=2 ;opcache.revalidate_path=0 ;opcache.save_comments=1 ;opcache.enable_file_override= ;opcache.optimization_level=0x7FFFBFFF ;opcache.dups_fix=0 ;opcache.blacklist_filename= ;opcache.max_file_size=0 ;opcache.consistency_checks=0 ;opcache.force_restart_timeout=180 ;opcache.error_log= ;opcache.log_verbosity_level=1 ;opcache.preferred_memory_model= ;opcache.protect_memory=0 ;opcache.restrict_api= ;opcache.mmap_base= ; Facilitates multiple OPcache instances per user (for Windows only). All PHP ; processes with the same cache ID and user share an OPcache instance. ;opcache.cache_id= ; Enables and sets the second level cache directory. ; It should improve performance when SHM memory is full, at server restart or ; SHM reset. The default "" disables file based caching. ;opcache.file_cache= ; Enables or disables opcode caching in shared memory. ;opcache.file_cache_only=0 ; Enables or disables checksum validation when script loaded from file cache. ;opcache.file_cache_consistency_checks=1 ; Implies opcache.file_cache_only=1 for a certain process that failed to ; reattach to the shared memory (for Windows only). 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8. output service nginx status & service php7.4-fpm status

# sudo service php7.4-fpm status ● php7.4-fpm.service - The PHP 7.4 FastCGI Process Manager Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/php7.4-fpm.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Tue 2020-03-03 17:01:34 CET; 1min 59s ago Docs: man:php-fpm7.4(8) Process: 620 ExecStartPost=/uslib/php/php-fpm-socket-helper install /run/php/php-fpm.sock /etc/php/7.4/fpm/pool.d/www.conf 74 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 598 (php-fpm7.4) Status: "Processes active: 0, idle: 2, Requests: 0, slow: 0, Traffic: 0req/sec" Tasks: 3 (limit: 4915) Memory: 12.4M CGroup: /system.slice/php7.4-fpm.service ├─598 php-fpm: master process (/etc/php/7.4/fpm/php-fpm.conf) ├─618 php-fpm: pool www └─619 php-fpm: pool www Mär 03 17:01:34 user systemd[1]: Starting The PHP 7.4 FastCGI Process Manager... Mär 03 17:01:34 user systemd[1]: Started The PHP 7.4 FastCGI Process Manager. 

# sudo service nginx status ● nginx.service - A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/nginx.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Tue 2020-03-03 17:01:39 CET; 2s ago Docs: man:nginx(8) Process: 639 ExecStartPre=/ussbin/nginx -t -q -g daemon on; master_process on; (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 657 ExecStart=/ussbin/nginx -g daemon on; master_process on; (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 658 (nginx) Tasks: 5 (limit: 4915) Memory: 4.9M CGroup: /system.slice/nginx.service ├─658 nginx: master process /ussbin/nginx -g daemon on; master_process on; ├─659 nginx: worker process ├─660 nginx: worker process ├─661 nginx: worker process └─662 nginx: worker process Mär 03 17:01:39 user systemd[1]: Starting A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server... Mär 03 17:01:39 user systemd[1]: Started A high performance web server and a reverse proxy server. 
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2020.02.15 19:07 trel80 problems with starting games.

did stop the use of nixos for about a month and did switch back yesterday, because nixos is fun. ;)
(and the hardware support is great *fg*)
but now, i have to face the not so funny problems, what did me make to stop use nixos.
cant get native linux games running. :(
no matter if i try it with enlightenment, kde, fish - shells/terminals it still fail... i dont get it. :'(
edit: "No such file or directory" errors, in many variations.
edit2: steam is running fine.
my question: is there a cute and simple way, to make start scripts working?
i prefer a non-hacky way - via my configuration.nix. (btw. does it have anything to do with suid wrappers?)
ps. eine antwort in deutsch wäre natürlich noch hilfreicher. :)
ps2. my config:
{ config, pkgs, ... }: { imports = [ ./hardware-configuration.nix ]; boot.loader.systemd-boot.enable = true; boot.loader.efi.canTouchEfiVariables = true; #boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_latest; #boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_latest_hardened; boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackagesFor (pkgs.linuxPackages_latest_hardened.kernel.override { features.ia32Emulation = true; structuredExtraConfig = { IA32_EMULATION = { tristate = "y"; }; }; }); boot.supportedFilesystems = [ "ntfs" "exfat" ]; boot.tmpOnTmpfs = true; boot.cleanTmpDir = true; zramSwap.enable = true; #networking.firewall.allowedTCPPorts = [ ]; #networking.firewall.allowedUDPPorts = [ ]; #networking.firewall.enable = true; networking.hostName = "nixos"; #networking.proxy.default = "http://user:[email protected]:port/"; #?networking.proxy.noProxy = ",localhost,internal.domain"; console.font = "lat9w-16"; console.keyMap = "de-latin1-nodeadkeys"; i18n.defaultLocale = "de_DE.UTF-8"; i18n.supportedLocales = [ "en_US.UTF-8/UTF-8" "de_DE.UTF-8/UTF-8" "ja_JP.UTF-8/UTF-8" ]; time.timeZone = "Europe/Berlin"; fonts.fontconfig.enable = true; fonts.fontconfig.defaultFonts.emoji = [ "Noto Color Emoji" ]; fonts.fontconfig.defaultFonts.monospace = [ "Noto Mono" ]; fonts.fontconfig.defaultFonts.sansSerif = [ "Noto Sans" ]; fonts.fontconfig.defaultFonts.serif = [ "Noto Serif" ]; #?Some programs need SUID wrappers, can be configured further or are started in user sessions. #? = true; #?programs.gnupg.agent = { #?enable = true; #?enableSSHSupport = true; #?pinentryFlavor = ""; #?}; #?Enable the OpenSSH daemon. #?services.openssh.enable = true; services.acpid.enable = true; services.printing.enable = false; sound.enable = true; hardware.pulseaudio.enable = true; hardware.pulseaudio.support32Bit = true; hardware.opengl.enable = true; hardware.opengl.driSupport32Bit = true; hardware.opengl.extraPackages32 = with pkgs.pkgsi686Linux; [ libva ]; nix.gc.automatic = true; nix.gc.dates = "daily"; nix.autoOptimiseStore = true; nixpkgs.config.allowUnfree = true; = true; services.xserver.enable = true; services.xserver.layout = "de"; services.xserver.libinput.enable = false; services.xserver.xkbVariant = "nodeadkeys"; services.xserver.videoDrivers = [ "amdgpu" ]; #amdgpu-pro ##deepin ##kde networking.useDHCP = false; networking.interfaces.enp0s25.useDHCP = true; services.xserver.displayManager.sddm.enable = true; services.xserver.desktopManager.plasma5.enable = true; #?services.xserver.desktopManager.plasma5.phononBackend = "vlc"; environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [ file glibc vulkan-tools lutris steam-run notepadqq ark p7zip unrar zip steam wine qbittorrent brave mpv ]; #lutris #vlc ##enlightenment #services.connman.enable = true; #services.xserver.displayManager.sddm.enable = true; #services.xserver.desktopManager.enlightenment.enable = true; #environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [ qbittorrent lxqt.lxqt-archiver p7zip unrar zip steam wine brave enlightenment.rage enlightenment.ephoto ]; #epour espionage peazip users.users.nixos = { isNormalUser = true; shell = "/run/current-system/sw/bin/fish"; extraGroups = [ "wheel" "systemd-journal" "audo" "video" ]; #"networkmanager" }; security.sudo.wheelNeedsPassword = false; system.stateVersion = "20.03"; } 
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2020.02.11 23:41 sto_sa The list so far for RSD 2020 (an ongoing project...)

