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Stargate: Atlantis First watchthrough, what worked, what didn't

2020.10.19 22:41 armand11 Stargate: Atlantis First watchthrough, what worked, what didn't

Just finished SGA last night. Still in withdrawal as I thoroughly enjoyed this series.
I was curious to get this subreddit's thoughts as to what worked and what didn't work in the series as it's definitely flawed, albeit highly entertaining. Some of my thoughts:
What Worked:
What didn't work:
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2020.10.13 01:26 hopewings Neurochemical reasons why a woman should not sleep with a man until after he has fallen in love with her, and how to train your brain to fall out of love (hint: block and delete scientifically works!)

Love is like a drug addiction

Brain imaging via fMRIs show that a brain in the initial stage of love looks like a brain experiencing a drug addiction. The scans compared people's brains when looking at photos of the person they said they were in love with versus photos of random people. When people looked at the one they love, they had more activity in the VTA and caudate nucleus. These release the neurotransmitter dopamine, which are linked to feelings of pleasure.
Heightened activity in the VTA has been associated with addiction to nicotine, alcohol, heroin, gambling, etc. with each dose causing a fresh spike of dopamine. This is why people say they are "addicted to a person." The brains of those who have been rejected in love looked like addicts going through withdrawal.
Romantic love is more of a motivation that changes behavior than an emotion. It is an important "drive" of human behavior, with a "drive" defined as a neural state that energizes and directs behavior to obtain a biological need. In contrast to mere sex drive, which does not focus a person's efforts to a single mate, romantic love evolved among mammals to promote a directed, longer-term attachment that would lead two mates to remain together long enough to raise their offspring.
In women, oxytocin tends to continue to be released after sex, whereas the same is not true of men. Therefore, unless his feelings were already strong and powerful before sex, they will not grow after sex, whereas her feelings will grow each time after sex. Semen can also have effects on a woman's psyche. In animal studies, seminal fluid "makes the female’s interest in other males plummet."

Love is "blind"

When people are in love, they have reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala, brain regions that are involved in decision-making and making critical assessments. The effect is a willingness to take more risks, even ones that would normally seem reckless while in another state of mind. The reduced amygdala activity makes people in love less prone to making negative judgements about the one they love.
People in love have higher levels of cortisol, which causes feelings of stress and anxiety. They also have lower levels of serotonin, as low as those who have obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can lead to obsessive and intrusive thoughts about the object of love.
The biggest difference between the brains of males and females that is not related to hormone binding sites is serotonin: the rate of serotonin synthesis is 52% greater in males than in females. Women's serotonin levels begin lower, so when they fall in love, they do not become as obsessive as men. The lower serotonin level is perhaps the reason why many men have issues such as stalking, jealousy, and controlling behavior.
The caveat here is that semen also contains serotonin, which can increase a woman's serotonin levels. Women who have unprotected sex with their partners and are regularly exposed to semen experience more significant depression on breaking up than those who were having sex with condoms.
Takeaway: A woman should not fall in love first if she does not want to have lessened judgement and make a prudent partner choice. She should not have sex at all if she does not want to get emotionally attached.

Losing first love is worse for men

Men are terrified of being in love with a woman who does not love them in return. Men project their sexual imprinting to women and believe that the first man to take a woman's "virginity" imprints her to him for life, when the truth of the matter is that most women's first experiences were terrible, and they likely did not come close to having an orgasm or imprinting. Men are projecting when they want to know women's sexual history, because they are much more likely to be hung up on their first love.
Some guys, decent guys, deal with the loss of love by staying single and working on themselves. However, many guys just keep dating and keep using women, and never put their heart into the relationship. They often think they will get back with a past love, whom they hold up on an idealized pedestal. Be very careful about vetting guys' emotional past, in addition to their sexual past. A guy who isn't truly over his past love will never be able to fully love another woman. All the "lost love" has to do is say hi to him, and even if it is decades later, he will be tempted to throw away his entire life, if he thinks there's a chance with her.
There are some high profile examples of a man going single-mindedly after his first love, such as Jason Momoa, who said of his wife Lisa Bonet, “Ever since I was like, 8 years old and I saw her on the TV, I was like, ‘Mommy, I want that one. […] I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life and I’m going to get you.’"
He didn't care that she was over 10 years older than him, and the fact that she was married previously to and had a child with Lenny Kravitz didn't bother him either. It is also clear that a man does not need to have sex with a woman to know that he loves her and wants her.
"I didn’t tell her that until we had two babies, otherwise, I’d be creepy and weird. But yeah, just always wanted to meet her. She was a queen, always."

Love can (sometimes) last

A 2011 study of couples who have been happily married an average of 21 years found that, when they looked at photos of each other, brain activity was elevated in the VTA (just like in new lovers), but also the ventral pallidum, an area associated with maternal attachment in animal studies. Over time, more oxytocin and vasopressin are released. These are the same chemicals that bond parents and their children, and these neurochemicals increase feelings of affection, intimacy, and commitment.
The passion is still there, but the stress is gone. Cortisol and serotonin levels return to normal. Love, which began as a stressor to the brains and bodies, becomes a buffer against stress. Brain areas associated with reward and pleasure are still activated as loving relationships proceed, but in a healthy, long-term, loving relationship, the constant craving and apprehension go away.

You can train your brain to fall out of love, just like you can recover after an addiction

According to scientists, when you start thinking about someone you want to forget, you can redirect your brain. In her research, Helen Fisher observed that when subjects in the fMRI machine shifted their focus to an unrelated task, the hypothalamus calmed down and stopped producing the dopamine that was making them feel lovestruck.
The key is to train your brain to something else that requires your concentration, something that takes a lot of brainpower. Also, remove photos, voicemails, anything that reminds you of them. It is important to stay away from the person to get over them, like when quitting smoking. Don’t call, don’t write, and don’t try to be friends. Block and no contact should be the default response.
Through putting people who’ve been rejected or dumped into the fMRI machines, scientists can see that the attachment reduces with time, just like brains can heal from past drug addiction.
By understanding the neurochemistry of love, you can take better control of your emotions and your life.
P.S. Here is a post with more neuroscience: What porn and video gaming do to the brain.
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2020.09.26 22:26 ThrowRa-Got I(21M) feel insecure because of my girlfriends(21F) body type preferences.

Gf and I have been dating for 4 years. I very much am in love with her and her with me but I just can’t get over certain insecurities that arise from her body type preferences. I’m a short guy, 5’6 and same height as my gf. I’m in good shape but nothing impressive in size or body fat percentage. My gf likes the typical tall, super muscular, and masculine guys. She never puts me down or try’s to be blatant but I can tell my her reactions. When we watched Terminator she yelled and did the “Cover my mouth when aroused” thing that girls do some times when Arnold’s makes scene came on. She apologized of course for doing this. I can just tell by her eyes and how she blushes when we watch a movie and some guy like Momoa is shirtless that she really prefers these types of men.
Of course all this makes me jealous, insecure, feel emasculated etc.. you name it. I know she loves me snd she shows me in different ways that she likes how I look and will never cheat but still I feel this way. I don’t know if this makes me immature for being this way. I’ve tried not to but I can’t help it. Need advice on how to handle my feelings. Am I just being immature?
Tl;dr Girlfriends body type preferences make me insecure. Need advice.
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2020.09.26 09:44 finnagains The First 'Dune' Trailer - by Trevor Lynch • 24 Sept 2020

Dune Trailer -
If movies can have previews, why can’t movie critics release “pre-reviews”? I ask because September 9th was the release date of the first trailer for the first half of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune.
Dune is one of the most-anticipated movies of 2020. Trailers can build up a lot of excitement for a film, but they are immediately forgotten when the movie actually appears. Yet due to COVID-19, there is a real chance that more people will see the movie’s trailer online than will see the actual film in theaters when it is released in December, and it may take months before the film is released on video and streaming services. Until that time, this and any subsequent trailers will eclipse the film itself.
Hence this little experiment. I want to prereview Dune based on the first trailer, plus other information gleaned from interviews and promotional materials. When (and if) you see the film, you can judge my prereview for prescience.
Any Dune adaptation is highly significant, because the novel is one of the great works of twentieth-century popular fiction, straddling both the sci-fi and fantasy genres. First published in 1965, Dune inspired legions of fans. Herbert wrote five sequels, and after his death his son Brian Herbert, together with Kevin J. Anderson, wrote more than a dozen Dune universe books, none of which I have read.
This movie is also significant because Dune has already inspired a series of screen adaptations. The first was by Alejandro Jodorowsky, which was highly influential even though it was never filmed. David Lynch’s 1984 Dune belongs in the category of great flawed films. In 2000, the Sci-Fi Channel did a four-and-a-half-hour, three-part Dune miniseries, which I thought was pretty bad, although its sequel, the Children of Dune miniseries (2003) is surprisingly good.
Dune also inspired screen homages and rip offs, most notably the vast Star Wars “franchise”—which is what the movie industry calls a “mythos.”
Beyond that, a Dune adaptation is politically important because, as I have argued in “Archaeofuturist Fiction: Frank Herbert’s Dune,” , Herbert’s vision is deeply reactionary, anti-modernist, and anti-liberal—and for quite compelling reasons.
Based on his movies Sicario, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve is a highly talented director of both science fiction and action films. Thus he was a good choice to direct Dune. But will Dune be a good movie? Will it be better than the Lynch or the Sci-Fi Channel’s versions? (Yes, the Sci-Fi Channel adaptation was inferior to Lynch, but it included plot elements omitted by Lynch but not by Villeneuve, so it is reasonable to compare the two.) Will Villeneuve’s film bear any relation to Jodorowsky’s Dune? This three minute, five second trailer contains many clues.
Perhaps the chief flaw of Lynch’s Dune are the clunky special effects. The Sci-Fi Channel version’s effects also look cheap. Based on the trailer and Villeneuve’s other science fiction efforts, this adaptation beats the rivals easily in this department. But this is largely due to advances in technology. The big question is whether Villeneuve’s use of the new technology be tasteful or vulgar. Based on the trailer, I can’t yet decide. Aside from the sandworms, most of the effects in the trailer are static images that give one a sense of the design of vessels. But the test of effects is how well they move.
Another flaw of Lynch’s Dune was a lack of grand landscape photography, especially on the watery world of Caladan and the desert planet of Arrakis. Lynch mostly used models without much context. Fortunately, the trailer shows us glimpses of dramatic vistas on both planets. Another flaw of Lynch’s Arrakis is that many of the scenes, even in the desert, are dark, gloomy, and ugly. Deserts are beautiful places, but you’d never know that from the Lynch film. Unfortunately, based on the new trailer, Villeneuve’s Arrakis is almost as dark and ugly as Lynch’s.
Villeneuve’s movie dramatizes the first half of the Dune novel. The setting is more than 20,000 years in the future. Mankind has colonized the entire galaxy. No other intelligent life forms have been found. Because of the great distances between planets and the high cost of space travel, the political order is feudal. Noble houses (Dukes, Counts, Barons) rule entire planets, all of them subordinated to the Padishah Emperor on far-off Kaitain.
In addition to the noble houses, the other major powers are secretive initiatic societies dedicated to the development of human capacities.
The Spacing Guild has developed higher mathematics and prescience to traverse space.
The Bene Tleilax brotherhood, who are Sufis, has developed mnemonics and to create “mentats” (human computers, because artificial intelligence is religiously prohibited), yogic superpowers that allow them to shift shapes, and genetic engineering techniques.
The Bene Gesserit sisterhood has developed skills in martial arts (the Weirding Way), memory sharing, hyper-observation and abductive reasoning, seduction and sex, religious and political deception, and eugenics.
Nobody knows what their ultimate goal is, but their proximal goal—which they are nearing—is breeding a superman, the Kwisatz Haderach (shortener of the way), a Janus-like figure who will be able to access all of his ancestors’ memories as well as presciently peer into the future.
The most valuable resource in the universe is the so-called spice mélange, harvested from the sands of Arrakis, also known as Dune. The spice extends life but also expands the mind, thus it is used by the Guild, Tleilaxu, and Bene Gesserit in all their schemes to transcend the human condition.
The plot of Dune centers on the struggle of two noble houses, the Atreides and the Harkonnen, for control of Arrakis. But this is no normal aristocratic feud, because the most precious resource in the universe is at stake, and one of the players, Paul Atreides, the fourteen-year-old heir to Arrakis, may well be the Kwisatz Haderach the sisterhood has been searching for.
In the trailer the two primary characters are Paul Atreides, (played by Timothée Chalamet) and the Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam (Charlotte Rampling), who has come to test Paul’s powers on the eve of the Atreides’ departure to take control of Arrakis. Their scene and bits of dialogue from it are intercut with flashes of events to come as the Atreides are attacked on Arrakis by the Harkonnen. Paul and his mother are forced to flee to the desert, where they take refuge with the Fremen, the indigenous people of Arrakis.
I wasn’t thrilled when I heard that Chalamet was cast as Paul. He does not look as good as Lynch’s Kyle MacLachlan or the Sci-Fi Channel’s Alec Newman. He looks too delicate for the action sequences. But it is difficult to find an actor who can pass for a teenager and handle the role. Judging from the trailer, however, Chalamet has some steel in him. He will probably do the character credit.
One of the best sequences in Lynch’s film is when the Reverend Mother tests Paul with “the box.” We see glimpses of this in the trailer. Lynch’s Reverend Mother was played beautifully by Siân Phillips. In the Sci-Fi series, she was played by a Czech actress, Zuzana Geislerová, who would have been forgettable if her stupid hats and heavy accent had not made her ridiculous. (She was much better in Children of Dune.) Based on the trailer, Rampling has poise and a great voice. She will do justice to the role.
The only other character in the trailer with significant lines is Duncan Idaho. (Baron Harkonnen and Chani have just a few words.) Although Idaho is a very important character, especially in the subsequent books, Lynch’s adaptation left little room for Idaho, who was played by Richard Jordan. In the Sci-Fi miniseries, he was played by the forgettable James Watson. (In Children of Dune he was memorably played by Edward Atterton.) Villeneuve has cast the half-Hawaiian bodybuildeaction hero Jason Momoa to play Idaho.
Momoa is a very good choice. The first half of Dune contains a number of flight and fight scenes featuring Idaho that were cut by Lynch. These will make excellent action sequences, so Momoa with his heroic physique and martial arts skills will shine in them. As for Momoa’s mixed race ancestry: Duncan Idaho is really the only character in Dune who is described as not being white. “Idaho” is an American Indian name, and the character is described as having high cheekbones, a somewhat flat face, and dark, wavy hair like a karakul sheep. Momoa actually looks the part.
Oscar Isaac plays Duke Leto Atreides. This is actually a better choice than Lynch’s Jürgen Prochnow and Sci-Fi’s William Hurt, since the Atreides are supposed to have a Mediterranean look (brunette, aquiline noses) and descend from the ancient Greek house of Atreus. Isaac, who is of Cuban, Guatemalan, and French ancestry, looks the part. Chalamet, who is half-French, half-Jewish, does so as well.
A beautiful Scottish-Swedish actress, Rebecca Ferguson, plays Lady Jessica, Paul’s mother. She looks good, but not as good as Francesca Annis in Lynch’s film. Saskia Reeves in the Sci-Fi series was too earthy. Alice Kriege (the Borg Queen) was, however, utterly regal in Children of Dune.
Just as Kyle MacLachlan looked like he could have been the child of Jürgen Prochnow and Francesca Annis, Chalamet looks like he could be the son of Isaac and Ferguson.
Josh Brolin is a great choice for Gurney Halleck, the Atreides weapons master, who was memorably played by Patrick Steward in Lynch’s film.
I can’t complain about Villeneuve casting a Chinaman to play the traitor, Dr. Wellington Yueh, even though he was not described as oriental. Thufir Hawat, the Atreides mentat and Master of Assassins, is played by Stephen McKinley Henderson, who has some black ancestry, but who looks quite white. So even this choice doesn’t really stray from Herbert’s vision.
As for the Harkonnens: Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård plays the mad Baron, Vladimir Harkonnen. Dave Bautista plays his brutish nephew Glossu Rabban. Bautista is part Philippino, but is in whiteface. The Baron’s nephew, Feyd Rautha, does not appear in this movie. David Dastmalchian plays the Harkonnens’ twisted mentat Piter De Vries. With his Armenian, Iranian, and European ancestry, Dastmalchian is a strange looking guy and inspired casting for this role, which was memorably played by Brad Dourif in the Lynch film.
The Fremen leader Stigar is played by Javier Bardem. He’s a great actor and will be the best Stilgar yet, although Steven Berkoff was outstanding in Children of Dune.
Unfortunately, at this point Villeneuve’s casting goes completely off the rails.
The character of the Imperial Planetologist, Dr. Liet Kynes, is described by Herbert as a natural leader of astonishing nobility as well as a scientific genius. He was memorably portrayed by Max von Sydow in Lynch’s film. Villeneuve has decided to cast Kynes as a very black woman (Sharon Duncan-Brewster).
This is such outrageous political correctness that Villeneuve claimed that it was necessitated by his choice of a mulatto actress, Zendaya, to play Liet’s daughter Chani, who becomes Paul’s love interest.
This argument is complete nonsense, however, since Zendaya presumably had a white male parent, so there was no need other than blatant racial appropriation to change Kynes’ sex and race. And, of course, it is also racial appropriation to cast his daughter as a mulatto.
But it gets worse. Villeneuve casts two other Fremen with black actors as well. Harah, the wife of Stilgar, is played by Gloria Obianyo. Jamis, who fights with Paul and is killed, is played by Babs Olusanmokun.
This is a very bad sign, for it seems likely that Villeneuve wishes to portray the Fremen, who are the good guys, as primarily non-white. Given that their enemies, the Harkonnens, are depicted with shaved heads and conspicuously white skin, Villeneuve is turning Dune into an anti-white race-war prosecuted by non-whites and white race-mixers (Paul, Stilgar). This isn’t Frank Herbert’s Dune. Like every other piece of mainstream entertainment, Villeneuve’s Dune is just another version of the White Genocide script.
The fact that America has been convulsed for four months by people LARPing the same script is producing a great deal of fatigue for blacks and their white saviors. If COVID does not turn audiences away in droves, this blackface desecration of Herbert’s vision just might. In the past, I could overlook this kind of casting if other parts of the story were good. I don’t think I can do that anymore. This isn’t a game. Our race and civilization are dying, and the politicians, journalists, activists, and artists who are promoting the Great Replacement are simply evil. Denis Villeneuve has desecrated Dune. This movie deserves to bomb as badly as Disney’s Star Wars.
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2020.09.01 06:36 mewtwosucks96 Merry Early Christmas! - Daily Prompts September 2020