List Updated to include RSD UK titles as confirmed in Long Live Vinyl Magazine.
These titles may not necessarily all be included on the US list, and further US-exclusive titles will be announced.
The 3 Pieces - Iwishcan William - 12” (Rogue Cat)
Ace of Base - The Sign - 7” picture disc (IK7 Records)
Acid Mothers Temple - Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo E - 2LP (Space Age Recordings)
Namja Akhtar - Five Rivers - 12” (Last Minute Productions)
The Alarm - Electric Folklore Live ‘88 - 2LP (21st Century Recordings)
Lee Alfred - Rockin’/Poppin’ Full Tilting - 7” (Cancer Records)
Alessandro Alessandroni - Ritmo dell’industria n. 2 - LP (BTF)
Alpha & Omega Meets the Disciples - Sacred Art of Dub, Vol. 1 - LP (Mania Dub)
Alphaville - Sounds Like a Melody - 12” (Warner Music Germany)
The Amorphous Androgynous - A Monster Psychedelic Bubble - LP (FSOL Digital)
Andy & The Odd Socks - Happy Birthday/Remember You’re An Odd Sock - 7” picture disc (CMG)
Annihilator - Triple Threat Unplugged - 12” (Neverland Music Inc.)
Archers of Loaf - Raleigh Days/Street Fighting Man - 7” (Merge Records)
Louis Armstrong - Armstrong in France LP (Dot Time Records)
Art Brut - Modern Art - 7” (Alcopop!)
Ed Askew ft. Trembling Bells - London - 12” (Tin Angel Records)
Asking Alexandria - Stand Up and Scream - LP (Sumerian Records)
B-Fax - B-Fax - LP (Disco-Ordination)
Badflower - The Jester Acoustic - 12” (Big Machine UK)
Chet Baker Trio - Mr. B - LP (Tidal Waves Music)
The Bamboos - Twenty Years 2000-2020 - 2x7” (Tru Thoughts)
Band of Pain - A Clockwork Orange - 12” (Dirter Promotions)
Bardo Pond - On the Ellipse - 2LP (Fire Records)
Robbie Basho - Selections from The Sounds of Avatars - LP (Tompkins Square)
Bastille - All This Blood - 2LP (Virgin EMI)
Batmobile - Big Bat A Go-Go - 7” (Music on Vinyl)
Jessie Baylin - Pleasure Center - 12” EP black and white marbled (New West Records)
Beck/St. Vincent - No Distraction/Uneventful Days - 7” (Capitol)
Gerry Beckley - Discovering America - 10” (Morgan Blue Town)
The Bevis Frond - Valedictory Songs - 2LP (Fire Records)
The Bevis Frond - What Did For the Dinosaurs - 2LP (Fire Records)
Joan Bibiloni - Selected Works: 1982-1989 - 12” (NuNorthern Soul)
Biffy Clyro - The Modern LepeModern Love - 7” (Warner)
Black Honey - Corrine - 12” (Black Honey)
The Black Keys - Let’s Rock - 2LP (Nonesuch/Warner)
Black Lips ft. Kesha - They’s a Person of the World - 7” (Fire Records)
Black Sabbath - Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games with Me / Wicked World / Paranoid / The Wizard 2x7” (WarneBMG)
Tim Blake - Crystal Machine (blue vinyl) (LMLCulture Factory)
Blanck Mass - Blanck Mass - 2LP (Sacred Bones)
BMX Bandits - C86 - LP (Glass Modern)
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Shadowhead: 1972-1976 - LP (Demon)
Bombs of Hades - Phantom Bell (2LP) (red vinyl, etched side) (Black Lodge)
David Bowie - ChangesNowBowie (LP or CD) (Warner)
David Bowie - I’m Only Dancing (Soul Tour 74) - 2LP or 2CD (Warner)
Boys Next Door - Door, Door: 40th Anniversary (red vinyl) (Rhino Australia)
Broken Bones - Dem Bones - LP (Fall Out/Jungle)
Peter Bruntnell - Normal For Bridgwater
Jake Bugg - Saviours of the City - 7” (RCA)
Sam Burton - Nothing Touches Me - 7” (Tomkins Square)
Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker - Hooker 'n Heat (yellow/brown vinyl) (LMLR)
Caribou - Swim: 10th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (City Slang)
Brandi Carlile - Black Hole Sun/Searching With My Good Eye Closed - 12” (Elektra)
Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes - End of Suffering Live to Vinyl - 10” (International Death Cult)
Ron Carter - Foursight Stockholm - 2LP (IN+OUT Records)
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - 1992: The Love Album - LP (Chrysalis)
Neal Casal - Fade Away Diamond Time - 2LP (Not Fade Away)
Johnny Cash - Classic Cash: Early Mixes [early mix of 1988 album] - 2LP (Mercury/UMe)
Michael Chapman - Americana - LP (Mooncrest)
The Charlatans - The Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers - LP (Beggars Banquet)
The Charlatans - Live It Like You Love It - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Charli XCX - Vroom Vroom - 12” color (Atlantic)
Cheap Trick - Out To Get You [live 1977] - 2LP (Legacy/CMG)
The Chemical Brothers - Surrender to Love - 12” (Virgin EMI)
Don Cherry - Cherry Jam - 10” (Gearbox)
Cherry Ghost - Beneath This Burning Shoreline - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Cherry Ghost - Live at the Trades Club - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Christine and the Queens - La Vita Nuova: Sequences 2 et 3 - 7” gatefold (Because Music)
Chromeo - Needy Girl: Zdar Dub / Paper Faces Remix /Album Version // Lifelike Remix / Bloc Party Remix / Instrumental (eOne Music)
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix (gold vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
Gary Clark, Jr ft. Andra Day - Pearl Cadillac - 12”/etching (Warner)
The Claude Diallo Situation - I Found A New Home - LP (Dot Time Records)
Clearlight Symphony - Clear Light Symphony (pink vinyl) (LMLCulture Factory)
Clutch - The Obelisk - 17LP box w/mat and signed litho (Weathermakers)
MJ Cole - Madrugada Remixes - 12” (Classics & Jazz UK)
Shirley Collins and Davy Graham - Folk Roots, New Routes - LP (Universal/Decca)
Michel Colombier - Capot Pointu - LP (PlayTime)
The Comet Is Coming - Imminent - 12” (Decca)
Charly Coombes - All in the End Is Harvest - LP (Finyl Vinyl)
Alice Cooper - Live at the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, 19-02-82 (Rhino/Warner)
Ivan Conti - Poison Fruit (LP+7”) (green vinyl) (Far Out Recordings) (UK)
Corporation of One - So Where Are You/The Real Life - 12” (Smokin’)
Nev Cottee - Stations - LP (Wonderful Sound)
Cradle - The History - LP (Modern Harmonic)
Mikal Cronin - Switched-On Seeker - LP (Merge)
Keith Cross and Peter Ross - Bored Civilians (Universal/Decca)
The Cure - Bloodflowers: 20th Anniversary - 2LP (UMe/Polydor)
The Cure - Seventeen Seconds: 40th Anniversary - LP picture disc (UMe/Polydor)
Denzel Curry - Bulls on Parade/I Against - 7” (Loma Vista)
Cybotron - Colossus - LP (Dual Planet)
Czarface - Czarface & The Return of Metal Face - LP (Silver Age)
Holgr Czukay, Jaki Liebzeit, Jah Wobble - A Full Circle - 2x10” (Gronland)
D-Mob - We Call It Acieeed Remixes - 12” (London Records)
Etienne Daho - Surf - 12” (Warner Music France)
Dalvanius and The Fascinations/Golden Harvest - Voodoo Lady/I Need Your Love - 7” (Warm)
Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers - LP (Castle Face)
The Damned - Fiendish Shadows: 40th Anniversary - LP color vinyl (Cleopatra)
Dave Davies - Rock Bottom: Live at The Bottom Line - 2LP (Green Amp/Red River)
Miles Davis - Double Image: Directions in Music (Selections from The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions) - 2LP (CMG/Legacy)
Divina De Campo - Decoded - 12” (PEG Records)
Def Leppard ft. Brian May and Ian Hunter - Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame - LP (UMe/Virgin EMI)
Mac DeMarco - Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos - LP purple (Macs Record Label)
Devil's Witches - Guns, Drugs, and Filthy Pictures 10" (Majestic Mountain)
Destiny’s Child - Say My Name - 12” picture disc (CMG/Legacy)
The Detroit Cobras - Feel Good/etching - 7” (Wild Honey)
The Dickies - Banana Splits: The Tra La La Song 7" (Cleopatra)
Dinosaur Jr. - Swedish Fist: Live in Stockholm - LP (Cherry Red)
Dio - Annica - 12” picture disc (BMG/Niji Entertainment)
Dissection - Somberlain (2LP) (blue vinyl, etched side) (Black Lodge)
DJ Cam Quartet - The Essential - LP (Attytude Records)
Doctors of Madness - Dark Times - LP (Molecular Scream)
The Doors - The Soft Parade: Doors-Only Mix - LP (Rhino/Elektra)
Down N Outz - The Music Box - 12” (UMe)
Dr. John - Remedies - LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Barry Dransfield - Barry Dransfield - LP (Glass Modern)
The Durutti Column - Idiot Savants (white vinyl) (180gr) (Demon)
The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly/WomadLive - 2LP + 7” (Factory Benelux)
Steve Earle - Times Like These/It’s About Blood - 7” (New West Records)
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train - 7” glow -in-the-dark (Greensleeves)
Luiz Eca y Familia Sagrada - La nueva onda del Brasil - LP (Vinilissimo)
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Get Your Rocks Off (2LP) (Jungle/Skydog)
Terry Edwards - Stop Trying to Sell Me Back My Past - 2LP (Sartorial Records)
Embryo - Embryos Rache - LP color vinyl (Loneos)
Embryo - Opal - LP color vinyl (Loneos)
Emerald Web - Valley of the Birds - LP (Trading Places)
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Live At Waterloo Field, Stanhope, New Jersey, US, 31st July 1992
Eminem - My Name Is/Bad Guys Always Die - 7” (Universal)
Brian Eno - Rams - LP (UMe)
Erasure - Blue Savannah - 12” (Mute)
Esplendor Geometrico - Necrosis en la playa - 7” (Geometrik)
Bill Evans - Some Other Time: The Lost Session from The Black Forest - 2LP (Resonance Records)
The Ex - All Corpses Smell the Same - 7” (Superior Viaduct)
Exit North - Book of Romance and Dust - 2LP (Exit North Records)
Ezra Collective - Clash of the Galazies - 12” (Enter the Jungle)
The Fall - Austurbæjarbíó Reykjavik Live 1983 - 2LP (Cherry Red)
The Fall - Cerebral Caustic: 25th Anniversary - LP color vinyl (Demon)
Fallen Angels - Paradise Lost - 2LP + poster + book (Sunbeam)
Fatboy Slim - Sunset (Bird Of Prey) 20th Anniversary Edition - 12" (SKINT)
Feeder - Feeling a Moment / Pushing the Senses - 12" (Echo)
The Feminine Complex - Livin’ Love - LP or CD (Modern Harmonic)
Field Music - Measure - 2LP (Memphis Industries)
Lee Fields - Let’s Get a Groove On - LP (Daptone)
Fight - A Small Deadly Space (gatefold) (red and black marble vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
Craig Finn - All These Perfect Crosses - 2LP (Partisan)
Kelly Finnigan - The Tales People Tell - LP (Colemine Records)
Flamin’ Groovies - Live at the Whiskey A Go-Go ‘79 - LP (Revenge Records)
Flawes - Highlights - LP (Red Bull Records)
Fleetwood Mac - Before The Beginning Vol 2 (3LP) (4/17 release date)
Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Rumours - LP (Rhino/Warner)
The Fleshtones - Face of the Screaming Werewolf - LP or CD (Yep Roc Records)
Blaze Foley - Live at the Austin Outhouse - LP + 7” (End of an EaLost Art)
Josephine Foster - This Coming Gladness - LP (Fire Records)
Fraternity - Livestock - LP (Reel Music)
The Frumpies - Frumpie One Piece/Frumpies Forever - LP + 7” (Kill Roc Stars)
Future Sound of London - Cascade 2020 - LP (FSOL London)
Fuzztones - Lysergic Emanations - LP picture disc (Easy Action)
Serge Gainsbourg - Ces Petit Riens - LP (Ina)
Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen - 2LP/etching (202020 Records)
Rory Gallagher - Cleveland Calling LP - LP (Chess/UMC)
The Game - Born 2 Rap - 3LP (eOne Music)
Taana Gardner - Taana Gardner & Kenton Nix’s West End Works: Expanded - 2LP (Salsoul)
Gaston - My Queen - LP (Soul Brother Records)
Gemma Ray - Lights Out Zoltar! - LP pink (Bronzerat)
Gene - Rising for Sunset: 20th Anniversary - 2LP (Demon)
Giant Sand - Ramp - 2LP (Fire Records)
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Pinata - LP (Madlib Invazion)
Girl Band - Vicar Street Live - 2LP (Rough Trade Records)
Philip Glass - The Essential - 4LP (Music On Vinyl)
Glass Animals w/ Denzel Curry - Tokyo Drifting - 12” picture disc (Wolf Tone)
Goblin - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 - 2LP (AMS)
Golden Earring - Radar Love (original UK/Mootan LP version) - 7” (Music On Vinyl)
Goldie Lookin Chain - Original Pyrite Material - LP gold (1983 Records)
Gong - Live! At Sheffield 1974 - 2LP (LMLR)
Gorgan City - Realm - 12” (Virgin EMI)
Gorillaz - D-Sides (3LP) (WarneParlophone)
Gorillaz - G-Sides (2LP) (WarneParlophone)
Ellie Goulding - Lights: 10th Anniversary - LP (Polydor)
Davy Graham - The Holly Kaleidoscope (Universal/Decca)
Grateful Dead - Buffalo 5/9/77 - 5LP (Warner)
Gray - Never Gonna Leave New York City - 12” (Anasyrma)
David Gray - Please Forgive Me - 12” pink (IHT Records)
Juliette Greco - Jolie Mome: La muse de Saint Germain des Pres - 2LP (Poppydisc)
Al Green - Green Is Blues - LP, green and blue (Fat Possum)
Tom Grennan - This is the Place - 7” (Insanity)
The Grid - Floatation - 12” clear (Chemical Alley)
The Groundhogs - Split - 2LP red (Fire Records)
Grouplove - Broken Angel (Warner)
Guided By Voices - Hold On Hope - 10” clear (TVT)
Guided By Voices - Vampire on Titus - LP yellow/gold (Scat Records)
Marika Hackman - Any Human Friend - 10” (Virgin EMI)
Terry Hall - Home - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Johnny Hallyday - Le Plus Grands Succes - LP five-color vinyl (LMLR)
Halo - Let Me Do It/Life - 12” (Expansion)
Hanterhir - Schizophrenia/Dancing Out in Space - 7” (Easy Action)
Paul Hardcastle - 19: The Mixes (35th Anniversary Edition) - LP (Chrysalis)
Vladimir Harkonnen - Vlad Smash (Power It Up)
Hatchie & The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Sometimes Always - 7” (Heavenly Records)
Hawkwind - At the BBC 1972 (September 28 1972) - 2LP (Rhino)
Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness & Charm - 2LP clear (Atomhenge)
Kuumba-Toudie Heath - Kwaida - LP (Reel Music)
The Heptones - Back on Top - LP red (Burning Sounds)
The High - Martin Hannett Sessions (Unreleased Martin Hannett Sessions for Somewhere Soon) - LP (Vinyl Revival)
High Frequency - Summertime - 7” (Nia)
Aashid Himons - The Gods and I - 12” (Music for Dream/Fyraften Musik)
Hiss Golden Messenger - Let the Light of the World Open Your Eyes - 7” (Merge)
Loleatta Holloway - Cry To Me - LP (Tidal Waves Music)
Hope In High Water - Bonfire and Pine - LP (Fish Records)
Hugh Hopper - 1984 (red vinyl)(LMLCulture Factory)
Hootie and the Blowfish - Live at Nick's Fat City 1995 2LP (Warner)
The Hotrats - Turn Ons: 10th Anniversary Edition - 10" color vinyl [100 with signed print] (Demon)
Human Race - Human Race/Grey Boy - 7” (Gem Records)
Humble Pie - Official Bootleg Collection, Vol. 2 - 2LP (HNE)
Hunny - Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. - LP blue (Epitaph)
Ike Yard - Night After Night - 12” red (Superior Viaduct)
Implosion - 2020 - 2LP (Trading Places)
Inhaler - It Won’t Always Be Like This/Oklahoma (Late Night Edition) - 7” (Polydor)
Inhaler - We Have To Move On/Ice Cream Sundae - 7” (Polydor)
Inhaler - My Honest Face (45rpm)/There’s No Other Place (33rpm) - 10” (Polydor)
The Inn House Crew - Something Special - LP (Room in the Sky Records)
Ken Ishii ft. Pac-Man - Join the Pac - 7” (iam8bit)
J Hus - Big Conspiracy - 2LP (Black Butter)
Bob James - Once Upon A Time: The Lost 1965 New York Studio Sessions - LP (Resonance Records)
Bert Jansch - Live in Italy - 2LP (Earth Recordings)
Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - Playing in a Room With People - 2LP (Medium Productions)
The Jazz Butcher - Big Planet Scary Planet - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Condition Blue - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Cult of th eBasement - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Fishcoteque - LP (Fire Records)
Jethro Tull - Stormwatch 2 (Warner)
Elton John - Elton John: 50th Anniversary Edition - 2LP purple (UMe/Mercury)
J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding - J&K: Stonebone (UMe)
Linton Swesi Johnson - Bass Culture/LKJ In Dub - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Daniel Johnston - The End is Never Really Over - 2LP (Feraltone) [features Artistic Vice and 1990]
Samantha Jones - A Girl Named Sam - LP (Trading Places)
Wizz Jones - Wizz Jones: Mono and Stereo Mixes - LP (Sunbeam)
Judas Priest - British Steel - 2LP picture disc (CMG/Legacy)
June of 44 - Engine Takes to the Water - LP (Touch & Go)
June of 44 - Tropics and Meridians - LP (Touch & Go)
Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That - 7” (Idlers)
Damien Jurado - Birds Tricked Into the Trees/From Devils To Davis - 7” (Loose)
David Keenan - Alchemy & Prose: Live Recordings - 12” (Rubyworks)
Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear - LP (Island)
Tim Key - Tim Key’s Late Night Poetry Programme - 2LP color vinyl (Demon)
Phoebe Killdeer - Fade Out Lines - LP (Kwaidan)
Killing Joke - Laugh at Your Peril: Live in Berlin - 3LP black and pink (Killing Joke Records)
Killing Joke - Turn to Red - 12” red (Turn to Red Records)
The King James Version - He’s Forever (Amen) - 7” (Soul Kitchen)
The Kinks - The Kink Kronikles - 2LP red vinyl (Warner)
Klaxons - Surfing the Void: 10th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (UMC/Polydor)
Knight Area - D-Day - 2LP black and white (Butler)
Sarathy Korwar - Otherland - 12” transparent green (The Leaf Label)
Kraftwerk - 1 (50th Anniversary Edition) - LP (True Choice Recordings)
Kraftwerk - 2 - LP (True Choice Recordings)
Fela Ransome Kuti and His Highlife Rakers - Fela’s First: The Complete 1959 Melodisc Session - 10” (Cadillac Records)
Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Chet Baker - Ballads for Two - LP (Dot Time Records)
Laneous - Elsewhere/Flawless - 7” (Soul Has No Tempo)
kd lang - Angel with a Lariat - LP red (Warner)
kd lang - Drag - 2LP color vinyl (Warner)
Larkins - Hit and Run - 10” EP (Good Soldier Records)
Jamie Lawson - Last Night Stars - LP (Lookout Mountain)
The Leaf Library - About Minerals - LP (Where Its At is Where You Are)
Jenny Lee - I’m So Tired/Some Things Last a Longtime - 12” (Caroline)
Thomas Leer - Emotional Hardware - CD (Smitten Kitten)
Michel Legrand - Jazz on Film - LP (Moochin’ About)
John Lennon - Instant Karma 2020 Ultimate Remix - 7” (UMe)
Lil' Kim - 9 (Deluxe LP) (Ltd)
Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives/Frankie Knuckles remix - 12” (Arista)
Alfredo Linares y su Sonora - Yo traigo boogaloo - LP (Vampisoul)
The Live Band - A Cance for Hope - 7” (The Sound of Brooklyn)
Local Natives/Overcoats - When Am I Gonna Lose You - 7” (Loma Vista Recordings)
The London Suede - London Suede - LP (Demon)
Loop - Sevens - 3x7” (Reactor)
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face: 40th Anniversary Edition - 2x12” (West End)
Los Amigos Invisibles - Arepa 3000 - 2LP (Luaka Bop)
Lothar & The Hand People - Machines: Amherst 1969 - LP + CD (Modern Harmonic)
The Lottery Winners - Love Will Keep Us Together - 7” (Modern Sky)
Love Frame Tragedy - Five Songs to Briefly Fill the Void - 10” EP (Good Soldier Records)
The Lovely Eggs - I Am A ***** - LP picture disc (Egg Records)
Marcy Luarks and Classic Touch - Electric Murder - LP (Kalita Records)
Corb Lund - Cover Your Tracks EP - 12” EP (New West Records)
Kenny Lynch - Half the Day’s Gone and We Haven’t Earned a Penny / Ashley Beedle Remix - 7” (Satril)
Kirsty MacColl - Other People's Hearts: B-Sides 1988-1989 - LP clear (Demon)
Madness - Work, Rest, and Play - 2x7” (Union Square/BMG)
Magic in Threes - Stay in Your Lane - 7” (King Underground)
Magnetic System - Godzilla/Escape - 7” (AMS)
Magnum - Fully Loaded - LP (Phoenix)
Manic Street Preachers - Done & Dusted - 12” (CMG/Legacy)
Mansun - The Dead Flowers Reject - LP (Kscope)
The Mar-Keys - Last Night EP - 10” EP (Vinyl Revival)
Bob Marley - Redemption Song - 12” clear vinyl (UMe)
Nick Mason - See Emily Play/Vegetable Man - 12” (Legacy)
Sammy Massamba - 1990: Beni Soit Ton Nom - LP (SM Productions)
John Massoni & Sonic Boom - The Sundowner Sessions - LP (Space Age Recordings)
Paul McCartney - McCartney: 50th Anniversary Edition - LP (180g, half-speed mastered) (UMe/Capitol)
Tommy McGee - Now That I Have You - 12” (TMG Records)
Declan McKenna - Beautiful Faces/The Key to Life on Earth - 7” (Columbia)
Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell - 2LP picture disc (UMe/Virgin EMI)
The Meat Puppets - The Meat Puppets - 10” (Megaforce)
Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs (Universal)
Melt Yourself Down - Born in the ManoIt Is What It Is (IDLES Remix) - 7” (Decca)
Membranes - Kiss Ass Godhead - LP pink (Glass Modern)
Menswear - Nuisance: 25th Anniversary Edition - LP (Demon)
The Menzingers - Chamberlain Waits - LP color vinyl (Red Scare Industries)
Metal Mirror - English Booze/Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Never Gonna Leave You - 7” (On the Dole Records)
The Meteors - Teenage Heart - LP color vinyl (Music On Vinyl)
Metronomy - Metronomy Forever Remixes - 12” (Because Music)
Metronomy & Clara Luciani - La Baie/La Grenade - 7” (Because Music)
Mew - And the Glass Handed Kites: 15th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (Music On Vinyl)
Mickey and The Soul Generation - Iron Leg/Chocolate - 7” (GCP)
Mickey and The Soul Generation - How Good is Good/Get Down Brother - 7” (Mr. G)
Mickey and Them - U.F.O./Hey, Brother Man (GCP)
Midland - Live at the Palomino - LP (Big Machine)
Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um Redux - 2LP (Get On Down)
Thelonious Monk - Palais Des Beaux-Arts (Tidal Waves Music)
Moonchild - The Truth/Run Away - 7” red/blue splatter (Tru Thoughts)
Moonspell - Memorial (red vinyl) (Rastilho Records)
Bobby Moore/Sweet Music - (Call Me Your) Anything/I Get Lifted - LP (Soul Brother Records)
Christy Moore - Prosperous - LP (Tara Music)
Kip Moore - Slowheart/Underground - LP + 10” (Snakefarm Records)
Kevin Morby - Oh Mon Dieu:1 Live a Paris - 2LP (Dead Oceans)
Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue - Right Here Right Now remixes - 12” grey (Good For You Records)
Morrissey - Honey, You Know Where To Find Me/Fantastic Bird/You Should Have Been Nice to Me - 12" picture disc (BMG)
Chuck Mosley - First Hellos and Last Goodbyes - LP (blocGLOBAL)
Motorhead - Ace of Spades/Dirty Love - 7" shaped picture disc (Warner)
Mott the Hoople - Golden Age of Rock n Roll (blue vinyl) (Madfish)
Bob Mould - Circle Of Friends - 2LP clear vinyl) (Demon)
Mouth Congress - Ahhh The Pollution - 7” (Captured Tracks)
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Marina P, Dennis Alcapone & Tippa Irie - The Beat Goes SKA! - 7” (Scotch Bonnet Records)
The Murder Capital - Love, Love, Love/On Twisted Ground - 12” (Human Season Records)
Roisin Murphy - Incapable - 12” picture disc (Skint)
Mush - Great Artisanal Formats - 7” (Memphis Industries)
My Chemical Romance - Life on the Murder Scene - 12” (Reprise)
My Life Story - The Rose The Sea - 12” (Exilophone Records)
Nahko and Medicine for the People - Take Your Power Back (Live) - 10” (Side One Dummy Records)
Qasim Naqvi - Beta - LP (Erased Tapes
Nas - God’s Son - 2LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Milton Nascimento - Ultimo Trem - 2LP red (Far Out Recordings
Nazareth - Love Hurts/This Flight Tonight - 10” (Salvo)
Fred Neil - 38 MacDougal - LP green (Delmore)
The New Clarence Reid - Cadillac Annie/Tired Blood - 7” (Phil-LA of Soul)
New Order - Peel Sessions - 12” (Rhino)
Nihilist - Carnal Leftovers (white vinyl) (Black Lodge)
Nite People - P.M. - LP (Trading Places)
North Sea Radio Orchestra - I A Moon - LP (The Household Mark)
Notorious BIG - It Was All A Dream - 9LP box (Rhino)
Gary Numan with Skaparis Orchestra - When the Sky Came Down Live - 3LP (BMG)
The Obsessed - Incarnate (Ultimate Edition) - LP gatefold or CD (Blues Funeral)
Ocean Colour Scene - One from the Modern - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Oh-Ok - The Complete Reissue - LP (white vinyl) (Hhbtm Records)
OHL - Oktoberrevolution (Power It Up)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version - 9x7” (Rhino/Elektra)
Operation Ivy - Energy - LP (Epitaph)
OST - A Haunting Strip of Marshland: OST for Ness (Drew Mulholland) (Castles In Space)
OST - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - LP (Maverick)
OST - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - 2LP (Disney)
OST - Austin Powers In Goldmember - 2LP (Maverick)
OST - Black Mirror: Smithereens (Ryuichi Sakamoto) - LP (Music On Vinyl)
OST - C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. - LP (Terror Vision)
OST - The Cinematic Orchestra/London Met Orchestra - The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingoes - 2LP pink (Disney)
OST - Henri Crolla & Andre Hodeir - Jazz on Film… - LP (Moochin’ About)
OST- Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie - LP (Earth Recordings)
OST - Doctor Who - Massacre - 2LP “Parisian Blaze Orange” (Demon)
OST - Dracula/The Curse of Frankenstein (James Bernard) - 2LP
OST - Fistful of Dollars (Ennio Morricone) - 10” (BTF)
OST - For a Few Dollars More (Ennio Morricone) - 10” (AMS)
OST - Francis Lai - Made in France - LP (PlayTime)
OST - Fuktronic (Jimmy Urine and Serj Tankian) - LP (Music On Vinyl)
OST - The Godfather (Nino Rota) - 7” white (Silva Screen)
OST - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Ennio Morricone) - LP (AMS)
OST - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Original (Demon Records UK)
OST - La Planete Sauvage (Alain Goraguer 1973) - LP yellow (Superior Viaduct)
OST - The Last Porno Show - LP (Country Club)
OST - Last Tango in Paris (Gato Barbieri) - LP rose (AMS)
OST - Metroland (Mark Knopfler) - LP (UMC-Mercury)
OST - Monty Python and the Holy Grail - LP picture disc (UMC/Virgin EMI)
OST - The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials (Lorne Balfe) - 2LP (Silva Screen)
OST - Once Upon a Time in the West (Ennio Morricone) - LP (BTF)
OST - Paw Patrol - 7” EP dog bone white (Enjoy the Ride)
OST - Peur Sur la Ville (Ennio Morricone 1975) - 2LP (WeWantSounds/Modulor)
OST - Phenomenon - 2LP (Warner)
Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovaioli, Carlo Rustichelli, Nino Rota - Jazz On Film… - 2LP (Moochin’ About)
OST - Serpico (Mikis Theodorakis 1973) (WeWantSounds/Modulor)
OST - Shaft in Africa (Johnny Pate) - 2x7” (Dynamite Cuts)
OST - Synecdoche New York (Jon Brion) - LP (Fire Soundtracks)
OST - Terrahawks - LP (Gerry Anderson)
OST - The Truth and the Light: Music from The X Files - 12” glow-in-the-dark green (Warner)
OST - The Turning: Kate’s Diary (Music On Vinyl)
OST - The Virgin Suicides - LP (Rhino/Ryko)
The Pale Fountains - Longshot for Your Love - LP (Marina)
Pale Saints - Mrs. Dolphin - LP (4AD)
Parabellum - Post Mortem Live - 2LP red and black splatter vinyl (LMLR)
Paradise Lost - Live at Rockpalast - 2LP (Music On Vinyl)
Paranoid London - Paranoid London - LP (Paranoid London)
Bobby Parker - Soul of the Blues - LP (Rhythm and Blues)
Robert Parker - I Caught You in a Lie - 7” (Nola)
The Pastels - Advice to the Graduate/Ship to Shore - 7” (Domino)
Pennywise - The Fuse - LP orange and black (Epitaph)
Carl Perkins - Live In Paris - LP blue (LMLR)
Lee Perry and Black Ark Players - Guidance - 12” (VP Records)
Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Upsetters - Super Ape Variant - LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Lee “Scratch” Perry & Daniel Boyle ft. Max Romeo - Horror Zone - 12” (Upsetter)
Pigbag - Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive - 2LP (Call of the Void)
The Pineapple Thief - Uncovering the Tracks - LP (Kscope)
Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne (Live at Syd Barrett Tribute, 2007) - 7”/etching (Parlophone/Legacy)
Pinkfong - Baby Shark - 7” EP (SmartStudyCo)
Pluto - Journey’s End - LP (Morgan Blue Town)
The Pogues - At the BBC 1984 - LP (Rhino)
Marvin Pontiac (John Lurie) - The Asylum Tapes - LP (Northern Spy)
Iggy Pop - Kiss My Blood - 3LP/DVD/poster - (LMLR)
Iggy Pop and the Stooges - Russian Melodia - 7” (replica of French bootleg) (Revenge Records)
Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass - LP + 7” (Spacebomb)
Predatur - Seen You Here - 7” (On the Dale Records)
Elvis Presley - The Rock & Roll Collection - 5xEP (LMLR) [unofficial]
Elvis Presley - Elvis Prohibited - 2LP (LMLR) [unofficial]
Pretenders - Live! At the Paradise Theater, Boston 1980 - LP (Warner)
Primal Scream - Loaded: 30th Anniversary Editin - 12” (CMG/Legacy)
Prince Fatty - The Model ft. Shniece Mcmenanin & Horseman - 7” (Evergreen Recordings)
Ian Prowse - The People Not The Crown - 10” (Kitchen Disco Records)
Prince - Sign O' The Times - 2LP (Warner)
Tito Puente - Dance Mania Volumes 1 and 2 - 2LP (Poppydisc)
Asha Puthli - Asha Puthli - LP (Mr. Bongo)
Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul (Mr. Bongo)
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails - LP yellow (LMLCulture Factory)
The RAH Band - Producers Choice - 2LP (Atjazz)
Raised Fist - Sound of the Republic - LP (Burning Heart Records)
Ramones - It’s Alive II - 2LP (Rhino)
Rare Pleasure - Let Me Down Easy - 7” (South Street Disco)
Raw Material - Raw Material - 2LP (Sunbeam)
Roy Redmond - Ain’t That Terrible/A Change is Gonna Come - 7” (Harlem Shake)
Lou Reed/John Cale - Songs for Drella: 30th Anniversary Edition - 2LP/etching (Rhino/Warner)
Winston Reedy and the Inn House Crew - Black Pearl - LP (Room in the Sky)
The Replacements - The Complete Incarcerated Live - 3LP (Rhino)
The Residents - Icky Flix - 2LP orange and yellow (New Ralph)
Gruff Rhys - (Don’t) Welcome The Plague As a Blessing - LP (Rough Trade Records)
Keith Richards - Hate It When You Leave/Key to the Highway - 7” (BMG/Mindless)
Minnie Riperton - Les FleuOh By the Way - 7” (Selector Series)
Robyn - Robyn - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Pete Rock - Petestrumentals 3 - 2LP color vinyl (Tru Soul Records)
The Rolling Stones - Metamorphosis - LP (UMC/ABKCO)
Tal Ross - Giant Shirley - 2LP (Tidal Waves Music)
Keith Rowe & Mark Wastell - Live at I-and-E (cover art by David Sylvian) - LP white (Confront Recordings)
Roxy Music - Roxy Music: Steven Wilson Stereo Mix - 2LP (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Freya Roy - Ahlke - LP (Vinyl Hunter Records)
Gene Russell - New Direction (transparent clear with heavy black swirl vinyl) (with insert) (Real Gone Music)
Sasha - Scene Delete: The Remixes - 2LP (Night Time Stories)
Sea Girls - Call Me Out - 12” (Polydor)
Shakespeares Sister - #3 - 2LP (Do Yourself In)
Shakespeares Sister - You’re History - 12” (London Records)
Anoushka Shankar - Love Letters
Ravi Shankar with George Harrison - Chants of India - 2LP red (BMG)
Sandie Shaw - Reviewing the Situation - 2LP (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Don Shinn - Departures - LP (Sunbeam)
Don Shinn - Temples with Prophets - LP (Sunbeam)
Situation ft. Andre Espeut - Beyond Compare Laroye Remixes - 7” (Situationism)
Edith Sitwell/William Walton - Facade - 10” (Moochin’ About)
Skatt Bros. - Walk the Night - 12” (Spaziale)
Skid Row - Slave to the Grind - 2LP red (Rhino)
Skye - Keeping Secrets - LP white (Skye)
Skyzoo & Pete Rock - Retropolitan Instrumentals - LP orange splatter (Mello Music Group)
Slint - Breadcrumb Trail/Good Morning Captain - 12” (Touch & Go)
Slowdive - Slowdive - 12” (Music On Vinyl)
Sam Smith - I Feel Love - 12” (Capitol)
Chris Smither - More from the Levee - LP (Signature Sounds)
Snapped Ankles - 21 Metres to Hebden Bridge - LP (The Leaf Label)
So Solid Crew - 21 Seconds EP - 12” EP (UMe/Craft Recordings)
The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You/Near the Soft Boys - 2x7” (Yep Rock Records)
Soft Cell - Mutant Moments EP - 10” (Big Frock)
SOHN - SOHN Live with the Metropole Orkest - 2LP (4AD)
Soul Asylum - Hurry Up and Wait (exclusive 2LP+7") (Blue Elan)
Spacehog - Resident Alien (2LP) (cream with pink splatter "British passport" vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
Spacemen 3 - Threebie 3 - LP (Space Age Recordings)
Richard Spaven - Spaven’s 5ive - LP (Jazz Refreshed)
Britney Spears - Oops! I Did It Again Expanded - LP (Legacy/CMG)
The Specials - Dubs - 10” (Two Tone)
Spectrum - Forever Alien - 2LP (Space Age Recordings)
Devon Sproule - The Pink Noise - 12” (Tin Angel Records)
Stalawa ft. Junior Demus - Trad On - 7” (Foreign Mind)
Marker Starling/Ha Ha Collective - Slick Rock - 7” (Tin Angel Records)
Status Quo - Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon - LP yellow and white “fried egg” (WarneSanctuary)
Cat Stevens - But I Might Die Tonight/alternate version - 7” blue (UMe/Island)
Storm Gordon - Diamond in the Heart - 12” EP (Wanderlust Productions)
Jackie Stoudemire/Al Stewart - Dancing - 12” (TAP Records)
Suede - See You in the Next Life - LP (Demon)
Sugarhill Gang - Sugarhill Gang - LP (Music On Vinyl)
Sumy - Funkin’ in Your Mind Parts 1 and 2 - 12” (Music On Vinyl)
Sun Ra - Egypt ‘71 - 5LP (Strut)
Supergrass - Caught By the Fuzz - 10” EP (Echo)
Surfer Blood - Astro Coast: 10 Years Anniversary - 2LP (Kanine Records)
Neil Swainson Quintet - 49th Parallel - LP (Reel to Real)
The Sweet Inspirations - The Sweet Inspirations - LP gold (Reel Music)
Gabor Szabo - Dreams w/ bonus tracks (gatefold) (Ebalunga!!! Records) (4/17 release date)
T La Rock & Jazzy J - It’s Yours - 7” (Partytime)
Jacqueline Taieb - Lolita Chick ‘68 - LP (Mad French)
Tailenders - #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover - 7” (Bit Spicy That)
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra: 2019 Edition w/ bonus tracks - 2LP (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Tangerine Dream - Tyger (clear blue vinyl) (LMLR)
Willie Tee - Teasing You Again/Your Love, My Love Together - 7” (Gatur)
Tegan and Sara - Tonight We’re in the Dark Seeing Colors - LP violet and black splatter (Warner)
The Telescopes - Altered Perception - 2LP (Space Age Recordings)
Television Personalities - Some Kind of Happiness: Singles 1995-1999 - 2LP (Fire Records)
Tennis System - Fear of Knowing - LP (Graveface)
The Teskey Brothers - Live at the Forum - LP (Classics & Jazz UK)
That Will Be Lunch - Play That Funky Music White Boy
The The - I WANT 2 B U - 7” (Cineola)
Thin Lizzy - Chinatown - 2LP (Mercury/UMC)
Throwing Muses - Purgatory/Paradise - 2LP (Fire Records)
Johnny Thunders and Wayne Kramer - Gang War (2LP) (Jungle/Skydog)
Timeless Legend - Synchronized - LP (Expansion Records)
TLC - Waterfalls/Creep - 12” (CMG/Legacy)
Tom Tom Club - Genius of Live - LP (Nacional Records)
Peter Tosh - Buk-In-Hamm Palace - 12” (Spaziale Recordings)
Toto - Live in Tokyo 1982 - LP (CMG/Legacy)
Touchdown - Ease Your Mind/Aquadance - 12” (Record Shack)
Tyler The Creator - Cherry Bomb - 2LP red (Legacy)
Tyler The Creator - Cherry Bomb Instrumentals - 2LP pink (Legacy)
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Unicorn - LP color (UMC/Polydor)
U2 - 11 O’Clock Tick Tock - 12” (UMC)
UFO - Live in Youngstown '78 - 2LP (Chrysalis)
Ultravox - Sleepwalk: 2020 Stereo Mix - 12” (Chrysalis)
Underground Solution - Luv Dancin: 30th Anniversary - 12” (Strictly Rhythm)
Unrighteous Brothers - Unchained Melody/You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
Marcus Upbeat/Laurel Aitken - Blue Beat is Back in Town/Boogie Rock - 7” (Blue Beat)
The Valentines - 1967-1970 - LP (Demon)
V/A - BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Four Albums 1968-1978 - 6CD (Silva Screen)
V/A - The Beat Scene - 2LP (Universal)
V/A - Behind the Dykes: Beat, Blues and Psychedelic Nuggets from the Lowlands - 2LP (Music On Vinyl)
V/A - The Blues Scene - 2LP (Universal)
V/A - Brazil 45s Box Set - 5x7” (Mr. Bongo)
V/A - Brazil Funk Power: Brazilian Funk and Samba Soul - 10x7” box (Soul Jazz Records)
V/A - Champion Classics - 12” box (Champion Records)
V/A - Cleveland Confidential - LP (Superior Viaduct)
V/A - Dance Craze - LP (Two Tone)
V/A - Detroit A-Go-Go - 10” (Detroit A-Go-Go)
V/A - Detroit Punk Archive Presents The End of the Night: 1976-1983 - 2LP (Hold Fast)
V/A - Doo Wop (Le Chante Du Monde)
V/A - Flow - LP (Mercury KX)
V/A - The Girls Scene - 2LP (Universal)
V/A - Hi Tide Groove - LP (Fat Possum)
V/A - Hillbillies in Hell Volume X - LP (Iron Mountain Analogue Research)
V/A - Jet Star Meets Hospital - LP (Hospital Records)
V/A - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - 2x7” (Where Its At Is Where You Are)
V/A - The Ladies if Too a Slow to Disco Vol. 2 - 2LP (How Do You Are?)
V/A - The Land Of Sensations & Delights: The Pop-Psych Sounds of White Whale Records, 1965-1970 - 2LP or CD (Varese Sarabande/Craft Recordings)
V/A - Late Night Tales - new compilation
V/A - A Mickey Dread Production - 10” red, green and gold (Music On Vinyl)
V/A - The Mood Scene Vol. 2 - 2LP (Universal)
V/A - Music for Dreams: Summer Sessions 2020 - LP (Music for Dreams)
V/A - Nativity in Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath (2LP) (gatefold) (transparent clear with heavy black swirl vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
V/A - Pin-Up Girls - LP (Vinyl Passion)
V/A - Psyché France, Vol. 6 - LP (Warner Music France Back Catalogue)
V/A - Pyramid Pieces 1 - LP (The Roundtable)
V/A - The Rock and Roll Scene - 2LP (Universal)
V/A - The Ska from Jamaica - LP (Trojan)
V/A - Studio One 007: License to Ska - James Bond and Other Film & TV Soundtracks (Soul Jazz Records)
V/A - Studio One - Studio First: From the Vaults, Vol. 2 - LP or CD (Studio One)
V/A - Studio One Rockers (green vinyl) (Soul Jazz Records)
V/A - Sun Records 2020 Compilation (placeholder name)
V/A - Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams - LP (Legacy/CMG)
V/A - Troubled Troubadours - LP color vinyl (Iron Mountain Analogue Research)
V/A - Wick Records Battle of the Bands Vol. 1 - LP (Wick Records)
V/A - You Flexi Thing, Vol. 6 - 7” (REPEA*T)
V/A - You Gotta Have Soul: Raw Sonoran R&B and Funk (1957-1971) - LP (Zia Records)
The Vaselines/Pooh Sticks - Split 7”: Dying for It - 7” (Glass Modern)
Steve Maxwell Von Braund - The Return to Monster Planet - LP (The Roundtable)
The Wake - Here Comes Everybody - LP + 7” (Factory Benelux)
Warmduscher - European Cowboy - 12” (The Leaf Label)
Warsaw Pakt - Needle Time - LP + 7” (Munster)
Roger Waters and guests - The Wall: Live in Berlin - 2LP cleat (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Geraint Watkins - Geraint Watkins & The Domniators - 2LP (Jungle)
Ben Watt w/ Robert Wyatt - Summer Into Winter - 12” EP (Cherry Red)
Mike Watt + The Secondmen - In Quintessence/instrumental (Yep Roc Records)
Norman Watt-Roy - Faith & Grace - LP red (Cadiz Music)
We Are Scientists - With Love and Squalor: Live in Woodstock 1969 - LP tri-color (100%)
The Wedding Present - Shaun Keaveny Session - 7” color vinyl (Hatch)
Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes - 2LP (Snakefarm Records)
Whiskey Myers - Firewater - 2LP (Snakefarm Records)
Tony Joe White - The Beginning - LP white (New West Records)
The Who - Odds and Sods: Expanded - 2LP (UMC/Polydor)
The Who - A Quick Live One: Captured Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival - LP red, white, blue striped (The Monterey International Pop Foundation)
Widespread Panic - Sunday Show (Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY 3/24/19) (configuration TBA)
Ginger Wildheart - Excess GASS - LP (Round Records)
Hank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys w/ Miss Audrey - 1951 March of Dimes - LP red (BMG)
Jack Wilson Quartet ft. Roy Ayers - Call Me: Jazz From the Penthouse - 2LP (Century 67)
Steven Wilson - two reissues TBA
Wire - 10:20:00 - LP (Pink Flag)
Wishbone Ash - Live Dates II - LP yellow/clear blue (LMLCulture Factory)
Jah Wobble - A Very British Coup - 12” (Youth Sounds)
The Wolfgang Press - Unremembered, Remembered: Expanded - LP (4AD)
Wonk Unit - Sniffer Time/Bloodlust - 7” purple (PlastereCadiz Music)
Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards - The First Barbarians: Live From Kilburn - 3LP (Wooden Records)
Wu-Tang - An American Saga (Ltd)
Xterminator - Earth Feel It - 7x7” (Xterminator)
Yardbirds - Roger The Engineer: Expanded w/ 1966 recordings - 2LP color vinyl (Demon)
Neil Young - Homegrown - LP (Reprise)
Youth & Nik Turner - Interstellar Energy - LP blue (Youth Sounds/Cadiz Music)
Youth & The Slaves of Venus - Wooden Floor - 7” (Youth Sounds/Cadiz Music)
Frank Zappa - You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore - 2LP (UMe)
Malena Zavala - La yarara - LP (Yucatan)
The Zoo - Presents Chocolate Moose - LP (Reel Music)
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2020.01.21 20:33 j123346789 Upward mobility issue