For the rest of the month, I'm going to share holiday-inspired prompts I came up with and you can respond to as many as you want to. In any order. At any time. I hope you enjoy.
Date Fandom “Title” Rating Wordcount Link (optional)
September 1st: SHAZAM! - Which is better? Being a kid or being an adult? Write an excerpt about a character (or more than one) exploring this question in some way. (300 words)
September 2nd: Yippee Ki-Yay, Mr. Falcon! - Airports can be annoying. Your character is at one and something is really ruining their day. What is it? (258 words)
September 3rd: The Snow Way Out Trilogy - Your character is feeling trapped. They want out. Is anyone gonna help? Can they handle this themselves? (300 words)
September 4th: BRILLIANT! - You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism! OH! Why didn’t I think of that?! Anyway, here’s the prompt. Some ideas, like trying to steal Christmas, are awful. However, the idea your character has is a great one. (200 words)
September 5th: Christmas Cookies, Sugar - Today’s prompt isn’t actually about cookies, it’s about stars. That word means a lot of things. It’s another word for “celebrities,” it’s a shape, it’s a weapon used by ninja,it’s Dallas’s NHL team, it’s a thing up in space, and it’s even a sea creature. Which kind of star is your excerpt gonna be about? (100 words)
September 6th: Santy Claus is almost here. Oh, me so excited for Christmas! Me can hardly control meself! Ooh! COOKIES! - I honestly don’t like Twas The Night Before Christmas. I think it’s outdated and kind of annoying. Despite that, I watch Cookie Monster recite it every year. So, the theme for today’s prompt is hypocrisy. One of your characters has done something hypocritical. What was it and what’s gonna happen as a result? Does your character have a good reason for being this way? (200 words)
September 7th: The owner of the Seattle Supersonic-ahs - There’s more holidays near the end of the year than just Christmas. There’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Black Friday, certain people’s birthdays, and maybe some more I didn’t think of. Pick one and write an excerpt set during it, or at least about some element of it. (300 words)
September 8th: Happy Birthday! - Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, but let’s not stereotype all snowpeople. They deserve some more diverse representation in pop culture. Write an excerpt about snow coming to life (but not necessarily in a literal sense). (100 words)
September 9th: I’m The Holiday Armadillo! - Improvising can be very useful and important at times. How’s your character improvising today? Are they also adapting and overcoming, by any chance? (300 words)
September 10th: Don’t forget the European exclusive on the PS2! No! - Ooh! An unexpected visitor! Who is it? Are they welcome here? What are they gonna do? (200 words)
September 11th: A GIANT CHRISTMAS WALNUT! - All of a sudden, your character finds something awesome when they weren’t even trying to. What is it? What’s it gonna do for them? Most importantly, will it help a baby they happen to come across have a special firstest Christmas? (500 words)
September 12th: Christmas Who? - “Who” is the key word here today. Your character is meeting or learning about someone for the first time. Is this someone important or just somebody random? If it’s the second thing I said, will they become important? Also, don’t eat me cookie dough. (200 words)
September 13th: Black Christmas! - It’s time to get scary! Take that however you want. It can be a horror scene, someone pulling a prank, someone worried they’re about to get a Game Over in a really hard video game, or anything else you think is frightening. (400 words)
September 14th: A hideous gadget that I’ll never use! - Lying is bad. Very bad. In today’s excerpt, your character is choosing to be honest, like they should. Jolly Sluzzle Tag! (200 words)
September 15th: WHY WEREN’T YOU AT ELF PRACTICE?! - Your character is getting berated by someone today. Will it be because they’re being picked on for some abnormality about their body? Will it be they’re being yelled at for not coming to something important? Something else entirely? Your choice. Will there be anyone there to make them feel better? I hope. Also, for real, why weren’t you at elf practice? (300 words)
September 16th: Even The Easter Bunny started given 'em 'til Santa slapped him with a lawsuit. - Time to tell a story within a story. Your character has something important to tell the others. What is it? Bonus points if they HI-LARIOUSLY fall down in some way before they get to finish. (500 words)
September 17th: Haha! Two movies in one prompt! - Sometimes, bigger isn’t better. Small is also good at times. In today’s excerpt, something has somehow become bigger, causing some issue. (200 words)
September 18th: NOW BRING US SOME FIGGY PUDDING! - Someone is starting to get demanding. What do they want, who are they asking for it from, and are they gonna get it? (200 words)
September 19th: And I go back to December! - Lots of people have something that makes them think about the holiday season even though it wouldn’t for most people. Maybe your family has a tradition of having lasagna on Thanksgiving. Maybe there’s a certain movie you saw for the first time on Christmas Day. Either write an excerpt about what your unusual holiday thing is or have your characters talk about theirs. If you don’t want it to be about a holiday, simply doing something at an unusual time works too. (100 words)
September 20th: I love this movie, but it doesn’t have any memorable lines. - Has your character ever felt underappreciated? Well, they are today. What’s making them feel this way? Is it jealousy? Also, this is the prompt because it’s the premise of the movie and most definitely not at all a joke about how I think it’s underrated. (300 words)
September 21st: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Love and excitement. In today’s prompt, your character is excited about something that they love. So much so that they might even sing a song about it, maybe? (100 words)
September 22nd: Second Christmas - Some things are just way too awesome to only do once. What’s your character choosing to do twice when they’re not supposed to and what are the consequences of doing so gonna be? Maybe they’re able to do something twice thanks to time travel. I bet that would cause some massive problem. It’s happened in every time travel movie ever made. Seriously! (200 words)
September 23rd: Don’t Be A Jerk! - Eating a certain food has caused something bad to happen. Does the person who ate it feel okay? Are they acting unusual? (100 words)
September 24th: STIRWHIPSTIRWHIPWHIPWHIPSTIR! - A certain character or two (any amount) should have arrived by now. They were supposed to, anyway. What’s keeping them? Are the other characters gonna do anything about it? (300 words)
September 25th: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - One or more of your characters can say there’s no such thing as the thing they happen to not believe in, but as for the characters who disagree with them, they believe. Sing it, Grandpa! Write an excerpt where someone believes something and somebody else doesn’t. (200 words)
September 26th: I've got the Tardis scanning the sewers for non-terrestrial life signals. - Apparently the episode this prompt came from is the only Doctor Who episode to premiere in 2019. That’s pretty odd. The prompt is there is only one of something when it doesn’t seem like there should be. (100 words)
September 27th: It’s a Christmas-themed movie snack. - You know what’s not good? When people make the wrong decision, especially when the fact it’s wrong is obvious. What incorrect choice has your character made? Also, Ted from How I Met Your Mother goes to a movie theater to see It’s A Wonderful Life in the episode this prompt is based on, so that totally counts as It’s A Wonderful Life getting a prompt. Ooh! I know. If you want, the character’s bad decision can be wishing they were never born (or some other wish that changes a lot of things). (300 words)
September 28th: YOU CAN’T BREAK A CHRISTMAS PROMISE! - What are you gonna do?! I don’t know! What I do know is what today’s prompt is. There is something your character MUST do whether they want to or not. If they fail, there will be a very severe punishment. (200 words)
September 29th: Reggae Potato - Don’t you hate it when you’re singing an absolute masterpiece of a Christmas song but then your head spontaneously catches on fire for the third time that day? I HATE when they happens! The prompt today is one character had something important to do but can’t, so at least one other character has to fill in. Are they up to the task? (300 words)
September 30th: I’m back from the dead. Never can I die. One of your characters has a very impressive ability or talent. (200 words)
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2020.08.30 01:03 woodHD Am I BI?