So a little background information:
-been with my firm (industrial operations) in a front line leadership capacity for 10 years going on 11 in the exact same org level. Spent time in various roles gaining experience within the entire operation. I have external organizational leadership experience of an additional 7 years in the same industry working with contractors and a total of 25 years total industry experience. -due to unforeseen external issues (wildfire), transferred to a different newer asset within the organization that provides the exact same internal services with the exact same roles and is regulated by the exact same processes. Been at this asset for over a year now. Many of the operation’s leadership team from front line leadership to director are new to the organization and the applicable processes and procedures that govern operations. Highest tenure is 4 years within the new asset while most of my peers are in their first year in a leadership role. In terms of physical age alone, I am 10years older than the next closest peer.
-prior to transferring, I had succession conversations where knowledge gaps were identified. In the years leading up to the transfer, I successfully bridged those gaps with education (master’s with a concentration in operations management) and I am currently working on my doctorate (DBA).
At this point, it seems obvious to me that I need to have a conversation with my one up or even his one up about my career progression and upward mobility potential. At this point, I feel as though my career is mimicking the movie “Ground Hog Day” I recognize the undeniable fact that being at the top of my salary band for as long as I have, will have financial consequences on my future pensionable earning in addition to my current salary stagnation issues. I have looked internally multiple times for progression upward and applied but did not even get an interview. I have attempted to move laterally into a role that I have extensive experience in in an attempt to progress upward in a different org structure. As per the hiring manager, I was first choice but my current manager nixed that move explaining that I required additional experience within operations. To date, I have scheduled a meeting with my one up to discuss this as I have successfully navigated the majority of operational roles with in operations at my current org level already.
I have a strong comprehension of the value that I add and my ability to strategically leverage my technical education along with my internal and external leadership experience and long tenure which gives me intimate understanding on how to manage internal processes in order to position myself positively.
I have also looked outside the organization (not my preference)
My question is two fold:
  1. I can not for the life of me figure out the strategic nature of this type of succession plan. Does anyone else see the validity behind this type of succession plan?
  2. Given time already served and experience gained along with bridging the technical gaps in my development, with in my current org level, what kind of time frame would be suitable to wait for upward progression? I do realize there is a personal preference side to this question but I am more looking for “a generally acceptable timeframe” given the aforementioned metrics.
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2020.01.10 22:34 itsme_timd Reformation Smyrna now open limited hours, Grand Opening set for March 28th