I’ve been wondering this for years, I’ve only dated guys but when doing things (never sex) they never turn me on. And I only have female celebrity crushes (other than jason momoa) they are: aubrey plaza, sarah paulson, julia dreyfus, AOC, and much more. I’ve never wanted to date a girl irl but maybe i just haven’t seen the right girl? Idk i’m so confused
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2020.08.13 18:59 goblinwiseau porn sick limp dicks in young guys (18-25)

It's really disturbing how many young guys have ED problems when they are this young!! I'm not an emotional woman(never was) so I can separate sex and emotions very easily but guys around this age seem to have problems keeping it up/getting it up/lasting long/or lasting too long. I've even dated a guy my age who couldn't last longer than 10 seconds!! They also hate foreplay even when I said I need it and told them to do it. They're just so eager to shove it in.

I'm not attracted to guys over 25 because they all have that balding, wrinkled/weathered/disgusting skin look which is very unattractive (unless they look like Jason Momoa/Travis Fimmel then that's another story) so it's like..I give up. What's the point??? I get my emotional/mental needs from loved ones so all I really want from guys is some sex, male masculinity...
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2020.08.13 10:41 formerlydeaddd You WILL Be Loved!

Let me get a bit wacky here and post my thoughts. There's a lot of "advice" circling around the web. The advice that gets shared most often is in the form of little one liner memes. "You can't love somebody until you love yourself" and quotes like that. There's also fun little quotes like "do you, and someone will come to you" great, thanks mom! The funny thing is, a large proportion of men have been taking this advice all our lives. We've got hobbies, we immerse ourselves in our careers, we spend time with our parents and siblings, and we develop ourselves, care about ourselves, look at ourselves in the mirror and say to ourselves "gosh, you're a good guy!" And we hold this picturesque ideal future over our heads, where we've got $100k in the bank, and we meet a nice girl, and we end up having a little baby maybe, and we spend our savings building something up as perfect as we can, and, no matter our differences, we work through everything with this girl, no matter the arguments, the girl unconditionally loves you, and you unconditionally love her, and you raise that kid and teach that kid all about the world, all about judgement and jealousy and integrity and self esteem and passion and drive and, you leave this cruel world knowing that despite all the sacrifice and suffering, you added a little good. You tried. That's an ideal future right? But here's the thing: you arent going to get the girl that loves you unconditionally if you refuse to ask girls out. Women aren't exactly messaging men or, approaching men, hoping to find their soulmate at this point in history. In fact for the most part, the girls whom haven't already settled down with someone by highschool/ college, most of them have got a completely different view of the world by then. They're solicited daily. They're afforded choice like you wouldn't believe. They're jaded by average and they're repulsed by below average. Women are also capable of having children without attachment to a Male, by the way, and, many of them do exactly that. I am not here to nag about single mothers but, if a woman is completely and utterly dying to fill a void of empty loneliness and meaninglessness, like some of the girls i grew up with were, they simply decide it's time, and they create a child of their own, which is beautiful.
I used to chase women based on how moral they were. I used to only date women that, read and were fascinated by the humanities and psychology. That was when i was young and i was afforded choice. I haven't dated a single woman in over 6 years. I haven't had a friend request from a woman in 6 years on Facebook either. It seems, at least to me, that women would rather be approached. My Instagram is full of my artwork, quotes i like, home cooked meals. It's public. I've got a few selfies that show I'm not a slob, deformed, ill, handicapped, unfit or inferior. Yet, i am completely honest in saying that i haven't had a single friend request in over 6 years. So what i am trying to get at is, if you are a Male and, a partner is a part of your ideal future, you need to add girls, message girls, talk to girls, ask girls out. Unless you have 7-8 years to wait for a girl to message you first? Idk? Maybe you have that time.
As far as loving yourself before you can love somebody else... sure! But.... i mean.... once you generally accept yourself and, you integrate your shadow and, you realize you're not perfect and nobody is, and you go through your whole "I'm trash but, I'm human" phase and you arrive at a point where you basically live to better the world in spite of evil, in spite of jealousy, etc... well? Are you just going to paint model sailboats till a nice girl messages you and asks you out? (Spoiler: that might not happen, and i use might not in place of won't hesitantly)
As a man, you need to approach. You need to stick up for yourself, approach, and display your good qualities. Very few women are going to approach you to offer their good qualities. They "know their worth" and they know their worth is intrinsic. They will have 5 new guys vying for their attention at some point in the next few months, whether they are looking for attention or not. That's how this works in my HUMBLE opinion, boys. Women select. That's a trait of our species.
So, love yourself and go approach women. What are you selecting for? Try substance over looks. But also try to find a girl you're attracted to, too!
While you're loving yourself, save. Why? Because the female in most animal kingdoms, prefers to mate with a Male that can deliver resources and territory, protect the babies and the mother from the wild dangers of unknown future threats. That's money. That's what humans call money. That's what humans call housing in a safe area, rather than housing where homeless people burn shoes in metal barrels at night outside your apartment.
So love yourself, approach women, and be valuable. Women are pretty amazing, they hold the ability to replicate your genes. You can sacrifice for them and they'll literally deliver you a fantastic "meaning of life" so, they're really valuable intrinsically. You? Well, you are too but... you go down with the ship if there's only enough life boats for women and children, if you catch my drift. You need to provide. You have to protect your kids from the dangers of unsafe environments. A metaphor: build walls between your family and the jungle. (That's your job description btw) Not every man looks like Brad Pitt, or Chris Hemsworth or James Franco or Jason Momoa, maybe you're not even 5'5, but you CAN provide security. You can sacrifice and provide security. The numbers don't lie. Most women settle down with older men (who've had years ahead to save) and very few women marry men that make less than they do.
So don't feel like you're out of the game just because you love yourself, you're approaching, and you're not getting anywhere. You can use your works, to build a wall that tames the cruel jungle!
So i just want to give everyone here some hope. There are things we can do to increase our chances of finding a woman that wants to make it work, through thick and thin, through good times and bad, in the name of unconditional love, and for the children.
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2020.08.03 18:13 RosenPlamz69 The Chart of Treatment

1: Circus freak, you will be treated like a monster or some carnival attraction (Elephant Man, StBlackOps2Cel, etc.)
2: Very ugly, similar sort of treatment, though less severe, mocked regularly (St. Hamudi, HeedandSucceed, etc.)
3: Ugly, mocked and generally (mostly subconsciously) treated like a sub-human (Danny DeVito, Woody Allen, etc.)
4: Below average, may as well be invisible to most people (especially girls), mocked occasionally (Savvy guy, Infinite1, etc.)
5: Average, almost completely invisible to everyone, mocked only sometimes (though not unprovoked) (Higgabigga, Kent, etc.)
6: Above average, still quite invisible, though you can realistically get dates with girls, mocked rarely (Jimmy Kimmel, Gordon Ramsay, etc.)
7: Chadlite/pretty boy, unlikely to get approached by a girl, though she will often agree to go on a date if you approach her, almost never mocked (Timothee Chalamet, Harry Styles, etc.)
8: Chad, sometimes approached by girls, they will almost always agree to go on a date, practically never mocked (Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, etc.)
9: Megachad, often approached by girls, crushed on a lot, never mocked (Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, etc.)
10: Gigachad, guaranteed to get approached at least once when he goes outside, basically worshipped by women, never mocked (Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, etc.)
I know it's more nuanced than this (especially with the pretty boy thing) but this is a rough kinda chart of how people are treated depending on their looks. For some categories I couldn't think of celebrity examples so I used incel celebrities jfl.
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2020.07.20 18:43 GGallowBoob Dating Preferences vs Outright Racism in Bachelor Nation