via Press Release:
Smyrna’s First Brewery Now Open Reformation Brewery Opens Third Location at Riverview Landing
ATLANTA (Friday, January 10) - Reformation Brewery announced today the opening of their newest taproom in Smyrna. Located at 6255 Riverview Rd. Building 4000, Suite 200, the new space is part of the newly developed riverfront property, The Eddy at Riverview Landing.
Opening to the public on Friday, January 10th, starting at 5:30pm. Reformation Brewery (Smyrna) will offer introductory hours in the coming weeks: Wednesday - Thursday 4pm-9pm, Friday 3pm-11pm, Saturday noon-11pm, Sunday noon-9pm. Following the opening of Grand Champion BBQ, the brewery plans to add hours on Tuesday, and extend operation on other days to include lunch hours. Riverview Landing has scheduled a tentative Grand Opening for the property on March 28th.
A live, work, play community embedded in a residential area, Riverview Landing (in the Eddy portion off the Chattahoochee River) will house Smyrna’s first brewery. Past rules & ordinances have prevented breweries from opening in the Smyrna area. “We’re happy to be part of the reformation happening here.” says Reformation Brewery’s CEO and co-founder, Spencer Nix. “We believe local independent breweries are an important part of the long term health of communities. It’s an opportunity to reform expectations about the role small businesses like ours have to play in serving as community hubs, and places to gather and connect.”
Amenities to the area include public river access including a dock and kayak launch, a six-acre green space, observation decks, multi-use trails, an outdoor amphitheater, and residential space. The opening of Reformation Brewery (Smyrna) also forecasts a new space for Grand Champion BBQ, who will share an adjacent roll-up door with the brewery and offer food service in future months. Neighboring Chattahoochee Coffee Company also recently opened space at The Eddy.
Spencer Nix, CEO and co-founder of Reformation Brewery, says the new taproom is an extension of the brewery’s vision for sustainability, “We love that the developers shared our vision for sustainably-minded communities. We’re humbled to be part of it, and look forward to calling Smyrna home for many years to come.”
The city of Smyrna also recently expanded its open container policy to include Riverview Landing, designating the area a restaurant district that allows drinks to be consumed off-premises. Nix says the open container districts and commitment to sustainable business practices inspired them to add reusable silicone pints to all taprooms, reducing the use of single-use plastic at all brewery locations. In exchange for purchase, visitors receive a small discount on draft beer (3%) when they choose to re-use the special cups as they walk the property. “Reformation Brewery has always been committed to investing in the communities we serve. Our brewhouse is highly efficient, using less wastewater than traditional systems. Adding a reusable cup that’s also compliant with the walkability of our neighborhoods was an easy next step. We look forward to continuing these investments in 2020.”
The third location for Reformation Brewery in the state of Georgia, the space is one of three taprooms to date. At 2500 square feet with 16 taps, draft beers will have an emphasis on IPAs and sours along with some familiar favorites. Retail to-go beer such as six-packs and growler fills will also be available.
The space is also uniquely situated to serve as a blendery, housing barrel-aging projects, sours, and mixed fermentations. Exploring ciders is also on the list for future development. Nix adds, “Extending the work we’ve already done in the hybrid and sour direction is a natural next step for the future of Reformation. We’re excited to see what comes from having room for projects that demand dedicated space and time to reach maturity.”
For more information, including events and hours of operation for Reformation Brewery (Smyrna) visit
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2019.12.31 09:09 SeiShonagon 120 Series Starters and Stand Alones for 2020

Hi all; happy (almost) 2020! In the spirit of the new decade, why not try out some new books and authors? I've been keeping a list of new series and new standalones coming out next year sorted by release date and genre, and thought I'd share it with all of you!
Two caveats: I based the genres on blurbs, so these might not all be accurate and this list is by no means meant to be exhaustive, so I'm sorry if I missed a book you're excited about (mention it in the comments though; I'm always looking for more books).
Without further ado, the list:

High Fantasy

Science Fiction

Romantic SFF

Historical Fantasy

Literary SFF

Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Apocalyptic

YA & New Adult

Urban Fantasy & Horror

So there you have it! Go forth and read, my friends!

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2019.12.11 11:18 acloudrift Mini vs Maxi Collectives, Fascinating Examples from Fascism

I recently was invited to DebateAltRight by [M] u/CisHeteroScum, and found an essay there that has helped me clarify some issues. The result was indirect because it was by inspecting the flaws that I found my clarity.
The author of the essay seems to be from the Jewish ethnicity, which helps me understand the perspective. Jews hate Fascism, and tend to actively subvert their host societies toward their own preferences.
AltRight ethos contains Libertarian and non-socialist-Fascism components, so a Jew will want to paint the Fascist themes black, and spruce-up his own socialist tendencies with a shroud of goodness. Being clever, the Jew uses linguistic tricks to achieve those subversive ends. Language is a culture-war weapon.
The subversive end here is to build AltRight support for "greater good" (a socialist, "collective" ideal) disguised as "individualism" (a Libertarian, or Liberal Democracy ideal).
While it's true I don't like to debate, I do like to inspect interesting ideas, and maybe deconstruct them if they deserve it. One glance tells us the following post has no link support, so first thing, suspicion.
Subject essay Anti-fascism and outdated dichotomies by u\SanderCohen45 (SC) in posted Dec.5.2019
acloudrift Speaks
Fascism and Anti-fascism are not dichotomies IRL, they are complexities that come from different universes. Fascism is a political-economic paradigm for a society, but Anti-Fascism is simply a movement that opposes it; ideology maybe, but not necessarily a system of government. This opposition is more like a conflict motive with strategy than an operational system design. A real dichotomy with Fascism would be all the other governance paradigms around the world.
Spoiler: this confusing OpEd by SC seems to be conflating Antifascist with Alt-Rightist, the reason being suspiciously bonkers, but the community at DebateAltRight seems to like it!?? (See TLDR! They've been scammed by clever Iewish linguistic tricks (LoL).)
SC: "We antifascists are inherently individualistic, (because we) place the good of our nation/race/people above that of the good of individual." (Does this look contradictory to you? It's absolutely Jewish.)
This 'greater good' argument is common to collectivists so SC is being slyly self-contradictory, (Duh!) reversing the ethos of this reddit community (Alt-Right) value system so it looks more like Marxist Tikkun olam (in service to the welfare of society at large) than Jeffersonian freedom (what the individual can do, or is allowed to do, having "unalienable rights").
Individualism has NO universal ideal (aka 'greater G_d'), it's idiosyncratic, meaning local god.
T. Jefferson, for individualism (57pg)
Bassani: If the wrong direction (meaning of individual rights) is taken, Jefferson's political theory becomes murky and unintelligible.
Thomas Paine had more to say on the subject of rights.
Perusal of these foundational works on individual 'rights' tells me (again) that "rights" are whatever someone claims, ergo they are social constructs, and thus relative to social group consensus. Whatever claims attract enough "likes" may become socially constructed, for example the Declaration.
To claim universal rights is a presumption based on the concept of a universal morality derived from a universal god, such as the famous one YHWH, of the Iews. This is SUPREMACY, moral MONOPOLY.
The Iewish objective is to subvert those Jeffersonian and 3rd Estate "rights" with a universal 'Greater Good' ethos that the Iews control. Their ideal is monopoly: of deity, of culture, of control.
Wonder Ring
One Thing to rule them all, One Thing to grind them, One Thing to string them all into their chain and bind them In the Wonder World of YHWH where the sly Iews lie.
Fascism, Anti-fascism are not a true dichotomy, which refers to mutually exclusive domains (of a type). These ideologies overlap in Tribes; collectives of an ethnic nature, which take active precautions to remain clearly separate (identitarian) from other tribes. Tribes are naturally idiosyncratic, in which individual characteristics are important. Tribes identify with special clothing, hair styles, tattoos, slang, race, language, etc. Finding (and knowing) commonality with others having such characteristics is important for traditional tribes. This fact is used by Cosmopolitan activists deploying their intersectional paradigm See also Intersectionality for a biased look. Note: discrimination (aka good judgment) is a favorable trait for success. That's why Cosmopolitans try to outlaw it.
Individualists are being oppressed (as in censored and censured), they need to form up into groups because groups have more power than individuals. Interest groups are a type of intermediate maxi which together form a series of collectives which may exist extending the influence of one person up the hierarchy. Globalists want to control everyone, so they can be atop a hierarchy with ALL the social power.
A powerful group of Individualists will be concerned ONLY about outgroup influences that have effects on their ingroup. They won't concern themselves or their peers with extraneous issues. That fact can be your "litmus test" for the concentration of the 'individual vs collective' matrix 2013 (the State conflated with Family...) The individual vs. group mind control 2018
then perhaps one person in the cave suddenly thinks: I EXIST (as an individual). That starts a cacophony of howling. The Box (animation) 12.3 min
Greater Good Argument (GGA) applied to Tribes vs Globally
In the Tribe, the GGA is limited to solidarity for the group survival objective. In the Globalist Technocratic Movement, it's deployed as a stealth duplicity tactic, to win over doubters/dupes to support an elite hegemony in which the duped have no part. The advantage is entirely, secretly, planned for the Technocratic Take-Over, when elite society (Inner Party) has absolute power. See [Mendacity of Socialists](work in progress).
Continued Deconstruction of Reddit post
SC is doing a weaponized language trick, using the foggy term 'antifascist' to precipitate another foggy idea, AltRight, to favor a Marxist ideology common among Iewish intellectuals, To Serve Mankind. (literally)
SC does not say exactly who he means by Anti-fascist; "anti-fascists ... are people who would have been purged by Stalin if they had lived in the USSR", (bonkers! After Stalingrad, Stalin (communist) and the Red Army were the anti-fascists who defeated the Wehrmacht); and were "diametrically opposed to other nationalists" (such as NSDAP, and FascItal? ). The idea (template) of modern Fascism was established in early 20th century. Those establishments were terminated by war. As economic systems, Fascism helped bring Axis nations out of Great Depression, but they had become intolerably obnoxious, having Aryan aggressiveness. So several nations allied to crush them. We can plausibly conflate early Anti-Fascism with Allied Western Powers (including majorly, Stalin's USSR). What about today?
SC's thinking is mucked up...
"Collectivism is ultimately the greatest danger to the current power structure."
No, SC is doing a trick; collectivism IS the agenda of the Current Power Structure (CPS). It's the agenda being pushed by AOC, the Dems, the Deep State SES, the Iew-controlled Media Empire, Marxist-Iewish academics pushing PC, white genocide, and the Green New Deal. SC is conflating this collectivist push with what he fears, White Backlash, when the Silent Majority... awakens, angry.
"what is this collective that they (Antifa) are really representing?" (their Iewish academic thought leaders)... "If you want to cut off your dick, you should have the liberty to do just that." This is not a joke, it is NLP or a Freudian slip. White male Iews want white male Goyim dead.
(CPS) support of open borders (pushing mandatory multiculturalism and demographic override) attempts to perpetuate the(ir state capture agenda) system because it keeps (plans to prevent) whites against (from) forming a collective against them; atomizes people to the point they no longer feel they belong to a greater whole (tribe of their own kind). SC is using "greater whole" which is a trick to favor the "greater good" position above "tribe". tribalism is human nature
... they (Antifa) would stand with the white American worker as much as with any other worker, yet they don't. Why? Because they are not (Technocratic Cultural Marxist (/) collectivists, (IOW) they are radical liberals (aka Iewish Cosmopolitans, their dupes and lackeys).
Essentially, SC is using foggy terms to switch reader's allegiance to his 'Greater Good' (Iewish) manifesto: "nationalists (THEM) are inherently collectivist while antifascists (US) are inherently individualistic".
Bonkers. Authentic Alt-Right is Nationalist (examples: DJ Trump, Jared Taylor, Tom Fitton; not Globalist (collectivist) examples G. Soros (a Iew), and J. Stalin (a communist and anti-fascist).
The proper dichotomy (worthy of our consideration) is (not) the one between individualism versus collectivism. It's the one between Iews and Goyim, the taboo topic.
Collectivism and Individualism Sep.2019
Deceiving the Dumb Goyim
Talmud Encourages Jews To Deceive 2010
The concept of Goy divides humanity in a binary manner, separating Jews from all non-Jews 54pg.pdf
categories of Jew and Gentile are supposedly defined by the negation of the other, and each term contains the negated other as part of its traditional definition.
Israel Using Same Methods as Nazis on Palestinians in Gaza, Erdogan Says 2018
Hebrew U professor Dr. Ofer Cassif says Israel similar to Nazi Germany 2017
Israeli rabbits at military prep school are caught on video praising Hitler Apr.2019
Can 'far Left' ideology be indicated by a more clearly defined proxy?
It's all about de Mockracy part 3
Favor for Tribalism, denial for its alternative (globalism)
Some background material regarding Fascists
Dinesh D'Souza is too. (he's the kind of immigrant that should be welcome anywhere except authoritarian regimes)
Positioning Fascism 2017
"Fascist!" ... a favorite smear label xcrpt.reddit
... Who introduced an Obscure Italian philosopher who was the master-mind of modern Fascism (different from original Fascism of Roman times). Giovanni Gentile's collective family famila is not the same thing as a governing state SPQR. The word 'collective' is not specific, so may be used to trick your thinking.
Some background material regarding Anti-Fascists...
Original anti-Fascists, the Allied Powers combined to defeat the Axis.
antifa, and a specific group: Anti-Fa which self-identifies with it. Conscientious readers will look closely at that last link on metapedia.
Is Anti-Fa actually anti-fascist? "Pseudo-Intellectual" (aka "Roaming Millenial") Lauren Chen susses them out 12.8 min.
R Paxton Columbia U
BTW, America (Colombia) is a Death Cult
4 community and brotherhood (aka "Blut und Boden")
7 social Darwinism
Racial genetic interests
Chen susses Alt-Right 8:37
Note 3:47 fasces, and you should have seen this many times, it's frequently used in USA iconography, because USA (the Feds) are a fascist government masquerading as a republic, aka (fake) "democracy". Ergo, a true antifascist in USA is anti-government, especially the Israel-ADL-AIPAC-lobby.
Deconstructing Paxton's Fascism (how to make a case for some component of Alt-Righteousness, the acloudrift attitude)
Paxton's point brigade adapted to Alt-Right "individualism" (Libertarian-Fascism)
1 Primacy (aka supremacy over others) of the group: nix that, but Love thy tribe as thou shouldst likewise, thy self. If not thy tribe, then not thy Love. To do otherwise is to belittle the meaning of Love. Something so lightly given is not dear, thus not worthy of sacrifice to any honored entity, especially not a 'stranger' who has earned no honor. Strangeness is not a priori honorable, but the contrary. Family is Primacy that deserves respect. 2 Belief one's own group is a victim: Yes, but does not justify any behavior, only carefully chosen ones. 3 Individualism, Liberalism dangerous decadence; these two items are not alike at all, but individualism in the extreme could have negative effect on group solidarity 4 Blut und Boden? Yes, these are foundational to nationalist, tribal, racist, kinship basics. What's wrong with that? 5 Enhanced identity and belonging (aka Identity Politics): Yes, Génération Identitaire, thumbs up. I am working on an essay that hovers around the date May 1968 like a moth around a flame. Music video: This is Europa - Our Home 6 Natural Leader, or savior: Ok, if it works without converting into corruption. We (the Individualists) need a gold-hearted knight errant with the Crusader spirit. "The collective doesn't need a leader anymore. It can take all its cues from television." - Ellis Medavoy 7 Engaged in a Darwinian Struggle: Yes, group solidarity is the only realistic way to avoid the genocide the other side has planned for us. Aryan-style dominance is not necessary, Darwin did not indicate dominance as a part of Natural Selection, but survival, the prime objective of evolution.
8 Favor Segregation, Racism, and Discrimination (postures opposed by Jewish interests) because they support ethnic unity (strength) and oppose multiculture conflict and diversity (distrust).
Dominance is an emergent property of success. There is a natural sort of dominance that is not about oppressing your competition, it's about being more virtuous, IOW having more Arete than the opposition. Seek virtue, not virtue signaling yourself, a sort of artificial selection.
Oppression, Who does it? (strangle model)
Today we're looking at the notion of Individual vs Collective, what matters? BOTH. We find the Individual clearly has a moral advantage, but the issue gets murky deciding on which collective is the best alternative (there are many).
There does exist territory between individual (mini) and state (maxi), and it is indeed, a collective, but the state is a super-maxi collective, and a global state is an ultra-super-maxi collective. The ones that individuals will do well to heed are the local group and the third estate...
a decentralized and federated form of authority, which means the dealings of society would be organized and operated by independent associations, and therefore society would be self-governed.
What independent associations? Try Qaddafi's Popular Conferences and People’s Committees (ch. 6 of Green Book). And what does Abbé Sieyès mean by "federated"? Answer from web search leads to Liberal democracy.
It's all about de Mockracy part 2
What is Individualism? What is Collectivism? 2016 (per Ayn Rand)
Which is better, individualism or collectivism? qra
collected (centralized) vs distributed (not centralized) political power
What's the Difference Between Decentralized Government and Centralized Government? ref
Centralization vs. Decentralization (crypto-currency paradigm) 2018 hkrmn
Bottom Line
What's the BEST collective? ... the 0th estate, the FAMILY collective. Long term, individuals do not survive. Families can. More about this in [Dominance as Social Construct](work in progress).
But identifying the best collective is not the end of our quest. It's how the Family (Tribe, Association, etc.) should operate to best suit its members. For that, try Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families.
Sorry it came out so long, but it was a rich vein.
study notes
Sumerian Swindle; How the Jews Betrayed Mankind Volume I (illustrated book) 263pg.pdf
Fa and AntiFa are complexities that Exist Between Chaos and Order. Since intersections exist, the larger sets are are by definition not dichotomies. So this initiative by (((SC)))? is off-base from the title onward, and its high score (87 now), is not deserved, unless there are more Gauchiers in the community than true Alt-RIGHT (it's altright to be White).
A Veritas Visit to Chaos Dec.6.2019 12.8 min
pioneer in Technocracy: Buckminster Fuller
Vulnerability as a Function of Individual and Group Resources in Cumulative Risk Assessment
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2019.11.02 19:26 Roto_G (DFAroto) Week 9 Matchup Strategy Guide - Part 2