Many times, people say "It's just a preference" for things that are actually rooted in historical racism.
I'll use myself as an example:
For men (and in a very very very basic sense), I'm attracted to tall, muscular, kind of rugged looking guys. Well that includes Jason Momoa and Winston Duke and Chris Hemsworth. Because being tall and very muscular are not racial traits. Likewise funny, charismatic, shy and introverted aren't racial traits. So in a very basic sense, if you show me a pic of a tall, muscular dude, I'll probably be into him.
Adding on, being attracted to features that are more predominant in one race than another don't make you racist. If you love blonde hair, then going for Cassie or Hannah G makes more sense. That's more popular in White people. But then that would also mean you're probably attracted to this and this and this as well. But if you're not, why? Are there other features you're into such as light eyes or thinness or...pale skin. And if it is pale skin, then why not the Asian woman who is also very pale? If not, then it might actually be that you're attracted to Whiteness. Not just blondes. And that's where the racism comes in. And we currently have an issue where guys will list off curvy body, full lips and other features that are predominant in Black women and then exclusively date White women. They want a White woman with traditionally Black features because Black features on a Black body is ghetto.
Humans are obviously more complex than being attracted to an individual trait.
For Jojo, her type is tall, tan, dark hair, a little rugged facial hair. None of those are racial traits and they're pretty popular amongst all races. And that's how we ended up with this But looking at JoJo's cast, most of the POC don't have that slightly rugged look that her f4 has. However, a guy like this probably would have gone far on looks alone (we aren't addressing personality yet).
Even if they find a lead who is into blondes exclusively, a cast full of blondes ( of any race) is boring. Which is also why it's important to cast leads who have a stronger personality preferences over appearance preferences. Raven, Taylor Nolan, Jasmine, Kristina, Vanessa and Rachel had a lot more similarities in terms of personality: driven, strong leaders, outspoken, and confident. And we need more leads who are like that. Leads who value humor, creativity, nerdiness, bravery, or shyness over whiteness. I highly doubt Emily, who sent all the POC home very early, couldn't find any non-White men who had personalities she's attracted to.
Finally, people talk about being more attracted to one culture over another which can also be racist. We specifically see that with Asian women. Dudes want a girl who is thin, submissive and very soft-spoken. And then they pursue any East Asian woman they see assuming that she acts that way and that is racist. Likewise, many people assume that Black women are loud, bossy and like to dance which is also racist. If you see Tayshia across the street but you choose not to talk to her because you think she'd act like Nikki Minaj, that is racist. And when it comes to dating POC, many people come in with preconceived and stereotypical notions and assumptions which is racist. (Note this is not the same as pointing out true cultural differences in dating practices.)
One last thing, I've met countless White guys who say "Yeah I date all races" and they list Bekah, Katie and Caila who are all very white passing ( or ambiguous) contestants. They need to reevaluate. Because it's still Whiteness they're attracted to. Dating Halle Berry does not mean you'll date Gabrielle Union.
So these would be questions and discussions we should not only ask ourselves, but ones that producers should have with potential contestants and leads.
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2020.07.04 18:35 bluecar3081 I need validation now (37M) after an accident. Advice.

Throwaway account. Let me just sum it up. 5'10, nice looking but no male model, worked my way up to a high paying position after 10 years in a company. Things were good.
I was always a confident guy, had things going for me. Years ago I was hit by someone in an automobile accident and I am now in a wheelchair. I don't care if your Jason Momoa ( aquaman ), your dating life and self confidence dives to record lows if your disabled.
I ended up meeting a (33F) at a park with her son about a year and a half ago. We have been solid friends talking daily but I never in a million years thought she'd be interested in me as a partner. She's very beautiful and could have her pick of guys. After a year we actually started dating and this is where the crippled insecurities started to surface.
She could have any guy, why me? I am not the provider I once was. Is she embarrassed to be seen with me around her friends? Things that creep in your head that only someone with a disability would understand. I adore her and her son, but I don't over due it and act clingy or anything.
I never hear any complements about how I look or anything. It also doesn't help when she talks about a " hot or sexy " movie star ( I honestly don't care, all people think it ), it's 6'5 long hair and tattoos. The complete opposite of me. Just makes me feel bad being in a wheelchair.
I want to hear nice and validating things about me. It's not a normally insecurity. It's the fact that I don't stack up to normal guys in society anymore. Is there any advice from anyone in a similar situation that can help me or offer a way that doesn't come off as needy. Thank you all.
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2020.06.22 21:25 wolkmi Is a little imposible to not care about height

Very short men like 5'2 or 5'4 are very fucked. Women instead for example can ve attractive at all heights: tall women are supermodels who date celebrities, very short women date celebrities too, look the girlfriend of the Mountain actor, or the partner of Jason Momoa.
I know I talk about celebrities but average women care too, the worst part is that if you try to look taller with shoe lift who add inches you're insecure too. Only in videogames and cartoons height doesnt matter
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2020.06.05 20:44 hisgirlthrowaway HELP: I'm (F24) in love with my best friend (M24) and can't tell if he feels the same??

This is gonna be long, sorry y'all. I can't nutshell.
So my friend K. and I have been friends for a long time (we even currently live in the same apartment building). He's always been there for me, and I him. We both had relationships that ended badly (emotional abuse), and for the past year we've both been single/dating averse.
In the aftermath of our relationships, as we helped each other cope, I truly realized just how smart and funny and caring he's always been. I began to develop feelings for him. But here's the problem: K. has always been handsome, but over the past year he's worked out a ton and basically become even hotter in ADDITION to being sweet, smart, etc.
Meanwhile, me? I'm neurotic, just ok-looking and have a slight disability that often makes me limp/move awkwardly. So, to recap, he was already out of my league, and now he's TWO leagues above me. I was too embarrassed to confess my feelings and thought it was hopeless. Like, picture Jason Momoa dating a somehow worse version of Andy Dick. DIRE.
But now there's maybe light at the end of the tunnel? I don't know? We were watching Terminator together yesterday, and I'd had a childhood crush on Kyle Reese. Feeling BOLD, I made some comment about Reese being hot (K. even resembles him, so I'm sure God had a laugh when he decided to ruin my life).
Me: Damn, Kyle's still hot. long pause to appear casual You know, you look a lot like him. Except it's better, because you're a real person. (Yeah, I don't know why I said that either, thanks)
K: laughs politely You know, he is, but I think I'm more of a Sarah Connor guy. You're kind of like HER, too.
Me: makes unattractive pfft noise Yeah, okay. I'm no Linda Hamilton.
K: Yes you are! You're really cool, and it's EVEN better because you're a REAL person. I love being with you.
Then he put his arm around me, which was nice.
He kind of looked at like he was waiting for a response, but I didn't know what to say and at around that point the sex scene happened and it was 100x longer than normal and excruciatingly awkward and so I stayed quiet.
We finished the movie and made a few more jokey comments, but it was just...I don't know. I was kicking myself and just wanting to leave and as I was getting up he lightheartedly goes something like, "I didn't mean to upset you, I wasn't kidding. I love you and I'm so lucky to have you."
Then he hugged me and looked at me in this serious way and then my Andy Dick self was limping to the door and all I could say was "I'll be back" Arnold-style (whyyyyyy???? Kill me Jesus).
Then he just sort of laughed and on my way out he started laughing more and yelling "I'd travel across time for you, [my name]! I'd travel across time! Fuck Kyle Reese! I mean it!" in this jokey way and I blushed and shrugged and left. Later he texted me just saying "Sorry, I meant to tell you you were even better than Sarah Connor."
Oh my God, this sounds so dumb when I type it out. Do you guys think he was trying to say he liked me, too, or just was being friendly and meant "love" in a friend way? Should I tell him I've got a thing for him? I don't want to ruin our friendship? He's way too good for me? UGH please help.
TL;DR crush on best friend, IDK if he feels the same, weird vibes from him
UPDATE: Asked him to talk just now, confirmed my feelings. He told me he'd recently started feeling the same way about me, but after yesterday's awkwardness (and my Schwarzenegger exit) wasn't sure how I felt and if to press the subject. Turns out he was worried about if he was good enough for me. The More You Know. So, we're going to take it slow and start dating, see what happens. Maybe I'll be back here in a few years because he wants to name our kid Gaylord. Thank you commentators, James Cameron, and not-life-ruining God.
Also: thanks to the people who told me to quit doubting myself. I thought I'd recovered from past abuse, but seeing my words written down made me realize that I use self-deprecation a lot, often as a "if I say it first then it won't hurt when someone else says it" defense. I'm going to try to stop doing that. Who knew that people with names like "fly-headed-penis" would have such good advice? So thanks, y'all.
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2020.06.04 10:47 saladqun Alex Rodriguez and Jason Momoa