Part 1 right here:

Part 3 right here:


DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) calculates a team's success based on the down-and-distance of each play during the season, then calculates how much more or less successful each team is compared to the league average.
DVOA Pass/Run Defense Rank: Team’s NFL rank in DVOA pass or run defense so far this season. #1 means best DEF against the pass/run, #32 means worst DEF against the pass/run.
ATS= Against the spread
DVOA from


Bears ATS: 2-5-0 Eagles ATS: 3-5-0
Projected Team Totals: Bears 18.75 Eagles 23.75


Opp (CHI) Pass DVOA: #9
Opp (CHI) Run DVOA: #13
Injuries to Watch DEF (CHI): LB Isaiah Irving (OUT)
Injuries to Watch OFF (PHI): OT Jason Peters (OUT) WR DeSean Jackson (Q)
Key WCB matchups: None
Relevant Target Share %’s (season): Alshon Jeffery (25%) Zach Ertz (24%) Desean Jackson (23%) Nelson Agholor (17%) Dallas Goedert (12%) Miles Sanders (9%)
RB Snap %/Touches/Targets Week 8: Jordan Howard (73%, 24, 2) Miles Sanders (18%, 6, 3)
Boy does this offense need Desean Jackson back. Without him since Week 1, Carson Wentz (downgrade) has managed to put together a very solid season, but at no point has this offense looked as explosive as it’s capable of with Jackson in the fold. DJax is questionable to finally return in Week 9, and his return would not only be a boost to Wentz, but to the entire offense. The Bears' defense has sprung leaks over the past few weeks, and poor performances by the offense have forced the defense to do more than its fair share, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. If Jackson can go, consider Wentz a solid QB1 even in the difficult matchup. If he is ruled out, Wentz is a bit more of a back-end QB1 whose ceiling is a bit capped. Alshon Jeffery (downgrade PPR) has worked as Wentz’s #1 WR throughout the season, but has topped out at 76 receiving yards. He’s an extremely TD dependent WR3 option that gets a downgrade in PPR leagues, especially against this stout defense. Zach Ertz has seen a downward trend this season that is directly related to the emergence of Dallas Goedert. Ertz hasn’t topped 70 receiving yards since Week 2, and bottomed out with two catches for 20 yards last week. He is still a TE1, and perhaps the return of Jackson will stop teams from being able to pay so much attention to Ertz, but his days as top-3 option might be behind him. Goedert looks like an appealing play at the moment, having scored a TD in 3 of the past 5 games, and consistently siphoning targets away from Ertz. It’s tough to see this offense supporting four pass catchers every week (DJax, Alshon, Ertz, and Goedert) but Goedert certainly needs to be owned in all leagues at this point. The Bears are not an imposing matchup for TEs, and if DJax is ruled out this week, there are plenty of targets available for both of these impressive pass catching tight ends. Consider Ertz a mid-tier TE1, and Goedert a high-end TE2 with upside for more.
The backfield split in Philly has been an intriguing story all year long. Both Miles Sanders (upgrade PPR) and Jordan Howard have been top-30 backs this season (.5 PPR) but Howard saw a majority of the snaps and touches last week. This week, they face a Bears’ defense giving up the 9th most FPPG to RBs, but whose Run DVOA is top-10. The Bears have struggled with pass catching RBs - giving up the 5th most receptions to backs so far this season. I like Sanders to be active in the passing game and make at least one big play, which puts him in the mix for a flex start. As for Howard, he is on the radar as an RB2, with a bump in standard leagues. The Bears have given up 7 rushing TDs through 7 games, so a Howard rushing TD is very possible. But a high yardage total seems less likely this week against a solid Bears front seven. Still, Howard is the safer play considering his current lead in snaps and carries, while Sanders will need to make the most of his somewhat limited touches to hit on his value.


Opp (PHI) Pass DVOA: #16
Opp (PHI) Run DVOA: #6
Injuries to Watch DEF (PHI): LB Nigel Bradham (OUT) DT Timmy Jernigan (Q) S Andrew Sendejo (Q)
Injuries to Watch OFF (CHI): None
Key WCB matchups: None
Relevant Target Share %’s (season): Allen Robinson (26%) Tarik Cohen (18%) Taylor Gabriel (11%) Anthony Miller (11%) Trey Burton (10%) David Montgomery (8%)
RB Snap %/Touches/Targets Week 8: David Montgomery (73%, 31, 5) Tarik Cohen (21%, 7, 3)
It’s been a rough season for this Bears offense, and at least some of the blame needs to go to Mitchell Trubisky (upgrade). His highest passing total of the year is 253 yards, and just this week his own coach gave a tentative at best hold on the starting job going forward. This week against the Eagles is a great spot for Trubisky to establish a new season high for yardage, and put up a solid fantasy week, so he is in play as a streamer in 2 QB leagues. The Eagles have given up the 12th most FPPG, but have a bottom third DVOA ranking and have been continually burned by top WRs. Allen Robinson (upgrade) has the talent to take advantage of this matchup, and even with a QB that is clearly holding him back, makes for an appealing WR2 on volume alone. Taylor Gabriel (upgrade) might just be able to repeat some of his Week 3 magic this week against an Eagles defense giving up the second most FPPG to WRs and are susceptible to long speedy receivers, but can’t be looked at as more than a boom-bust WR4. Anthony Miller has encouragingly seen his yardage total rise throughout the season, but I like Gabriel as a better one week flier this week. Trey Burton hasn’t cleared 20 yards all season, and should be nowhere near fantasy teams much less a starting lineup.
For one glorious week, David Montgomery (downgrade) was what every owner who drafted him hoped he would be. Matt Nagy finally gave him a heavy workload, and Monty delivered against a Chargers’ front seven that was missing some key players. Unfortunately, the Bears now face an Eagles defense with the #6 Rush DVOA that also gives up only the sixth fewest FPPG to RBs. It’s a tough spot for owners to be in after such a breakout week, as he appears to have Nagy’s trust for 20+ carries, but we simply cannot trust he’ll be able to create much against a stout front seven. Consider Montgomery an RB3 or flex this week that has the ability to produce some yardage and a potential short TD, but is unlikely to put up anything resembling last week’s performance. Tarik Cohen (drop standard) has maintained his pass catching role from last year, but has seen his carries drop significantly and the ability to create explosive plays in an offense as anemic as this one is remote. Cohen is a drop in standard leagues, and only a borderline hold in PPR leagues, and should not be in lineups this week.
Score Prediction: Eagles 21, Bears 17


Jets ATS: 2-5-0 Dolphins ATS: 3-4-0
Projected Team Totals: Jets 22.5 Dolphins 19.5


Opp (MIA) Pass DVOA: #32
Opp (MIA) Run DVOA: #31
Injuries to Watch DEF (MIA): CB Ken Webster (OUT) S Reshad Jones (D) S Walt Aikens (Q) CB Ryan Lewis (Q) DE Avery Moss (Q)
Injuries to Watch OFF (NYJ): C Ryan Kalil (OUT) OT Kelvin Beachum (Q) TE Chris Herndon (Q) WR Demaryius Thomas (Q)
Key WCB matchups: None
Relevant Target Share %’s (season): Jamison Crowder (23%) Le’Veon Bell (20%) Robby Anderson (20%) Demaryius Thomas (19%)
RB Snap %/Touches/Targets Week 8: Le’Veon Bell (85%, 12, 5) Bilal Powell (16%, 4, 0)
The Jets fell victim to an excellent Jaguars pass defense last week, and Sam Darnold (upgrade) was right at the center of it. He threw for 218 yards and two TDs, but also threw three picks. Thankfully for anyone invested in this offense, this week provides one of the cushiest matchups in football - the Miami Dolphins. They give up the 2nd most FPPG to QBs and have the worst pass defense by DVOA metrics. Darnold has solid weapons out wide and at RB, and has looked good when given time to throw this year. He can be treated as the #1 streaming option this week and is a borderline top-12 option. His weapons get a similar upgrade. Robby Anderson (upgrade) has only game this year with more than 43 receiving yards, but has a golden opportunity to make the big play he needs to have week-winning upside.Despite the up and down target share, and his dependency on long pass plays, Anderson is a WR3 with upside this week. Jamison Crowder (upgrade PPR) may have been dropped in some shallower leagues, and savvy owners will recognize that he has a high floor in PPR leagues in the upcoming slate of games in which the Jets play a series of poor or mediocre defenses. If he is available, change that immediately, and feel comfortable slotting him in this week as a WR3 in PPR leagues, or a low-end flex in standard leagues. Chris Herndon is once again questionable to play this week with a hamstring issue, so his status is worth monitoring for Week 9. Despite being hyped by many (myself included) as a lottery ticket stash, he has yet to play a down this season. However, considering the easy upcoming schedule for the Jets, Herndon is a must own outside of shallow leagues at a position of weakness for most. He could be a real asset down the stretch, so don’t let your league mates beat you to him.
One of the few true remaining workhorses in the NFL, Le’Veon Bell (upgrade) was reportedly on the trade market briefly this past week. He did not end up getting moved though, and remains in position for a high touch total on a weekly basis in this offense. Bell is another player that makes sense as a buy low before the fantasy trade deadline considering the Jets upcoming schedule. This week he is in a great spot to put up solid numbers against the worst defense in the league. Treat him as a back-end RB1 despite the disappointing production in recent weeks. It appears that Bilal Powell and Ty Montgomery are still in a battle for the #2 role, and that means that neither is a strong handcuff for Bell at the moment in addition to having close to zero standalone value.


Opp (NYJ) Pass DVOA: #21
Opp (NYJ) Run DVOA: #3
Injuries to Watch DEF (NYJ): CB Trumain Johnson (OUT) S Rontez Miles (OUT) LB C.J. Mosley (OUT) LB Neville Hewitt (D) DT Steve McLendon (Q)
Injuries to Watch OFF (MIA): C Daniel Kilgore (D) OT J’Marcus Webb (Q)
Key WCB matchups: None
Relevant Target Share %’s (season): Preston Williams (21%) Devante Parker (19%) Albert Wilson (10%)
RB Snap %/Touches/Targets Week 8: Mark Walton (87%, 14, 6)
The Dolphins are maneuvering this tank job very craftily so far, at least from an organizational standpoint. They narrowly avoided a win against the Redskins in Week 6, and don’t face another truly bad team again until Week 16 against Cincinnati. They’ll need to be on their game to lose that one, so I’m sure they’ve already begun scheming in the textbook Kalen Ballage dropped screen pass during meetings this week. Ryan Fitzpatrick somehow still has a starting job, and heads into Week 9 with an extremely short leash. Josh Rosen could enter the fray at any moment which makes an already unappealing fantasy situation look even worse. Devante Parker (upgrade standard) has had a bit of a career resurgence, or since he’s never really produced, you could just call it a surgence. He’s averaging over 11 points per game (.5 PPR) through the past four games, and has been a go-to in the red zone for Fitzpatrick. The Jets have a bottom third pass defense by DVOA metrics, and give up the eighth most FPPG to WRs, so this is another decent opportunity for him to produce. His low catch and yardage totals make him more WR4 than WR3, but owners in a bye week pinch could do worse. Preston Williams and Albert Wilson, however, have been much less productive in terms of total points during this recent stretch, and neither is more than a WR5 dart throw at best. Williams is the much preferred play due to his higher target share, but his inefficiency makes him a risky play even in this potentially plus matchup. Mike Gesicki is.. well.. Mick Gesicki. 153 yards through 8 games. Good luck.
Well that escalated quickly. Not only did Mark Walton (upgrade volume) overtake hands of stone Kalen Ballage (watch out for Week 16 bump in usage), but suddenly he’s alone at the top of the pecking order with Kenyan Drake shipped off to Arizona. It’s amazing to see Drake get to run with a decent offense and quarterback for the first time in.. ever. But forgetting for a minute the unfortunate team situation he remains in, Walton is suddenly looking at an opportunity for 18+ touches weekly the rest of the way. That holds value in just about every league, and puts him on the radar as a low-end RB2 this week. The Jets give up the seventh most FPPG to RBs, but that number may be a bit misleading considering their elite DVOA rank. Regardless, Walton should be able to push for 15+ carries and at least 4-5 targets, and should get increased looks on underneath routes if the Dolphins go into catch up mode in the second half. He’s just outside the top 24 for me this week, but during bye weeks he has a great case for being placed into lineups on volume alone.
Score Prediction: Jets 28, Dolphins 14


Vikings ATS: 5-3-0 Chiefs ATS: 4-4-0
Projected Team Totals: Vikings 23.25 Chiefs 25.25


Opp (KC) Pass DVOA: #4
Opp (KC) Run DVOA: #30
Injuries to Watch DEF (KC): DE Alex Okafor (OUT) DE Frank Clark (Q) CB Kendall Fuller (Q) DT Chris Jones (Q)
Injuries to Watch OFF (MIN): WR Adam Thielen (Q)
Key WCB matchups: None
Relevant Target Share %’s (season): Stefon Diggs (23%) Adam Thielen (21%) Dalvin Cook (16%) Bisi Johnson (12%) Irv Smith (10%) Kyle Rudolph (9%)
RB Snap %/Touches/Targets Week 8: Dalvin Cook (73%, 28, 6) Alexander Mattison (17%, 15, 2)
The Vikings beat up the hapless Redskins on TNF in Week 8, and had an extended week to recover for their showdown with KC. Kirk Cousins continued his elite play in that game, completing 23/26 passes for 285 scoreless yards. The game plan against KC projects to be run-heavy for MIN, as KC boasts the No. 4 Pass DVOA and the No. 30 Run DVOA. The only issue with that expectation - if Mahomes does indeed play and tears the Vikings up early, that puts the ball in Cousins hands to lead the comeback through the air. Due to the uncertainty of game-script, Cousins should be treated as a back-end QB1, just be wary that Dalvin Cook could be force fed the rock - KC is giving up 19.9 FPPG to QBs and only 18.9 FPPG to WRs. Even with the extra couple days off, Adam Thielen doesn’t appear to be fully recovered from his hamstring injury and is shaping up to be a true game time decision. If Thielen does play, treat him as a risky WR2; the chance of reaggravation for soft tissue injuries is high. Stefon Diggs is a solid WR2 regardless of whether Thielen goes or not, but again like Cousins, he could very well be the victim of positive game-script. Owners are starting him either way, he’s too talented to be benched. If Thielen is out, Laquon Treadwell and Bisi Johnson will again be in the mix, but as last week showed, neither can be counted on as fantasy options. Irv Smith Jr. and Kyle Rudolph remain off the fantasy radar, they simply aren’t seeing the volume to produce.
KC is giving up 24.9 FPPG to running backs, 4th worst. Plus, they are ranked 30th in Run DVOA. All this is to say, Dalvin Cook (upgrade) should eat again, but at this point, when doesn’t he? He should vye for the top RB score this week, and he’s obviously going in all lineups regardless of matchup. Alexander Mattison is an interesting desperation flex stream this week, it seems likely that he’s decently involved in the projected run-heavy game plan. He remains a premier handcuff and needs to be rostered by Cook owners.


Opp (MIN) Pass DVOA: #12
Opp (MIN) Run DVOA: #10
Injuries to Watch DEF (MIN): None
Injuries to Watch OFF (KC): QB Patrick Mahomes (Q) OT Eric Fisher (OUT) G Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (OUT)
Key WCB matchups: None
Relevant Target Share %’s (season): Sammy Watkins (24%) Travis Kelce (22%) Tyreek Hill (19%) Demarcus Robinson (13%) Mecole Hardman (11%) Damien Williams (9%) LeSean McCoy (7%)
RB Snap %/Touches/Targets Week 8: LeSean McCoy (42%, 13, 4) Damien Williams (39%, 7, 0) Darrel Williams (15%, 2, 0) Darwin Thompson (4%, 1, 1)
With Patrick Mahomes recovering from a dislocated knee cap sustained the week before, Matt Moore filled in admirably, piling up 267 yards passing and two touchdowns against a very good GB secondary. Next on tap, a date with a very good MIN defense. Mahomes is listed a questionable, and appears to be a true GTD. If he were to return, it would be an upgrade for the offense, even in a perceived tough matchup. In reality however, the Vikings secondary has not been imposing this season, with CB Xavier Rhodes ranked as the No. 117 cornerback by PFF, CB Mike Hughes as No. 74, and CB Trae Waynes at No. 83 (Rotoworld). However, that hasn’t exactly translated to giving up huge fantasy point totals - the MIN defense is only giving up 16.3 FPPG to QBs and 23.2 FPPG to WRs. Regardless of who starts at QB, KC’s top-3 passing options continue to be must starts - Tyreek Hill is a WR1, Sammy Watkins a WR3 and Demarcus Robinson a WR4/5. With Watkins back healthy, rookie Mecole Hardman only played 15% of snaps (Rotoworld). He should be rostered and stashed, but he’s no longer a flex option with the pass catchers healthy. Travis Kelce is a solid TE1, but he’s not having the year many projected, and he’s actually busting at his ADP - owners paid premier draft capital to procure the services of the stud tight end. MIN is a tough matchup for his position, only giving up 5.6 FPPG. If you have Kelce you are starting him, hopefully he finds his way into the endzone again.
The dreaded RBBC is in full effect for the league's premier offense to the disappointment of fantasy owners across the globe. Four running backs saw snaps last week, and the situation has turned into a complete headache for those who have a KC running back. LeSean McCoy (downgrade) is the lead dog, but that hasn’t amounted to much, he’s the RB31 through 8 weeks. Consider him a worthy flex option, but the MIN Front Seven is imposing - they only give up a saltry 14.5 FPPG to running backs. Damien Williams (stash) should be stashed, but he can’t be started while the rest of the backfield is healthy. Darrel Williams (drop) and Darwin Thompson belong on waiver wires - Darrel Williams can be considered a back-end stash for deeper formats, but a lot needs to happen for him to be fantasy relevant again.
Score Prediction: Chiefs 30, Vikings 27


Colts ATS: 4-2-1 Steelers ATS: 4-3-0
Projected Team Totals: Colts 21.75 Steelers 20.75


Opp (PIT) Pass DVOA: #10
Opp (PIT) Run DVOA: #16
Injuries to Watch DEF (PIT): None
Injuries to Watch OFF (IND): WR T.Y. Hilton (OUT)
Key WCB matchups: None
Relevant Target Share %’s (season): T.Y. Hilton (25%) Devin Funchess (19%) Jack Doyle (13%) Eric Ebron (12%) Nyheim Hines (11%) Zach Pascal (9%)
RB Snap %/Touches/Targets Week 8: Marlon Mack (62%, 20, 1) Jordan Wilkins (29%, 2, 0) Nyheim Hines (9%, 7, 3)
The Colts seem to play to the level of whatever team they are facing, they scraped a win at home last week against a fading DEN team with late game heroics from Jacoby Brissett (downgrade). Unfortunately, stud wideout T.Y Hilton picked up a calf injury this week in practice and is out for the foreseeable future. Coach Frank Reich has provided a 3-4 week timetable for the receiver (CBS Sports), it’s a tough blow for fantasy owners and Colts fans alike. In Hilton’s absence, Zach Pascal (downgrade) and Chester Rodgers (downgrade) will take over as the two top wideouts, with rookie Parris Campbell expected to join in 3-WR sets. Pascal is the preferred play, but starting any of these wideouts is a risky endeavor until we see who becomes Brissetts prefered target - with Hilton out, 25% of the target share is up for grabs, but it’s likely that it’s spread out between the pass catchers. The matchup isn’t great this week either, PIT has been decent against the pass - giving up 15.8 FPPG to QBs and 23 FPPG to wideouts. Eric Ebron only played 34% of snaps last week, while Jack Doyle saw 72% ( - however with Hilton sidelined we may see more 2-TE sets, which would increase the volume output for both. Treat both as TE2 options for now, but keep an eye on the Colts offense this week, there may be some changes in scheme.
Marlon Mack got back on track last week, grinding out 76 yards on the ground with a touchdown, while also producing one catch for 14 yards. However, this week projects to be tough sledding - PIT is only giving up 15.5 FPPG to RBs, 7th best. Jordan Wilkins is Mack’s pure handcuff and needs to be rostered by Mack owners. Nyheim Hines continues to be involved in a limited fashion but isn’t a fantasy option.