Yesterday I made a post about how Kanye West manifested Kim and everyone seemed to enjoy it, I got different suggestions so I decided to start series with successful celebrity SP manifestations! Here is Part 2, Jason Momoa and Alex Rodriguez.
J.Lo was Alex Rodriguez's dream date back in 1998 interview. When asked about what his dream date would be, 22 years ago, A-Rod said Jennifer Lopez. 20 years later they are happily married and an adorable couple! Here is the video in which he explains to Jimmy Fallon that dreams DO come true (in America) and it took him 20 years. Also he mentioned that the confidence he had back then is amazing! Unfortunately, there is not a lot of info about if A-Rod truly uses the Law in his life.
Now going to Jason Momoa, pretty popular story. In 1987, Jason saw Lisa on TV for the first time:
“Ever since I was like, 8 years old and I saw her on the TV, I was like, ‘Mommy, I want that one,’" Momoa famously told James Corden in a 2017 episode of The Late Late Show. “I’m like, ‘I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life and I’m going to get you.’"
Sounds kinda creepy, but pretty sure he did not stalk her and you should not stalk your SP too.
"I didn’t tell her that until we had two babies, otherwise, I’d be creepy and weird. But yeah, just always wanted to meet her. She was a queen, always,” he said to Corden.
In 2005 they met in a Jazz club:
"I can’t say it was full-on from the moment we saw each other, but we have been together from the day that we met,” Bonet told Porter magazine in 2018. "In that moment, love came and it came big, and he did not run as I think a lot of men do. He basically picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, caveman style!”
Two years later, their first child was born!
Amazing story, age difference, different professional fields. Some might say this is not Neville but what I will say is, this is purely just living in the end and having faith. That has always been enough for manifesting, the rest are just techniques to build these two things up!
Good luck to you, hope I can come back with another part!
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2020.05.31 03:23 tonnie_taller Justice League Concept Art Detailed Look At Intricate Cyborg Design

Read more on WordPress
A fresh piece of concept art for _Justice League_has emerged online, offering a glimpse at a much more intricate version of Cyborg. Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, the character of Victor Stone made his first appearance in _DC Comics Presents #26._Initially serving as a regular member of the Teen Titans, he was retconned to be a founding member of the Justice League when the team was rebooted by Geoff Johns in 2011. Though the specifics have differed over the years, Victor is often caught up in a tragic event that destroys his body – prompting his scientist father, Silas Stone, to transform him into the being known as Cyborg.
Played by Ray Fisher, the character made his big-screen, live-action debut in a brief vignette for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He later returned more prominently alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller’s The Flash, and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in Justice League. As well as helping resurrect the previously fallen Superman (Henry Cavill), Cyborg also contributed to the defeat of Steppenwolf and an army of parademons. The team-up movie was intended to set up a solo adventure for the hero. Unfortunately, in the wake of _Justice League_‘s underwhelming reception, plans for Cyborg were scrapped – with its previously planned release date marked only by Zack Snyder releasing of an image of Cyborg from his cut of the film. Fortunately, with it announced that the Snyder Cut will be released on HBO Max in 2021, fans will finally get to see more of the hero after all.
Related: Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Could Still Have A Solo Movie & DCEU Future
Posting on Instagram, Jerad S. Marantz celebrated that fact with a piece of concept art he’d created for Cyborg. Rather than a head-on shot, Marantz chose to post one from behind, calling it his favorite view. The artist also stated that the process had been quite the challenge, having not received many opportunities to work on “_mechanical/robotics stuff_“. True to the character, the result is equal parts robotic yet oddly human. Like many fans, who have already begun to state as such in the comments, Marantz expressed his eagerness to see more of the character in next year’s release. Check out the full post and image below:
Cyborg was arguably the biggest casualty of _Justice League_passing from Snyder to Joss Whedon. Throughout the initial production, Cyborg was widely reported as being the emotional core of the film. During Whedon’s extensive reshoots, however, the character’s role was heavily truncated or otherwise changed. That is set to be rectified by the director’s cut of the film, which is expected to have a much longer runtime. Fisher himself has stated that Cyborg’s full story in Snyder’s _Justice League_will hit fans’ hearts.
Whether or not Cyborg will be more in line with the artwork in Snyder’s version remains to be seen. If so, however, it would almost certainly be an improvement. One of the biggest criticisms levied against the theatrical release was the rather rushed and cheap-looking CGI. That was especially true in the case of Cyborg, who looked somewhat cartoonish in his theatrical form. With at least a year until its release, and over $30 million being spent on adding the finishing touches, there’s nothing stopping Snyder from modeling Cyborg on the much more intricate and slightly more grounded-looking design. It would no doubt be a visual upgrade in keeping with the one exhibited by Cyborg’s increased storyline importance in Snyder’s Justice League.
More: Could Snyder’s Full Original DCEU Slate Still Be Completed?
Source: Jerad S. Marantz/Instagram
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2020.05.06 23:41 I-am-the-Peel DISCUSSION: Who would you have cast as the DCEU's Justice League?

Looking back at the founding members of the Justice League in the DCEU, who would you have cast if you had the chance to cast any actor or actress as the characters yourself? For an added bonus you can have any Justice League member from the comics and don't have to have members in the movies you didn't want like Flash or Cyborg. Here's who I'd have cast as the DCEU's Justice League;
DCEU Justice League
If it were up to me I would've delayed the movie until 2019 after Aquaman had come out to better develop more of the founding members and had more Apokalips-related characters in the movie to better build up to Darkseid as well as appearances from Intergang.
Who would you have cast as your DCEU's Justice League? Leave your thoughts below!
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2020.05.03 22:30 I-am-the-Peel DISCUSSION: What Warner Bros. should've done with the DCEU after Justice League

Before I begin please do not downvote this post just because you may disagree with my thoughts or want to see another post lamenting what could've been in the DCEU. Times are hard with the global pandemic and this is just a fun way for DC fans like me to distract myself from it all. Have a nice day, be safe and if you don't enjoy what you read here or don't want to read it, you don't have to but please don't downvote simply because you don't like these kinds of posts, thank you.
When the Justice League movie was released in 2017 it received an underwhelming box office result compared to what Warner Bros. were hoping for and received less than stellar reviews from critics. After Justice League there was a huge break in production for movies from then to the Aquaman movie in late 2018, with Batman and Flash movies receiving constant delays, the lack of certainty whether Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck would return and internal disagreements in the studios. Looking back on what transpired, I'd like to argue five key points on what Warner Bros. should've done after Justice League to keep the DCEU going, staying profitable and staying successful;
1.) Give Henry Cavill a pay rise and make one last Superman movie, set for release in 2018
It has been reported over the last few years that the core reason why Henry Cavill has not returned to reprise the role of Superman in the DCEU is because he demanded a pay rise following his success in the Mission Impossible franchise and also wanted his own production company to be involved in the making of another Superman movie. Warner Bros. understandably disagreed with this as Cavill's Superman received greater criticism than some of their more popular characters in the DCEU like Gadot's Wonder Woman or Momoa's Aquaman and this has led to a three year long hiatus of fans asking 'will he/won't he?' return to the DCEU.
My proposal would've been this; Warner Bros. should've given Henry Cavill a pay rise in the short term to reprise the role of Superman in a Man of Steel sequel without having to sign a contract with Cavill's production company on board and Zack Snyder somewhat attached in a limited capacity with someone else in the director's chair who the studio trusted. This would've allowed Warner Bros. the opportunity to place a new director in the Superman franchise who they felt more confident with and who could've brought the character back to his more optimistic routes, like Christopher McQuarrie who is a phenomenal director and had pitched his own idea for a Superman movie with Cavill.
The purpose of this movie would've been to 1.) Give Cavill's Superman one last chance to be a success in the DCEU and convince Warner Bros. to give Cavill a pay rise in another multi pic contract and 2.) Allow Warner Bros. to introduce other members of the Super-family who could've had their own solo movies and carried the franchise on like Supergirl or even Antje Traue's Faora as Superwoman if she reformed. Either of these options would've allowed the Super-franchise to continue in the DCEU and given Warner Bros. the opportunity to make more movies with them.
2.) Don't rip off Gavin O'Connor's Suicide Squad 2 for Birds of Prey
Of all the biggest blunders in the DCEU, this is probably one of the worst; Gavin O'Connor is a brilliant director and one of the best directors who's repeatedly worked with Warner Bros. in recent years. He's made great movies like Warrior and The Accountant, has a good working relationship with Ben Affleck and had a great rumoured original pitch for Suicide Squad 2 in the squad fighting terrorist organisations in the Middle East while trying to capture Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam. Some reports claim Warner Bros. dropped O'Connor for his idea of a gang of misfits trying to rescue another character from an evil gang being too similar to Birds of Prey while others claim that O'Connor's idea was actually borrowed and turned into Birds of Prey. Whatever the case, I feel that this was a gigantic failure of a decision on Warner Bros.' part and they should've allowed O'Connor to move forward with his planned Suicide Squad 2.
If O'Connor had been allowed to make Suicide Squad 2, it would've likely been released for late 2019/early 2020 in line with when O'Connor finished the screenplay just before September 2018 and accounting for filming. Will Smith would've been able to return for the sequel too, drawing in greater crowds at the box office, and that would've prevented him from starring in Disney's live action Aladdin remake, potentially making that less successful in Warner Bros.'s favour.
There is also the added potential bonus of characters like Ezra Miller's Flash once again having a cameo in the sequel to keep public interest in their characters and keeping the film universe connected. All in all, whilst I have no doubt James Gunn's Suicide Squad movie will be a great success, it would've been nicer to have had a Suicide Squad sequel with the proper cast returning with an equally great director in Gavin O'Connor released earlier last year for a late 2019 release and the potential to properly introduce Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam to the DCEU.
3.) Make the Cyborg movie, CGI cost be damned
While Ray Fisher's Cyborg wasn't the breakout character of Justice League and his CGI costume costed a lot of money, a Cyborg movie would've still been somewhat of a financial success. Ray Fisher is still a good actor and hugely passionate about the character of Cyborg - Unlike Cavill or Miller, Fisher never had any backroom issues with Warner Bros. over salaries or the tone of the movie he'd star in and just simply wanted to make more movies. This kind of enthusiasm shouldn't have gone unnoticed and Warner Bros. should've stuck with their Cyborg movie.
As of August 2018, there were reports that deleted scenes from the Justice League movie were being reworked into the Cyborg movie - with that in mind, casting and production for a Cyborg movie could've begun later that year, filming throughout 2019 and the movie could've been ready for its original April 2020 release date though likely pushed back for 2021 with the ongoing global pandemic. To compensate for budget costs and CGI costs, the movie didn't necessarily have to be two hours long like most superhero blockbuster movies and could've been a bit shorter like Birds of Prey was, guaranteeing that it would've made some money at the box office and kept the franchise going.
4.) Let Gareth Evans direct his Deathstroke movie
Gareth Evans had pitched a Deathstroke movie to Warner Bros. in October 2017 with Joe Manganiello attached and received such high of a response Warner Bros. greenlit it into development almost immediately. Evans described his story as dark, unforgiven, Shakespearean and heavily inspired by Korean noir films, all of which sounds amazing and highly appealing.
After the success of the Raid movies and Joe Manganiello's popularity in his short appearance as Deathstroke after Justice League, I feel that there was no real reason why Warner Bros. didn't allow Deathstroke to go straight into filming and if it had started as late as 2018, it still would've been released anytime last year. Gareth Evans is a phenomenal director, Joe Manganiello is a great actor and Deathstroke is one of DC's most popular characters - all ingredients for a fantastic movie that should've been.
5.) Push ahead with Justice League 2 for a 2021 release
With all of the four points above, the following would've been achieved; Cavill's Superman, Gadot's Wonder Woman, Fisher's Cyborg and Momoa's Aquaman all would've had their own solo movies before 2021, building up their characters and guaranteeing that at least three of the original six founding Justice League cast members would've been able to return for a sequel even if Cavill didn't return. The franchise would've recovered after the flop of the first Justice League in 2017, the characters would've been better developed and there would've been renewed interest in seeing them all reappear together in one crossover movie like Justice League 2. With a different director or even someone who's worked on previous DCEU movies before like Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins or Aquaman's James Wan, a good script and the returning cast, Justice League 2 could've widely outperformed the original movie and kept the franchise going.
Justice League 2 would've also been able to properly address the issue concerning Affleck's Batman and retire him properly in the franchise. By the time that filming would've been able to start in late 2019 before being postponed for the Coronavirus pandemic, Affleck would've recovered from his alcoholism break and been able to fulfill his contract of one last DCEU movie as he's already been able to start filming movies before this pandemic began. If Affleck still didn't want to return for future movies, Batman could've been killed off in Justice League 2 and a new character could've taken over the mantle like say Dick Grayson in the DCEU. This also would've allowed Warner Bros. to entrust the Batman property to a talented director like Matt Reeves, allow him to pick who he wanted to cast as the next Batman in Dick Grayson, keep the Batman movies in continuity with the rest of the DCEU and tell some new and different stories with a different Batman to Bruce Wayne that would've made Reeves' movies even more unique. I understand in most fans' eyes 'Only Bruce Wayne is Batman' but this would've been the next best thing for DCEU's Batman if Affleck didn't return and would've kept the likelihood of more Justice League and Batman movies happening within the DCEU strong.
With all of those movies in mind, this is how I envision the updated DCEU Slate would've looked like;
2017 - Wonder Woman and Justice League.
2018 - Deathstroke and Aquaman.
2019 - Shazam, Man of Steel 2, Suicide Squad 2 and Joker.
2020 - Nothing as a result of the global pandemic.
2021 - Wonder Woman: 1984, Cyborg and Justice League 2.
How would you have all felt about this movie slate if Warner Bros. had made their decisions differently? Would you have been happier with a Suicide Squad coming earlier than currently expected? Would you have been happy with MOS2 finally happening? Leave your thoughts below and please keep it civil!
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2020.04.08 08:24 RaniPuspita 12 Taboos About Lisa Bonet You Should Never Share On Twitter Lisa Bonet

Touchstone Pictures/Photofest
It’s been two decades back almanac abundance consumer Rob (John Cusack) anecdotal his pinnacle bristles breakups, as in a position-bodied as his accord in progress, in High Fidelity. Throughout the 2000 movie, Rob makes lists to assay rite bootless courting.
The cine turning into $forty seven.1 actor on the all-around container appointment afterward its March 31, 2000 launch. High Fidelity, based totally on Nick Hornby’s 1995 abnormal of the aforementioned call, becoming approximately absolute reviews from critics and has a 91 percent bloom appraisement on Rotten Tomatoes.
Jack Black, Lisa Bonet, Joan Cusack, Tim Robbins, Sara Gilbert, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso, Lili Taylor, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Natasha Gregson Wagner moreover first-rate in the film, which turned into co-written with the aid of D.V. DeVincentis, Steve Pink, John Cusack, Scott Rosenberg and directed with the aid of Stephen Frears.
The rite avalanche afterwards the February 2020 admission of the Hulu television adaption of the radical, which stars Bonet’s babe Zoe Kravitz as Robyn “Rob” Brooks. In the up to date, gender-swapped series, Rob recounts her antecedent relationships with a agnate “pinnacle five” listing. The alternation additionally stars Jake Lacy, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and David H. Holmes.
In account of the film’s anniversary, The Hollywood Reporter takes a attending at what John and Joan Cusack, Black, Bonet, Gilbert and introduced of the High Fidelity aggregation are carrying out now.
12 Taboos About Lisa Bonet You Should Never Share On Twitter Lisa Bonet – lisa bonet
so as to our weblog, with this era I am going to reveal you concerning keyword. Now, here is the number one photo:
Lisa Bonet Biography – Biography – lisa bonet lisa bonet
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Lisa Bonet, 12, cuts a stylish figure as she joins husband Jason .. lisa bonet
Todo sobre lisa-bonet Tele 12 – lisa bonet lisa bonet
Beyoncé se disfrazó de Lisa Bonet en Halloween y Zoë Kravitz tuvo .. lisa bonet
La historia de Jason Momoa con su amor platónico Lisa Bonet, ex de .. lisa bonet
High Fidelity- Official Trailer – lisa bonet lisa bonet
Lisa Bonet,✅ Así han envejecido los iconos de los 12 – lisa bonet lisa bonet
Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet’s Sweetest Quotes About Their Family – lisa bonet lisa bonet
Husbands Take Note: Jason Momoa Calls Wife Lisa Bonet “Goddess” – lisa bonet lisa bonet
“Amor y respeto”: Las tiernas palabras de Lenny Kravitz a Jason Momoa, marido de su exmujer Lisa Bonet – lisa bonet lisa bonet
La historia de amor de Jason Momoa y Lisa Bonet contada en fotos – VIX – lisa bonet lisa bonet
La historia de Jason Momoa con su amor platónico Lisa Bonet, ex de .. lisa bonet
The post 12 Taboos About Lisa Bonet You Should Never Share On Twitter Lisa Bonet appeared first on Wallpaper Nifty.
from WordPress
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2020.04.05 07:33 _whatthewhat I'm getting tired of my "queer" friends who are really just straight girls masquerading as sexually radical.