Opp (IND) Pass DVOA: #15
Opp (IND) Run DVOA: #29
Injuries to Watch DEF (IND): CB Pierre Desir (D) DE Justin Houston (Q) S Malik Hooker (Q)
Injuries to Watch OFF (PIT): RB James Conner (D) RB Benny Snell Jr. (OUT) FB Roosevelt Nix (Q) OL Ramaon Foster (OUT)
Key WCB matchups: None
Relevant Target Share %’s (season): Juju Smith-Schuster (20%) Diontae Johnson (17%) James Conner (14%) James Washington (13%) Vance McDonald (11%) Donte Moncrief (11%) Jaylen Samuels (10%)
RB Snap %/Touches/Targets Week 8: James Conner (51%, 26, 4) Benny Snell Jr (49%, 5, 0)
Miami continues to be a get right spot for opponents, and MNF last week was no different as the Steelers tied their season-high point total. Mason Rudolph looked good, producing 251 yards passing and two touchdowns, but he’s only an option in 2QB formats. Juju Smith-Schuster (downgrade) finally provided owners with a sell-high window, generating a respectable 5-103-1. The schedule moving forward is decent, but a major concern is their fantasy playoff schedule (Weeks 14-16). While ARI provides a good matchup in Week 14, PIT then faces BUF and NYJ. Owners should look to move Juju while they can. Rookie Diontae Johnson continued his surprise campaign, and is clearly the No. 2 option in the passing game. Making his living so far stretching the field, the matchup this week against the Colts big play limiting zone defense doesn’t provide great opportunity. Treat him as a boom-or-bust WR3/4 - IND is limiting WRs to 23 FPPG. James Washington was a favorite sleeper of many, including myself, but it’s clear that Johnson has stolen any thunder Washington would have had - he only played 47% of snaps last week (Rotoworld) and is the clear No. 4 passing game option in a run first offense, he’s not a fantasy option. Vance McDonald (drop) and Nick Vannett aren’t being targeted enough to used in fantasy, both can be left on the wire.
With both James Conner and Benny Snell Jr. picking up injuries last week, Jaylen Samuels is the last man standing. He’s set to make his return after a multiple week absence, and will be thrust immediately into a featured role. He needs to be owned everywhere, and the matchup this week is a juicy one - IND ranks 29th in Run DVOA and is giving up 16.3 FPPG to RBs. Consider Samuels a back-end volume based RB1/2, and his work in the passing game should stabilize his floor. Trey Edmunds is the only other running back on the roster unless the Steelers make a move prior to Sunday. He’s not a fantasy option due a clear lack of role.
Score Prediction: Colts 24, Steelers 20
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2019.10.31 02:40 Winhell98 Where sould i post this political thingy

President Trumps accomplishments so far! 1.Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch 2.59 missiles dropped in Syria. 3.He took us out of TPP 4.Illegal immigration is now down 70% (the lowest in 17 years) 5.Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index125.6 6.Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a 7 year high. 7.Arranged 20% Tariff on soft lumber from Canada. 8.Bids for border wall are well underway. 9.Pulled out of the lopsided Paris accord. 10.Keystone pipeline approved. 11.NATO allies boost spending by 4.3% 12.Allowing VA to terminate bad employees. 13.Allowing private healthcare choices for veterans. 14.More than 600,000. Jobs created 15. Median household income at a 7 year high. 16. The Stock Market is at the highest ever In its history. 17. China agreed to American import of beef. 18. $89 Billion saved in regulation rollbacks. 19. Rollback of A Regulation to boost coal mining. 20. MOAB for ISIS 21. Travel ban reinstated. 22. Executive order for religious freedom. 23. Jump started NASA 24. $600 million cut from UN peacekeeping budget. 25. Targeting of MS13 gangs 26. Deporting violent illegal immigrants. 27. Signed 41 bills to date 28. Created a commission on child trafficking 29. Created a commission on voter fraud 30. Created a commission for opioids addiction. 31. Giving power to states to drug test unemployment recipients. 32. Unemployment lowest since may 2007. 33. Historic Black College University initiative 34. Women In Entrepreneurship Act 35. Created an office or illegal immigrant crime victims. 36. Reversed Dodd-Frank 37. Repealed DOT ruling which would have taken power away from local governments for infrastructure planning 38. Order to stop crime against law enforcement. 39. End of DAPA program. 40. Stopped companies from moving out of America. 41. Promoted businesses to create American Jobs. 42. Encouraged country to once again buy American and hire American 43. Cutting regulations 2 for every one created. 44. Review of all trade agreements to make sure they are America first. 45. Apprentice program 46. Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years. 47 $78 Billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota... 48. Denied FBI a new building. 49. $700 million saved with F-35 renegotiation. 50. Saves $22 million by reducing white house payroll. 51. Dept of treasury reports a $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (2nd largest in history) 52. Negotiated the release of 6 US humanitarian workers held captive in egypt. 53. Gas prices lowest in more than 12 years. 54. Signed An Executive Order To Promote Energy Independence And Economic Growth 55. Has already accomplished more to stop government interference into people's lives than any President in the history of America. 56. President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman. 57. Has given head executive of each branches 6 month time Frame dated march 15 2017, tortured trim the fat. restructure and improve efficacy of there branch.
Signed executive order on the Establishment of Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.
Signed an executive order aimed at expanding offshore drilling.
Signed a memo directing an investigation into aluminum imports, and an order aimed at cleaning up Veterans Affairs.
Signed two executive orders, including one directing a review of national monument designations under prior administrations.
Signed an executive order intended to boost the agriculture industry, and participated in a farmers' roundtable.
Signed proclamation on Holocaust Remembrance.
Signed financial services executive orders at the Treasury Dept
Signed a memo ordering a probe into whether foreign steel is hurting U.S. national security.
Signed the Veterans Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act.
Signed the Buy American Hire American executive order.
Signed bill allowing states to block Planned Parenthood funding.
Signed two executive orders on trade aimed on reducing the trade deficit.
Signed an executive order establishing a commission on drug and opioid abuse.
Signed an executive order on energy independence at EPA headquarters.
Signs bill rolling back regulations via the Congressional Review Act.
Signed a bill on space exploration.
Signed order directing a top-to-bottom audit of the Executive Branch.
Signed revised executive order suspending the U.S. refugee program and entry for travelers from six mostly Muslim countries.
Signed an order calling for a review of the "waters of the United States" environmental regulation, and another order moving the HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities) offices back from the Education Department to the White House.
Signed two resolutions, one encouraging women at NASA and another promoting women in entrepreneurship.
Signed bill nixing a Social Security Administration rule regarding gun background checks.
Signed an executive order directing every agency to set up a task force to eliminate red tape.
Signed legislation undoing coal mining regulation.
Signed legislation rolling back part of the Dodd-Frank financial regulations. The legislation repeals a rule that requires oil and gas companies to disclose payments to the U.S. or foreign governments for commercial development.
Signed three orders creating DOJ task forces to combat crime and cartels.
Issued an executive order directing the Treasury secretary to review the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulatory law.
Issued a presidential memorandum instructing the Labor Department to delay implementing an Obama rule requiring financial professionals who are giving advice on retirement, and who charge commissions, to put their clients first
Signed executive order instructing agencies that whenever they introduce a regulation, they must first abolish two others.
Signed executive orders to restructure the National Security Council and Homeland Security Council and to extend bans on ex-administration officials working as lobbyists to five years -- including a lifetime ban on ex-officials lobbying for foreign countries.
Signed memorandum on fighting ISIS. *Signed an executive order imposing a 120-day suspension of the refugee program and a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from citizens of seven terror hot spots, including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan
Signed orders dealing with immigration enforcement and border security. Measures called for constructing a U.S.-Mexico border wall, cutting funding to sanctuary cities, hiring thousands more border and immigration agents, toughening immigration enforcement and reinstating federal-local immigration partnerships.
Signed orders reviving consideration of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, as well as additional actions aimed at expediting the permitting process and encouraging the use of U.S. steel
Signed orders withdrawing the U.S. from the TPP trade deal; imposing a federal hiring freeze; and reinstating the ban on federal funding for abortion services in other countries
Signs order telling agencies to ease the burden of ObamaCare.Signed legislation allowing retired Gen. James Mattis to serve as Defense secretary.
Passes Kate's Law
Passes No Sanctuary for Criminals Act

What are your sources? have you read This? Do you know that there are articles of impeachment against him about Russian interference in the 2016 election and Ukranian interference in the upcoming 2020 election? Did you know that there as of October 14, 2019 He has told over 13000 false or misleading claims during his presidency? Is it the good accomplishments Trump has done or all of them?
Signed an order calling for a review of the "waters of the United States" environmental regulation, and another order moving the HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities) offices back from the Education Department to the White House.
That is the only thing about environment that you have and nothing about the weakening of the endangered species act
IN ADDITION, THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION aims to incorporate economic considerations into decisions about whether or not species on the brink of extinction are protected — while not taking climate change into account.
Source : Earthjustice Aug. 21, 2019
I used CTRL+f to see if you mentioned separation of children from parents crossing the mexican border, You didn't. So basically the conditions of the detention facilities that the children were held in, separated from their parents mind you, were terrible i.e. Mylar blankets, denied showers, no mattresses, overcrowding. There are STILL children separated from their parents.
Trump claims killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi even though he wasn't in the war room during the attack
Trump also put the government on sutdown from December 22, 2018 to January 25, 2019. That was OVER A MONTH!
Trump also says that he was given a small loan of a million dollars and had to give it back to his father although the actual story is that he was given, and i mean given, 40 million dollars at a very young age and STILL won't give out is tax returns.
Two witnesses testified against Trump's call with the Ukrainian President. Those witnesses are Bill Taylor and Alexander Vindman.
This is NOT a comprehensive list of all the wrong things Trump hs done! EDIT: I replied to Bigbub123
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2019.10.28 19:20 JudithLightning Recap & Budget Breakdown / Small Upstate NY Weekend Wedding / 31 guests, 25k budget

I found these breakdowns SO HELPFUL in my planning, and couldn’t wait to write my own. Here it is, with photos linked where appropriate!! It is so long, though, so I apologize in advance.
SUMMARYWedding date: September 13-15, 2019Wedding location: Private vacation rental in the northern Adirondacks (not a wedding venue)
Original budget: $25kActual spent: $22kParent contribution: ~$19kWe were very fortunate to have assistance from our families, and having that help basically meant we could have the wedding we dreamed of. The big ticket items were venue/dress/photography (my folks) and catering/alcohol/food costs (his folks). Both also contributed by picking up random things of their own accord, but I don’t have an accurate count of that.Our contribution: ~$2kWe’re not wealthy, but we put our money into the things we thought were most important. We were very, very fortunate to have our families’ assistance, and it’s something we think about constantly. We were able to provide everything to our guests without asking them to pitch in funds for housing/activities/food for the whole weekend-- something that was super important to us, and that we were enormously fortunate to be able to do.
Vibe/Goals: We really loved the A Practical Wedding workbook, which helped us figure out what we wanted and— more importantly— didn’t want.
Our priorities were:
  1. A beautiful place in nature (me) with no other people around (husband)
  2. Friends and family happy and present (me), but only the friends and family I like (husband)
  3. Organized and relaxed (me), Not the center of attention (husband)
Basically, we wanted to go on a vacation during which time we got married. We managed to meet every one of those goals— mostly thanks to the venue we chose. Things we nixed: wedding parties, fancy invites, dancing, DJ, videography, wedding rings, theme/colors/decor, a traditional engagement!
Ceremony: We aren’t religious or particularly ceremonial, so this was tricky. Planning the ceremony was one of the hardest parts of the process! Ultimately, we ended up with a Quaker-style hodgepodge that felt really really right:
Invited: 45 (including 4 B-list)No kids, and no family besides our parents, siblings, and their SOs. Only people in relationships got plus ones. It was a destination wedding for everyone, but most people were from NYC, so a 5-6 hour drive.RSVP’d yes: 33Attended: 31
Wednesday: My folks & my husband and I drove upstate and stayed over at a hotel in town. We picked up wine from Total Wine on the way.
Thursday**:** My sister and I got our nails done, we ran some last-minute errands, then headed to camp around 2pm. My husband’s family met us there.
Friday**:** My parents ran errands (picking up flowers, dessert) while we finished setting up. Guests were asked to arrive after 3pm… no one showed up until like 7pm lol (most people got there after 10pm). Wish I’d been more clear that we wanted people there earlier, but, ya know. We had a cookout dinner with local salads, burgers, hot dogs, and watermelon.
Sunday**:** We got up early, but no one else did. We had a door decorating contest, and most people did their doors between 9am and 11am for our 11am judging. We put together a basket of ADK treats (maple syrup, candle, etc, mostly collected from the welcome basket at camp and stuff we’d held onto) as a prize. Most people left around 12pm, and we cleaned up until the last second at 2pm, our checkout time.
OMG the wind. It was only 12mph but it was BRISK. This made it especially cold outside (and inside, as cabins weren’t heated), and meant we had to change our ceremony plans last minute. Ultimately, it was just one of those things that you can’t control and have to release into the world.
Venue: $7,360
Food and Drinks: $7,330
Attire: $4,195
Décor: $1230.37
Stationery: $278
Other Vendors: $1,650
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Thanks to this one request, this video happened! I had such a creative burst with this one, and true story, I was supposed to be wearing a halo in this one, ... Acapulco is a great choice for people who want to go on a solo trip. Whether you're visiting for leisure, business, or to find yourself a beautiful Mexican g... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue A funny web commercial promoting a dating service. It features a nerd going out with beautiful women and hinting at sex, while a macho man is left speechless. - provides the best senior dating sites reviews for senior/over 50 people, FREE VIP Video: Discover the 5 “Matchmaker’s Secrets” to meet more quality men here: From the original UK version of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' hosted by Clive Anderson. Featuring Greg Proops, Catherine O'Hara, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles. ... Kanye West wants to work with Rita Ora, but Kim Kardashian has warned him – “That will only happen, over my dead body!” The Yeezus star is a big fan of the English-based singer. Kanye loves ... We need to talk more about love. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Rolling Licensed via Warner Chappell Prod... How to Date When You're Over 50 (Dating Tips & Where to Meet Women) Improve your chances in finding, attracting & keeping a good woman no matter what age you...