Obligatory mention that I am not a TERF and also TERFs can drown.
This is a hella unpopular opinion I'm aware but I need to blow off some steam.
I'm gay. I am currently surrounded by people in my social circle (mostly women) who self-identify as queer but are pretty much just bicurious. Most of them are in the "I find women attractive but would never consider a serious sexual/romantic relationship with a woman" category. All of them are dating or married to men.
A few of them are ace, but also strongly lean towards male attracted. By that I mean they have a collection of "husbandos" or male actors/fictional characters they fangirl over and save dozens or hundreds of pictures of and readily spam me with. I spend eight hours a day at work listening to my straight female coworkers talk about their boyfriends and then go home and log into my LGBT groups/servers/hop into group chats and see nothing but more heteronormative nonsense tied up in rainbow ribbon. I am REALLY. TIRED. Of talking about boyfriends and husbands and poly relationships with boyfriends AND husbands and being thrown the occasional bone in the form of a She-ra meme or a "YAAAAS STEP ON MY QUEEN" before going right back to talking about Chris Evans or Jason Momoa.
I am also really tired of nodding along to their essays about wanting to spend their days bottoming and playing wifey/baking pies for their boyfriends in heels on their days off and hand-wringing about whether or not this is empowering if it's done unironically.
I'm not saying being bisexual/pansexual isn't a valid identity. But some of these women primarily identify as WLW or "lesbians with an exception", hang out primarily in WLW groups, and talk about nothing but their "platonic marriage" with their grey ace husbands who they "platonically" still kiss and have sex with.
And ofc, whenever the topic of women comes up, it's a contest of who can yell IM LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!! the loudest before switching back almost immediately to talking about men.
Maybe there needs to be a separate identity for "identifies as a lesbian and happily married to a man, would never date/marry a woman" so that these people have a space to call their own but yo, I'm tired.
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2020.03.30 15:14 madeathrowaway21 My (26F) self esteem is so low that it’s ruining my life. I feel like everyone in my life is lying to me but what are the chances?

I’ll start this by saying I am getting professional help. I’m on a waiting list to start a course for CBT but it’s going to take longer due to the pandemic going on atm.
I look in the mirror and I don’t think I’m ugly but when I look at pictures I get obsessed thinking I have an asymmetrical face and it’s really distracting. I have a high forehead and one side of my nose is shorter than the other, my lips aren’t symmetrical, one eyebrow is higher than the other. Everything gets me down. My housemates bully me, they know how I feel and insult me and say it’s just banter but I’ve told them I don’t find it funny. I hate that I’ve told people this is how I feel because they can use it against me.
Anyway I’ve resorted to Botox and lip fillers and still nothing is helping how I view myself. I struggle with my weight and body image too but my obsession at the moment is my face. I feel like especially from the right side I look so ugly. I hate speaking to people if they’re on my right side and sometimes ask to switch places so they’ll be looking at my left.
So this is my life and sometimes I feel like I can manage it and deal with it but other times I get really emotional about it and triggered. I’ve been dating someone for a while and we’ve said we love each other but now this is coming between us. Recently (before lockdown) I was hanging out with him and his friends and I’m still getting to know them and I had a few drinks and suddenly started to get paranoid thinking they all thought I was hideous and ugly. I didn’t say anything to them but I did become quite quiet as I was contemplating everything. Then I started to compare myself to my guy’s ex (they’re still friends but she isn’t the most attractive person ever and before I would never have felt threatened by her). When we went to bed he asked if I was OK a few times because he could sense something was on my mind. I really tried to keep it to myself because I know it’s my issue but I just broke down crying and told him I feel he’s too good for me because I’m ugly and fat and don’t have a good personality etc. And how I feel like no one likes me and can see that I look disfigured from the one side. How I feel like I’ll never compare to his ex and whatever.
He was quite shocked I think, and taken aback. He always says I’m out of his league but this time he said it’s not about leagues, we’re both attracted to eachother and love eachother and that’s all that matters. Whilst I agree, and I don’t go for looks in someone else (I literally am just so obsessed with my own and comparing to other girls, I’m not shallow in terms of who I’m with if that makes sense?) I’m just finding it so hard to actually believe that he wants me. Like I really love him and really see a future with him but NOW I’m so preoccupied thinking he doesn’t really want me that I’m considering breaking up to protect myself. I do have abandonment issues and an anxious attachment style and that probably does play into it.
I hate that I told him how I was feeling. I wish I managed to hide my feelings because now he knows my weakness and also how fucking crazy I am. I’m terrified of having that used against me or being manipulated (past experiences). I know we should be equal but I kinda feel like I’ve given him power now (this is in my head, he hasn’t done anything to make me think he’s going to use it) and my instinct is to try and get the upper hand or run.
To add insult to injury, I’ve technically had a lot of sex in my life but I’ve only really had long term relationships and a few one night stands, so whilst it’s a lot it hasn’t been with many people. He, on the other hand, has slept with A LOT of girls. Big, small, tall, short, a lot of different types of girls. I’m struggling to let go and embrace everything because I always want to be the best. The prettiest. The funniest. The cutest. The best at anything. I’m so upset thinking he’s with me when before he might’ve been with someone so much better or hotter etc. And I really don’t want to open up about all of this with him. It’s my problem and I know he finds confidence really attractive and I’ve already shown myself to be super insecure now and I’m not really sure how I can change that. When we watch films he’ll say ‘Scarlett johanson is so hot’ or ‘Lady Gaga is stunning’ and it really bothers me but I know it’s irrational because 2 minutes before I was probably saying how hot Jason Momoa is and that means nothing to me.
I’ve become really defensive and overthinking every little thing and I feel like a prisoner in my own head. Isolation isn’t making it any better because I’m alone with my own thoughts. I understand people are going to suggest that I need to be on my own for a while, I have been and it didn’t help. I don’t want to give this relationship up, I feel like we could have something amazing if I can just get over my depression, anxiety and negative thinking.
I don’t know what I’m after by posting. Just any advice on how to ACTUALLY love yourself and learn to believe that someone is with you because they want to be with you would be really useful. Just anything please.
Tl;dr: I think I’m really weird looking and people hate me and don’t like me because of it and are always secretly judging me. I think my partner doesn’t really want to be with me and would rather be with someone else and is just settling etc.
submitted by madeathrowaway21 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2020.03.08 00:39 Polarisons Can I still be considered gay/bi if the only men i'm attracted to are men dressed up as women?

I'm a man and I identify as bi or "kinda gay," but I feel like "bi" kind of implies a 50/50 split. I am attracted to (cis and trans) women, but when I tell people I'm bi, they'll think I'm also attracted to like, Jason Momoa or Ryan Reynolds types of guys. Or like I'll be out with someone I came out to and they'll point out just cishet looking guys and be like "do you think he's cute?"
But the only "men" that I'm attracted to and want to have sex with are feminine men. Drag Queens, Crossdressers, sissies, femmebois, etc. I like dicks, just not usually what it's attached to. I wouldn't date a cishet looking man.
I love going to gay bars and stuff, but I'm usually never attracted to any of the men there. I just like the atmosphere and that I don't have to hide who I am or what I like.
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2020.03.02 20:12 1913intel Diet and Nutrition Articles for the Last Year from MensHealth.Com

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